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Right, I hope this helps some of you. Sorry if it's a bit long.

Making money for your morgage.

1.Bells-If you have bells in your pocket and there's nothing you can buy but you're going to buy something anway because you have money left then stop! Go into the town hall and either ask for the account or pay morgage. If you save bells in your account, the town hall will sure enough, give you some bells of intrest the longer you keep it there.

2.Rocks-As some of you may know, if you hit a certian rock, bells fly out. What you have to do is go around with a spade, hitting all the ricks in your town until you come to one that spurts out money. Keep on hitting that until the bells stop coming out. Then, you have some bells!

3.Sell-Once every month or 2 months or something, have a clear-out! Go into your house, pick up things you don't want or need and go into your draws(if you have one) and go throught the things you want and don't want. Put the things you don't want in your pocket and sell them to Tom Nook. You should get a resonable price for them.

4-Lost and Found- Go to the town gates and go inside. Talk to Booker, the fatter one on the left. Click on "Something lost?" and if there is, even if it's a pitful seed, take it! Sell or keep what you have found, all except the pitful seed...

5.Pitful seeds- They are a nusains. But make them a good thing by, once you have found one or more, put them in the recycling. A day or some hours later, another town residence will have put something valuable in there. Take it and sell it or keep it.

6.Daily what?- Daily SellNows. Hahaha. Sounds funny, I know. Anyway, what you must do is pick up, lets say, all the shells on your beach and sell them all! Keep this up daily! Fish, Go fishing and catch enough fish for your pockets to hold, then sell them! The same goes for bug catching and so on.

Cheats heard from other people that is suspected rong-

1.Nooks- If you get the second Nook shop, hit it 3 times on the back and once on the door, it will fall down and you will see Tom Nook, in his Pj's with a teddy bear- I don't know if this works because I found it out when I had the last Tom Nook shop.

2.Dogs-Just to make this clear, You can't get dogs on animal crossing (pet dogs). Right, if I remember this one rightly, it goes like this, when you dig up a golden shovel(see later down), go into your main sleeping room (which you save in and you have a phone in) go to your bed and push B. This will either reveal a dog sleeping under your bed or you will pick up you bed.

Golden things:

Golden net- Catch all the bugs.
Golden Rod- Catch all the fish.
Golden slingshot- Hit down 15 things from the sky and then hit the golden Sligshot down
Gloden watering can- Keep your town tidey for about 16 days and Pelly or Phylis will give it to you.
Golden shovel- Get a shovel and bury it. Leave it for 24 hours and edig it back up and you will get a golden shovel.


Visit the moon- Ever so often, normally at night time, you will get a alien ship fly over your town. Hit it down with your slingshot and go find all the aliens spaceship parts. If you keep on repeating this prosecs, he will run out of thank you presants to give you. So, he'll take you to the moon. I think it's the next time you hit him down he takes you there.

Lol, this is really long so I'm going to stop now. Hope it helps!

Added 4 May 2009, ID #11175, by PinkSmartii and get

Neighbours furniture cheat

I have come up with a fantastic cheat to get hold of your townsfolk's furniture that WORKS! Just count how much furniture they have in their room. Then, buy that amount of furniture. (if you want to be EXTRA safe, then buy at least two more items) Then mail it all to them. Fast forward to the next day and open your gate, then go into their house. They should have got rid of all their old furniture and put your ones in. Then, go to the Town Hall, look in the recycling bin, and you should find their furniture there! This cheat ROCKS! It helped me to get TWO gold thrones AND a treasure chest off Elvis!

Added 16 Apr 2009, ID #10967, by Lola_Angel

Some basic and sorta easy cheats!

Golden Shovel:
Easiest golden tool to get! Buy 2 shovels. Bury one with the other. Dig up the buried one the next day. It will be golden
How to get 10,000 bells easily:
Set the date to January 1, (insert year here). Open your mailbox. Open the letter from your mom. She will send you 10,000 bells with the letter.
*NOTE* Time- Traveling to use this cheat has serious side effects that include: the red, ugly flower you can't dig up, tons of weeds that you have to pull to get rid of the ugly flower, animals in your town move away too.
For Time Traveling Cheats, keep reading on
Time Traveling Cheats (NO WEEDS!):
Cover your town with a pattern. You can now TT all you want!

Added 7 Apr 2009, ID #10846, by Katie_the_Kitten

The rock cheat.

Everyday tap all the rocks in town. One of them holds at least 8.000 bells. Hint for this cheat: I advise you that you dig holes around the rocks so you don't keep moving backwards when tapping.

