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How to Fall in Love

Ok, I have noticed lots of people asking questions all over the internet asking the same question..; 'Can you fall in love with a neighbour on AC:WW?'. I, having fallen in love many a time on AC:WW, (;D) know the answer.

1. On Yay Day when you have to say nice things to other people, talk to them and they will ask you to say something about them. Say either 'girlfriend/boyfriend' (depends what sex you are) or 'my love'. They'll blush and say something like, 'Oh, I never knew you felt this way!'

2. If, one day, when you are talking to them, they might say 'You love me, you love me not,'. One of the options you can choose to reply with is 'NOT!' Click this one. Then they will say something else and you have to say 'Ok, I love you.' then they will say 'I KNEW IT!'.

3. Send them lots of red roses (they must be roses and they must be red) in letters.

1. When you talk to them a heart appears above their heads.

2. Some of the conversastions you have are linked with 'love' or 'hearts'.

3. They cry (they walk about with purple swirls above their heads looking dpressed) rather than get angry most of the time when you upset them.

1. They won't move for ages.

2. They'll send you lots of presents.

3. In conversations they'll hold more quizes and stuff for you to win.

Lazy boys who are friendly and talk about food a lot. An easy way of telling that they love you is they'll have hearts above their heads - though the hearts above their heads can easily be mistaken as them saying they love you when really they are saying how much they love food.

All male neighbours following this description are:
Big Top

Normal girls who are sweet, kind and friendly. An easy way of telling that they love you is when you have conversations with two neighbours at the same time and your crush is one of them, if the two are arguing your crush will want you to stick up for them and walk about with purple swirls looking depressed after the conversation if you don't.

All the female neighbours following this description are:

Got any questions? Ask away.

Added 7 Jun 2010, ID #13911, by Lola_Angel and get

Some money and easy.

Pay Lyle 3000 bells for insurance so whenever you get stung by bees he will give you 100 bells.

Shake the trees you may get 100 bells.

Go to the lost and found sell everything in there.

Added 5 May 2010, ID #13692, by Supercheatermario

99,999 bells

(1) Put 10,000 bells in your bank (the more the better)
(2) Save and exit and start the game up again go to the phone and change the year to 2099.
(3) go on the game you should have a message from town hall saying you earned: money.

Added 4 May 2010, ID #13688, by Supercheatermario


You really do need to pull up weeds when you see them, if you leave them for too long you will have lots of weeds and you will get this big ugly red flower in your town which won't go away until you pull up every weed.

So watch out and be careful.

Hope I helped!

Added 1 May 2010, ID #13676, by I-LUV-ME-BFFS!

Rare Flowers!

If you plant certain species and coloured flowers near each other you will get rare coloured ones.

So Happy Planting!

And remember it's good to plant flowers because you will get closer to getting your golden watering can which you get when you have the perfect town. And also rare flowers could let you win the flower fest.

Hope I helped!

Added 1 May 2010, ID #13675, by I-LUV-ME-BFFS!

Golden Roses! Hybrids!

Here's an explanation on how to get Gold Roses.

1) Plant 2 Red Roses next to each other. Remove sll weeds around them.

2) Fast Forward to next day.

3) There will be either another Red Rose or a Black Rose.

4) If Black Rose, take your Golden Can and water it.

5) Fast Forward to the NEXT day.

6) There you will find an indestructable Golden Hybrid Rose!

Hope this helps! They really help with the Enviroment! Good Luck!

Added 27 Apr 2010, ID #13650, by camguin123

Golden Tools - How To Get Them

Golden Shovel - Bury regular shovel for 24 hours and dig back up.

Golden Rod - Catch every type of fish at least once

Golden Net - Catch every type of bug at least once.

Golden Slingshot - Shoot 15 items down from the sky. Next item is the Golden Slingshot.

Golden Axe - (Not perfectly sure) Give Scallop to Pascal.

Golden Watering Can - Keep your town perfect for 16 days. Essentialy, you will get the Golden Can. Check status at Town Hall.

Added 27 Apr 2010, ID #13649, by camguin123

Easy 99,999 Bells

Here's an easy way to get 99,999 bells.

