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Cheats that don't work, and how to get the next best thing:

You can't see Tom Nook in his pyjamas in the US version.
However, I heard it works on the Japanese original.

Cutting down a tree, planting a tree in its place, placing a four leaf clover beside it and watering it will not guarantee that the tree will grow.
You can't guarantee that your tree will grow, but placing it in a space away from a house or with too many other trees around it will raise its chances.

You can't get a pet dog.
You can get a neighbour dog.

You can't shoot down a shooting star with a slingshot, let alone then recieve 100.000.000 bells from it.
Use the cheat I posted here: to get 1.000.000 bells!

You can't get a bathroom from putting toilets in your closet.
Honestly, I'm not sure what the person who made up that cheat meant by a bathroom, but you can easily make one yourself with the bathroom set (super toilet, toilet, bath tub and shower) which you could put in a new room. You could even make an en suite like I did, with the cabana or exotic furniture - place the screen somewhere with a four-by-four gap behind it and put a toilet and bath in there. Voila!

Hope I helped. Now stop being so gullible! ;)

Added 23 Dec 2010, ID #14997, by Lola_Angel and get

How to catch a fish

Press the A button near water where there is a fish. It might take a while but the fish will come. The fish will start eating the red and yellow thing. When you her a plop noise pre A till you catch the fish. Hope this helped

Added 21 Dec 2010, ID #14982, by Guest

Magic Rocks!

If you ever get sick of getting money from bugs, fish, and other things, try using a shovel and hit every rock, you might find MONEY!!!

TIP:Dig a hole next to each rock so you know
you already hit the rock.

Added 11 Dec 2010, ID #14943, by Guest

House Tricks

Never Spoil The Turnips!

1. Place a shovel or fishing rod on the ground of your house while standing in front of a table.

2. Select "Place In Room" for the turnip. It will land on the table...And never spoil!

Different Bed
1. Stand next to (opposite of the bedpost) your bed in the attic.

2. Press A, and select "Switch!".

3. Pick a bed from your pockets to switch.

HRA Trick
Put items with the green color on them near the bottom of the screen. The yellow ones on the left side. The red on the right...HRA will give you more points!

The Finally: Using Force

Someone's coming to your house and you want them to go a certain way — not pace around. Arrange furniture so that they must walk in that path! Or, if you put furniture in front of the door, some characters will start panicking, then say "I can't get in! I'm stuck!"

Hope I helped!

Added 8 Dec 2010, ID #14933, by MultiEmanem

Gold Rush!: How to Get Lots of Gold

1) Tom Nook will buy fruit (if you have 100 trees in your town, and they're apple trees, you can get 3,000 bells...If peach trees, 30,000, and daily!), shells (some people say up to 8,000 bells? Well that's not so! I've gotten so much it's worth, say, 20,000!), flowers, fish and bugs.

2) Do you want a neighbor's furniture? Is it worth a lot? Then send them a gift (in a letter, of course) with your old, moldy, unwanted furniture! If you send enough, they will put theirs in the recycling bin and you can sell it...if you wanna.

3) OK this is a great, famous, well-known cheat: Money Rocks. Hit rocks with your shovel — once daily — and they'll be shooting out lots and lots of gold!

4) Use the bank! They will send you lots of gold if you save enough in it.

5) Dig up gold! It hides in the cracks of the ground and shines.

6) I got lots of gold over time with this one...Shake trees that don't have fruit in them. Some money and furniture can fall out!

7) A simple Wi-Fi trick...Invite friends to your town, and sell them your furniture for 100 more bells than Nook would pay — most people don't even notice!

8) Wishy the Star...a simple trick. See a shooting star, and have the slingshot? You can shoot 'em down (not sure if this works) and he gives you lots of bells. Press A when you see him instead to make a wish.

9) Change the date to 11/11...And see what happens!