Added 8 Mar 2009, ID #10475, by Mrs piggy

Quick way of de-weeding

Invite a friend over thn you'll get it done twice as quick

Added 19 Feb 2009, ID #10343, by chloe.nash

Get quick money every day.

Ok to get some money every day you can go around and hit rocks on one of them money should pop out keep hitting it until you hear a tune you will get 2500 bells. You can also dig up fossils and sell them it gets you a lot of bells really fast.

Added 17 Feb 2009, ID #10329, by darkraquaza

fish trophy x :)

When you get a fish and give it to tortimor straight after save it and change the date to the next day you will have mail and you will have the trophy.

Trust me it works I do it !

Added 15 Feb 2009, ID #10314, by x.x.emily.x.x

Easy Dig Up!

Hi guys,

I'm so sorry about the easy dig up cheat I sent before because I did a mistake.

How to Easy Dig Up!

1. Dig up a hole.
2. Make your character face it.
3. Make sure you don't have anything in your hands, even a shovel.
4. Press the B button.

Mynintendo22 the Animal Crossing Wild World fan and Genius!

Added 12 Jan 2009, ID #10034, by mynintendo22


Money cheat
Go on to your game and put 10,000 bells or more in your bank (the more the better) then come off the game and load it up again, but instead of clicking on your person, click the phone and then "reset clock" then change the date to 2099 of any month. Go back onto the game and in your mail should have 99,999 interest. Come back off the game and change it to the normal date again, go back on and play for a minute, then come off and change it back to 2099, then go back on to the game and you will have another 99,999. Do this as many times as you want. Also do this with other people in your house so you get twice as much.

Golden shovel
Buy two shovels, and dig a hole ANYWHERE in your town. Bury the second shovel you have and turn your clock forward a day. Dig it up and it should be golden.

If you have a friend you can go to the go to their town and get some of their fruit, (foreign fruit) and go back to your town and plant them. They sell for 500 bells each time at tom nooks. Sometimes if you send letters with the fruit you started with, to the animals in your town, they send you different fruits (not always, sometimes they send you t-shirts) do this until you get other fruits. Plant them and keep doing it until their are loads. Sometimes your mum sends you them too. Coconuts also go for 500 bells each, keep looking on the beach for some, and when you find one, bury it NEAR THE BEACH otherwise they will not grow. Do this many times and soon your town should have loads of fruit (: also you can have acorn trees. (october time)

Get a green feather
Donate 10,000 to boombox at the town hall, you can put this feather in your hair, but it will only sell for CHEAP at tom nooks.

Talk to Sable
Keep talking to sable and eventually she should start talking to you
(girl on sewing machine in able sisters, next to tom nooks)

Golden slingshot
Shoot 15 things down from the sky (presents etc.)

Hit people with net
Stand behind people (well animals) and click on your person and they should swing their net, it will hit them on the back of the head. Do this a few times and they will get angry.


More cheats posted soon (:


Added 11 Jan 2009, ID #10016, by radders23

How the "stalk market" works

Okay, you know how Joan comes around on Sundays? White turnips are the turnips I'm going to explain. So let's say you buy 10 white turnips and each turnip costs 92 bells. So that week from Monday to Saturday ask Tom Nook about turnip prices. Maybe Monday he says he'll buy turnips for 78 bells a turnip. You paid 92 bells for each turnip, so don't sell the turnips. So Tuesday he says he'll buy turnips for 105 bells each. That gets you a profit. So sell the turnips that you bought for 92 for one x 10 which equals 920 bells to get 105 for one x 10 equals 1050 bells.

Added 23 Dec 2008, ID #9859, by ACWWguru6

Not having to get random songs from K.K. Slider.

To not get random songs from K.K. Slider, simply give him a request of one of the songs listed below. For a complete list of tracks, go to and click on K.K. Slider Music.

DJ K.K. K.K. Gumbo K.K. Bossa Go! K.K. Rider! K.K. Swing Forest Life Marine Song 2001 K.K. Technopop K.K. Metal K.K. Rock K.K. Rockabilly K.K. Mambo

Added 22 Dec 2008, ID #9853, by ACWWguru6

Some simple ways to get bells without time traveling

1. Money rocks! Have 4 characters, each with a shovel, and at each rock, dig holes in a straight line behind it(look at diagram).
Y=free space
YOY RAPIDLY HIT FOR 8,000x4=32,000 bells a day!