1) Set date to Jan 1st 2000

2) Access Account at Town Hall (Post Office side)

3) Put 1 bell in

4) Save game.

5) Set date to Jan 1st 2099

6) Go back to Town Hall (Again, Post Office side)

7) Find 99,999 bells in savings account, gained by interest

WARNING: This will add many weeds to your town. It may also not work at first.
The good part about weeds, you can find four leaf clovers.

Added 27 Apr 2010, ID #13648, by camguin123

Not a cheat but a greate way to get free furnature !

If you have a bad city got to cooper I think (in the gate thing) go to lost stuff and get pitfall seeds

Send them to poeple in your town and get furnature

Thank you

Or just get a pitfall seed if your town isnae bad

Added 19 Feb 2010, ID #13202, by badboyzack10

Who's laughing now, Lyle!?

Lyle cannot be trusted; he is a fraud and makes you pay 3000 bells for his insurance when he only gives you back 100 bells. But if you've already been fooled by him and have insurance, there are some ways to get a bit of your money back.

Shake every non-fruit tree in your town till a bee hive falls out. Let them sting you and Lyle will send you 100 bells in the post. Do this every day. Also, while you're shaking trees, money bags should drop out, giving you even more cash!

If you have a King Tut wig, put it on for a while every day then run around your town. You should trip over a few times, and Lyle will send you 100 bells. This will also work with the crown and a few other heavy items, and sometimes when it's wet and raining.

When Redd comes to your town, always buy his paintings. If it turns out it's a fake, put it in your room. Chances are it will look nice! No, anyway, if you buy a fake painting Lyle will send you 100 bells.

Do these things at every opportunity. Don't worry; bee stings disappear after you've saved, you won't receive any bruises if you trip, and I wouldn't really bother buying paintings from Redd anyway! I look at the list online to see if it's a fake or not.

If you have Lyle in your town, wanna choose what day Redd comes but don't wanna spend any money, drop all your cash on the floor, do Lyle's quiz and at the end he'll tell yo that you don't have enough money.

Added 10 Jan 2010, ID #13023, by Lola_Angel

Ode to Joy town tune

Go to the Town Hall and talk to Pelly/Phyllis. When you go to put in a tune, do

F F G A A G F E D D E F F _ E _
The _ means to hold the note. It is in a high pitch. I found it out because I play the bass...

Added 2 Jan 2010, ID #12979, by paparoachfan

Very Hard Get 100,000,000 bells

It has to be at night.Get your slingshot out and wait for a shooting star. Then when a shooting star comes make sure you shoot it with your slingshot. Down will come 100,000,000 bells with 99,999 bells of bags. If you want 999,999,999 (or max bells) get an ar (action replay) and select infinite/max bells

Added 23 Dec 2009, ID #12950, by Supercheatermario

Make 10,000 bells!

When you turn on Animal Crossing don't click on you're character yet. Click on the phone and it'll ask you what you want to do say, Reset Clock. Then set the date too 1/1/2000 (Or any year you want) then say confirm than you can click on your character.... Check your mail, there should me mail from your mom she would attach a present to the letter inside the present is 10,000!!! Use at your own risk you might lose some neighbors...

P.S. Every time you use this cheat make sure you fast forward a year later. For example, if I use the cheats I'll set the date to 1/1/2000 and I go check my mail then my mom will give me 10,000 bells than if I choose to do this cheat again I'll save than set the clock to 1/1/2001... A year at a time!

Added 16 Dec 2009, ID #12923, by micromicboy


Donating to Boondox

Green Feather - Pay them 10,000 bells
Blue Feather - Pay them 200,000 bells
Yellow Feather - Pay them 500,000 bells
Red Feather - Pay them 800,000 bells
Purple Feather - Pay them 1,100,000 bells
White Feather - Pay them 1,400,000 bells
Rainbow Feather Pay them 6,400,000 bells...ouch

For them I would get an action replay with infinite bells.