Added 8 Dec 2010, ID #14932, by MultiEmanem

How to Get Golden Tools (and perfect environment)

Hope this helps!
Golden Shovel
Get two regular, original shovels. Keep one in your pocket and one equipped. Go somewhere in which there are no signs, trees or houses being blocked. Dig a hole, put one shovel in, and bury it. Take a pattern, if you want to, to mark that it's yours. In 24 hours (or, just go to your DS's settings to do it) you can unravel and admire the shovel!
Golden Slingshot
Stand in the middle of the town with a slingshot. A regular slingshot. Every fourth minute, a present will fly by! (If you don't feel like staring at the screen for ten minutes, just put your DS at an angle and turn the sound up loud. You should hear a big "WHOOSH" when it comes by.) Shoot it down. When you shoot down 15 presents, your sixteenth will be a golden slingshot.
Golden Watering Can
Keep your environment perfect for 16 days. It's simple, really...Have 15 trees and 3 flowers in each acre. Keep it that way and pull out weeds...Then it's fine. Go to Pelly or Phyllis and they will reward you with the legendary Golden Watering Can!
Golden Fishing Rod
Catch all fish. You can get some fish only in some seasons, so be aware!
Golden Bug Net
Catch all bugs. Some are only available at certain times of day, or seasons, like the fishing rod.

Added 8 Dec 2010, ID #14931, by MultiEmanem

How to get free things

Hi! Send animals letters with either flowers or your town fruit. Write two lines. When they mail back you will get things. Thanks. Bye.

Added 5 Nov 2010, ID #14811, by Guest

Money Tree

Many websites say to make a money tree you have to dig up a tree (using the axe of course ) and put 99,999 bels inside. But if you make a money tree DO NOT plant it near a rock, house, building, tree or something like that. But be aware im not sure if this will work. People say if you put in 1000 bells that means 1 percent of a chance it will become money tree.

Added 9 Oct 2010, ID #14714, by PuurpleSameee

10 000 Bells

on animal crossing if you forward the date to the 1/1 your mum will send you mail and give you 10 000 bells ( im pretty sure, it may not be exact) although on other websites it tells you how to get 99,999 bells ( that actually works)so maybe give this a try

Added 9 Oct 2010, ID #14713, by PuurpleSameee

selling beetles

ok make it summer time like august or july then make it night time u can do this by changing ur clock time and go outside get out ur net and if u c any beetles on a tree catch it!keep catching them until u have no more space put them in ur house and repeat this then sell them all and u should have 20,000 bells or more!

Added 2 Oct 2010, ID #14693, by Guest

11,00000 (Wopee )

[img][/img] 1.Put 500 in your account but make sure you have no more money in you Pockets

2.Save you game then go to your noraml screen

3. Then change the date to 1.01.3000

4. then go back on to your dsi and then as soon as you come out of your house save you game then turn it off

After you turned it off go back to your date then turn the date to 1.01.2000 then go back on your game and you should have 11,00000


Added 30 Aug 2010, ID #14587, by arixd

have your money when you want it!

Its a simple cheat, but handy!
don't make deposits on your mortgage bit by bit!
just put all your money in the bank while your saving for the right amount!

because if someone special comes to your town like redd or lyle, and you ant to buy something, just borrow it from your mortgage savings!

money when you want it!

Added 2 Aug 2010, ID #14425, by orlandobloomfan

not a cheat but a way to get some cash quick!(still 2 cheats in

1. sell fish,and bugs!
2. check fossils and sell!
3. sell all shells!(all shells in town a day could give you a max of about...8.000 bells!
4.(cheat 1)if you put 100.000 bels in your bank,save,turn off your ds,go to the ds menu and click on "change date!"change the year 12 years,then the next 11,then 10,and then after that,you can do 5!you will have earned 99.999 bells!or an easyer way is to put 100 bells in and save and go to phone this time,change it to 2099 and play the game!do it again,but this time,put it back to normal date,and then 2099!for the first money cheat,(cheat one!)when it gets to 2099 on your menu screen,you must click ok,and put to 2000,then ok,then the next 5,6,7,8,etc. years!
(cheat 2!)i know you will be surprised for this,but its hard!earn...!100.000.000 bells!make sure its night time,and get your slingshot!try and shoot down a shooting star with 99.999 bells bags to make 100.000.000!yes i know!VERY HARD!