2. Catching bugs and insects(DER)

3. Okay, so grab stuff from the recycling bin, or things people give you, and fossils, store them in a storage place, (i.e.) cabana desser, kiddie wardrobe, then sell it all at once! You will probably get around 4,000-7,000 bells(ya, I know, not exactly Beverly Hills)

4. Plant coconuts! Each full grown tree is worth 1,00 bells. Well, both coconuts combined are. And every full grown tree with a fruit not native to your town(like if you have apples in a town that started with cherry trees) provides 3 500 bell fruits!!

Added 22 Dec 2008, ID #9852, by ACWWguru6

How to catch the STUPID bee! and the Freakin' DUNG BEETLE! and t

Okay, so first, to catch the bee, go around shaking trees that have no fruit. Then, when a bee's nest falls out, run away, but press Y, then equip your net. If it's already equipped, unequip it and reequip it. You should turn forward. Then at the right time, press B and swing your net!! P.S. Does not always work.

Alright! Next, to catch the dung beetle, there has to be snow on the ground. Then find a snowball and roll it up until you can control it and it doesn't randomly go places. If it breaks, just save and restart. So after you roll up the ball ,go somewhere but don't go inside a place!! Come back and there will be a little speck who's stealing your snowball! So catch it, and you have the dung beetle.

To get the fly, buy white turnips and drop them on the ground, and a week later, go to the turnips and listen for that "bzzzzzz" sound. Near that area there will be a smaal flying dot. Catch it to get a fly!

Now the pill bug. Hit rocks and it may pop out. To make it easy, follow your neighbors(you stalker! JK!) and if they look at the rock, then there is a pill bug there.

Added 22 Dec 2008, ID #9851, by ACWWguru6

ok guys another corection

You no the cheat wear every year you're mum sends you 10,000 bells well it will depend on the fortune torty gives you even if you don't go get it and it still isent the best time travle for money cheat

Added 24 Oct 2008, ID #9397, by sailum1

okay stop everything for fast bells

We almost all now about the cheat wear you putt 10,000 bells in bank and change ds date to 2099 well I found within 1 day of doing it you only need to doo it 30 days not 99 years! Did anyone but me notice this??????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Added 23 Oct 2008, ID #9391, by sailum1

Money ;)

1st. Get 100,000 bells in your acount
2nd. Save and turn off the game.
4th. Now click the game hit continue and in your mail box you will get about 40,000 bells the first time the 50,00 the secon then 80,00o0 third and last you will get 99,999 bells everytime you do this..personally I highly recommend this cheat and I think it's better then the time traveling one because all you have to do is go five years ahead

Thanks, Mikol-_

Added 20 Oct 2008, ID #9373, by Mikol-_


Ok 1st. Get 100,000 bells in your acount 2nd. Save and turn off the game. 3rd DONT GO TO THE GAME GO TO YOUR D.S SETTINS AND CHANGE THE DATE 5 YEARS AHEAD save and turn off...4th. Now click the game hit continue and in your mail box you will get about 40,000 bells the first time the 50,00 the secon then 80,00o0 third and last you will get 99,999 bells everytime you do this..personally I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS CHEAT and I think it's better then the time traveling one because all you have to do is go five years ahead and that means LESS WEEDS HOPE YOU LIKE THIS CHEAT

Sk8Er BoI 2020

Added 14 Oct 2008, ID #9334, by sk8erboi2020

Agent S

If you get agent S you should try your hardest to make him your best friend but be aware it is hard to do so for me I wrote him a letter and he wrote one back saying "here is your dang letter here it is it smells and looks bad but still in great condition" so you should make him your friend because that would be a great accomplishment for your game* ** ***

*it may very on how you play your game. I am awesome and I rock. I love video games.

Added 11 Oct 2008, ID #9313, by Tech598

Easy Delivery

Ever got stuck finding someone during a delivery?
Then heres a cheat you gotta know!!

Go to the main gate. Talk to Copper on the right. Say open gate with WiFi
Or Ds to Ds or something. Then he will open the gate making deliveries more easier to do!!

mynintendo22 The Animal Crossing fan and genius!!

Added 30 Aug 2008, ID #8990, by mynintendo22

$$$$money rock$$$$

Ok. Every day you can get at least maybe 3000 bells (I THINK). Just go to some random rocks in your town and hit it with your shovel. There's only 1 rock a day that has money in it. Make sure there are no weeds around the rock and keep hitting it as fast as you can to make more money$$$.

Hop I helped some people and....yeah


Added 9 Aug 2008, ID #8759, by bananaman1_rocks
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