House Expansions

First House Expansion - 18,400 bells
Second Room Expansion - 120,000 bells
Upstairs Room - 298,000 bells
Left Room - 598,000 bells
Right Room - 728,000 bells
Back Room - 848,000 bells

HRA Point Rewards

One Story Model - 70,000 points
Two Story Model - 100,000 points
Mansion Model - 150,000 points

Added 2 Dec 2009, ID #12853, by Supercheatermario

post office savings

Unlockable House Upgrades

Unlock Expand House (1st) - Pay the debt of 19,800 Bells

Unlock Expand House (2nd) - Pay the debt of 120,000 bells

Unlock Upstairs Room - Pay the debt of 298,000 Bells

Unlock Left Room - Pay the debt of 598,000 Bells

Unlock Right Room - Pay the debt of 728,000 Bells

Unlock Back Room - Pay the debt of 848,000 Bells
Nook Store Upgrades
Spend the corresponding amount of Bells at Nooks Store to unlock the following

Nooks Cranny (Level 1):
Available from start

Nook 'n' Go (Level 2):
Spend 25000 Bells

Nookway (Level 3):
Spend 65,000 Bells

Nookingtons (Final Upgrade):
Spend 240,000 Bells and have a friend shop at the store

Unlockable Post Office Savings Acount Rewards
Get the following amount of Bells to unlock the corresponding effect

Unlock Box of Tissues:
Save 1,000,000 Bells

Unlock Piggy Bank:
Save 10,000,000 Bells

Unlock Pelly's Pic:
Save 100,000,000 Bells

Unlock Phyllis's Pic:
Save 500,000,000 Bells

Unlock Town Hall Model:
Save 999,999,999 Bells

Added 10 Nov 2009, ID #12739, by babydoll562

99,999 thousand bells cheat

Put over 100 thousand bells in you're account then go to the dsi menu go to settings got to the second page click on date then put the date to 01/01/2001.
Go back on animal crossing check you're mail there is nothing go and change the date to the normal date.go back on animal crossing check you're mail click on the mailbox and you should have 2-3 messages keep going on them 3 then find the 1 tht says from town hall open it up and then it should say you have earnt 99,999 thousend bells go to the town hall to cheack you're money you should have over 200 thousend bells in the account keep doing this until you have all you're mortages done then you should have the Mansion

Here are the mortages

1st 18,100 bells
2nd 120,000 bells
3rd 298,000 bells
4th 598,000 bells
5th 728,000 bells
And last but not least 6th is the massive 848,000 bells!

Added 27 Aug 2009, ID #12373, by Supercheatermario

1.000.000 bells in 45mins

There are lots of people that write the cheat on how to get 99.999 bells on the web, but don't give all the information. Having tried it myself, I know what cheat to trust.

Step 1:
Put 100.000 bells into your bank account at the town hall, or more.

Step 2:
Save and switch off.

Step 3:
Go to your DS menu and click on the picture of a small DS at the bottom of yur screen.

Step 4:
Click the blue icon.

Step 5:
Click the calendar icon.

Step 6:
Change the date ten years ahead.

Step 7:
Save and switch off.

Step 8:
Go to animal crossing and select one of your people.

Step 9:
You should have a letter from the town hall saying they're added 99.999 bells to your bank account to thank you for using the town hall's facilities.

This should take five minutes. Then you need to save and switch off, and go to the calendar icon again. Change the date ten years ahead. Do this again and again. It will only work nine times on every DS. When you have done it nine times, change the date back to the year 2000. You shall get another 50.000 bells. You should get 1.000.000 bells in total.

If you put an amount of money lower than 100.000 and higher than 50.000 into your account instead, you shall get less than 99.999 bells. If you save less than 50.000 bells into your account, you'll get no money at all. So don't try the cheat where you put 1 bell into your account and fast forward, it doesn't work.

WARNING: If you do this cheat you shall experience the following;
Neighbors will move. You shall get lots of weeds. You might not be able to order from your catalog anymore.

I hope this helps you! It worked brilliantly for me; I didn't want to get weeds in my town and my brother had the game, so I did it on his DS then put his game into my DS and did it again. I got 2.000.000 bells! I used this cheat to pay off my mortgage.