HOPE I HELPED!more cheats coming out soon!

Added 29 Jul 2010, ID #14380, by Cheat Teller28230

This is just telling you what cheats arent real

You cant see Tom Nook in his pajamas.
You cant get a dog from under your bed.
You cantpbut a bath and toilet in your cupboards and the next day at 3-33 ou go into your drawers and there is a bathroom. No no no no no.

Added 28 Jul 2010, ID #14366, by Guest

How to get 10,000 bells on Animal Crossing Wild World on DS

***Caution causes a LOT of weeds*** But is does pay of!Step 1 go into your DS settings (Time,Date,ect.)and change the date to 1/1/? whatever year you want i would suggest you choose the next year or beyond that. Step 2 go on animal crossing and chect the mail you should have gotten some mail check the one with the present on it, it should be from your mom and then tada you have ten thousand bells do this over and over as much as you like the max you can do this is 99 times P.S it might not work the first time i do not know why that happens thx for reading

Added 13 Jul 2010, ID #14254, by Guest

Really Easy/Hard Ways to get money

Cheat No.1 Sell Fish
Cheat No.2 Sell Bugs
Cheat No.3 Set your date to 01/01/xxxx. XXXX=any year
Cheat No.4 Get the tops/paper/furniture out of l&f
Cheat No.5 Get an Action Replay and select infinite bells
Cheat No.6 99,999 bells.

(1) Set your date to 01012000 and then go back to your normal date and have more then 200000 bells in the bank

Added 11 Jul 2010, ID #14236, by Supercheatermario

99,999 Bells

It might be a little hard but here it goes...
1)Go to DS menu and change date to 09/03/2000.
2)Go to Animal Crossing WW game phone and change date to August 23rd 2000.
3)Go on your account and deposit 50,000 bells in bank.
4)Save and go to animal crossing WW phone and change from 23rd to 27th of August.
5)Go on game then when ur character goes outside save and quit.
6)Go on DS menu and change to 09/03/2099
7)Go to Animal Crossing WW menu and go to ur character and you should get a letter from town hall in the mail then in bank account you should have more bells than before!!!
Its proven to work

Added 6 Jul 2010, ID #14209, by hectormcpie

Golden Tools

Alright, here's how you get them:
Golden Slingshot - Shoot down 15 items from the sky, and the next item you shoot down will be the golden slingshot.

Golden Shovel - Have two shovels and bury one in the ground. Dig it up the next day, and it'll be golden.

Golden Net - Catch every type of bug in the game and Tortimer will give you the Golden Net.

Golden Rod - Catch every type of fish and Tortimer will give you the Golden Rod.

Golden Watering Can - To get it, you must keep the town perfect for 16 days. You can check how you're doing by check it in Town Hall with Pelly and Phyllis and they will give it to you.

Golden Axe - A pelican named Pascal will visit and ask for a scallop for a Golden Axe. To get it, you will need to first buy a Red Turnip seed from Joan on Sunday, bury it, and water it about 3 times a day. When Wendall the walrus comes to town, dig it up and give it to him. He will give you a special guitar, either an urban or country guitar, which you can give to K.K. Slider on Saturday he will sing a song for a picture of him, which would make it a dead end of the trading sequence. If you received the urban guitar, you can give it to Savanah the camel and she will either give you a Red Vase or massage chair. If you give the red vase to Redd, he'll give you a safe. If you give the chair to Tortimer, he'll give you the scallop. Give it to Pascal and you'll get the Golden Shovel.

Added 5 Jul 2010, ID #14186, by biehlza

Net Hit Reaction

If you have a net, not only you can catch butterflies and other bugs but you can hit residents with it! First when facing a resident, tap OUTSIDE of the resident to swing the net and hit the person. Notice that he/she reacts to the hit, realizing what hit the resident. Hit that person several times and he/she will get mad at you or get sad.

Added 28 Jun 2010, ID #14118, by Guest

Meow Mix Town Tune

All High Notes


There you go! The Meow Mix song for your town tune!

Added 14 Jun 2010, ID #13988, by Guest
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