Added 25 Aug 2009, ID #12350, by Lola_Angel

how to win the flower show easy

1.First start by collecting every ons flowers out side ther house (do this till you hae enough flowers)
2.put any pattern around there house so they can't plant any more( may take a while).
3.put the flowers that you "borrowed" (lol) from the people in your town and put then around your house.
4.wait till 6 o'colck or 6 pm then the flower show will be over.
5.the next morning you will recive a letter rom the mayer/town hall saying you have won the flower show>

Added 5 Jul 2009, ID #11866, by doctorjimmy

how to win the fishing contest easy

1. First you will need a shovel (or golden don't matter) and a fishing rod then your ready to begin.
2. Next catch a fist that will make you first place in the contest.
3. Dig holes holes around your town hall so no one can be first. Make sure you dig at least 3 time around like this (0 meaning 1 hole) (town hall meaning town hall) 00000000000000000000
00000000 town hall 0000000
4.Now all you need is to wait my advise is put you're ds on charge till 6 o'clock (or 6pm) then at 6 o'clock get rid of all your holes.
5.The next morning you will recive a letter from th town hall saying you have won the fishing contest.

Added 4 Jul 2009, ID #11853, by doctorjimmy


Right, I hope this helps some of you. Sorry if it's a bit long.

Making money for your morgage.

1.Bells-If you have bells in your pocket and there's nothing you can buy but you're going to buy something anway because you have money left then stop! Go into the town hall and either ask for the account or pay morgage. If you save bells in your account, the town hall will sure enough, give you some bells of intrest the longer you keep it there.

2.Rocks-As some of you may know, if you hit a certian rock, bells fly out. What you have to do is go around with a spade, hitting all the ricks in your town until you come to one that spurts out money. Keep on hitting that until the bells stop coming out. Then, you have some bells!

3.Sell-Once every month or 2 months or something, have a clear-out! Go into your house, pick up things you don't want or need and go into your draws(if you have one) and go throught the things you want and don't want. Put the things you don't want in your pocket and sell them to Tom Nook. You should get a resonable price for them.

4-Lost and Found- Go to the town gates and go inside. Talk to Booker, the fatter one on the left. Click on "Something lost?" and if there is, even if it's a pitful seed, take it! Sell or keep what you have found, all except the pitful seed...

5.Pitful seeds- They are a nusains. But make them a good thing by, once you have found one or more, put them in the recycling. A day or some hours later, another town residence will have put something valuable in there. Take it and sell it or keep it.

6.Daily what?- Daily SellNows. Hahaha. Sounds funny, I know. Anyway, what you must do is pick up, lets say, all the shells on your beach and sell them all! Keep this up daily! Fish, Go fishing and catch enough fish for your pockets to hold, then sell them! The same goes for bug catching and so on.

Cheats heard from other people that is suspected rong-

1.Nooks- If you get the second Nook shop, hit it 3 times on the back and once on the door, it will fall down and you will see Tom Nook, in his Pj's with a teddy bear- I don't know if this works because I found it out when I had the last Tom Nook shop.

2.Dogs-Just to make this clear, You can't get dogs on animal crossing (pet dogs). Right, if I remember this one rightly, it goes like this, when you dig up a golden shovel(see later down), go into your main sleeping room (which you save in and you have a phone in) go to your bed and push B. This will either reveal a dog sleeping under your bed or you will pick up you bed.

Golden things:

Golden net- Catch all the bugs.
Golden Rod- Catch all the fish.
Golden slingshot- Hit down 15 things from the sky and then hit the golden Sligshot down
Gloden watering can- Keep your town tidey for about 16 days and Pelly or Phylis will give it to you.
Golden shovel- Get a shovel and bury it. Leave it for 24 hours and edig it back up and you will get a golden shovel.


Visit the moon- Ever so often, normally at night time, you will get a alien ship fly over your town. Hit it down with your slingshot and go find all the aliens spaceship parts. If you keep on repeating this prosecs, he will run out of thank you presants to give you. So, he'll take you to the moon. I think it's the next time you hit him down he takes you there.

Lol, this is really long so I'm going to stop now. Hope it helps!

Added 4 May 2009, ID #11175, by PinkSmartii
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