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How to Change your bed 8)

First you make sure that you have the bed in your inventory.Go up to the attic of your house and click on the bottom of the bed that is in there.Be sure to click it with "A".Select the bed and there you go!The bed that was there should be in your inventory.This is not a thing that needs a Action Replay.
P.S. If you have more then one user you can not switch a bed while somebody is sleeping on it.

Added 26 Jan 2012, ID #16665, by Zmaster and get


Shoot down Pete talk to him and then shake the closest tree it say do you want this Dog say yes and there you go you have a Dog.[:

Hope I helped

Added 17 Jan 2012, ID #16647, by Guest

Add Neighbor

Send a letter to someone in your town straight after they send you a letter saying they are leaving write on the letter spread our town and they will tell people in other towns to go to your town and a week after they leave you will get a letter saying they have invited more people then go on map and click on a house near any beach and it will be someone new this only works if you have fox paper

Added 7 Jan 2012, ID #16620, by Guest

99,999 Bells: The Ultimate Animal Crossing Cheat!

I know this works for real, as I have seen it happen!
Note: It may not work first time.

99,999 Bells in 14 easy steps:
Step 1: Go to the Town Hall.
Step 2: Go over to the post office area.
Step 3: Talk to Pelly and select 'Acess Account'.
Step 4: Select 'Save Bells'.
Step 5: Put an amount of Bells in.
Step 6: Save your game and turn off the DS.
Step 7: Take out the Game Card, unless you have the Manual Startup option enabled, in which skip to step 8.
Step 8: Turn on the DS.
Step 9: Go into options and change the year to 2099.
Step 10: Turn off the DS again and put in the Game Card, unless you have the Manual setting on, in which skip to step 11.
Step 11: Turn on the DS (Tap the game on the menu if you have Manual setting on) and wait for the title screen for Animal Crossing: Wild World to load up.
Step 12: Tap 'Continue'. Select the character you had the savings on.
Step 13: Look in your mailbox. You may have a letter from the Town Hall.
Step 14: Go and get your lovely dosh at the Town Hall!

Splash your cash however you want, or try again.

Have fun

Added 25 Oct 2011, ID #16323, by Guest

Singing for the animals! True!

I wanted to be Derwin's friend,(the duck with the glasses)and I didn't want to go through the whole 'talking to him every single day thing' so I used a bunch of things like using the chat function,(The menu thing that is the purple talking bubble thing)and put the song notes in the beginning of the sentence, and the end. The next day, he was more happy! I'm not sure if ti works with you, but it's worth a shot!

Added 23 Oct 2011, ID #16313, by Guest

Money cheat

To get money, you get 50.000 bells and put them in your account in the bank.
You then save&exit your game then turn off, go into options in the Ds, change the date to 10 years later.
Then go on your game, you should get a letter and it should say that you have had interest put in your account and now have 9,999,999 bells.

Good Luck

Added 19 Oct 2011, ID #16302, by Guest

Get tanned!!

If you want a tan stand outside in the sun on a sunny summer day for a few minutes and you will walk inside and see that your skin tone is darker. The more you stay outside the darker you will get!

Added 6 Oct 2011, ID #16261, by Tata1

$$$$$$$$cha ching$$$$$$$$$

If you want to make 99,999 bells in 2 mins then do this first go you're home screen and change you're year to 2099 then go back to animal crossing and you should get a letter from the town hall saying you have ecieved 99,999 bells

P.S this gives you weeds!

Added 6 Oct 2011, ID #16260, by Tata1

Animal to like you

Try with a lazy animal like...... Derwin! He is always funny and cute and SMART!! Ok first you have to talk to him all the time !! Like 14 times a day nxt send him love letters then hell mabe give you a photo of him and give you nicknames hope I helped bye

Added 26 Aug 2011, ID #16129, by Guest

Growing Grass Back

If your town is dead,follow these steps to grow your grass back.'Dead' is described to say that your town hardly has any grass.
1.Firstly,CHECK if your town is dead.
2.If you want a perfect town and put patterns down,always use them to walk on.
3.If you have already got a perfect town,don`t pick up the patterns.
4.This might take abit of patience.First you need to plant flowers wherever there is dirt.
55.If the flower one doesn`t work,then water the dirt every day.It might take a while.
5.Plant hybrid flowers on the dirt too.They are the rarest flowers.
6.Wait for a few days.Your grass should have grown.
7.Now,always use the paths.Run on them,and after a month or so,you can pick up the patterns.The dirt will look like a path if your town is completely dirt-free.(Except for where the patterns were)
8.Now you have your new grass,you have to remember something.ALWAYS,ALWAYS GROW YOUR GRASS IN SUMMER OR SPRING!

Added 25 Aug 2011, ID #16114, by Guest

Wear Flowers!

If you pick a flower by pressing the B button, you can use it as an accessory! You do this by picking a flower,
Then you go to your inventory. Drag a flower to your avatar. Roses will end up in your mouth, and other flowers will be in your hair. If you try it with a dandelion puff, it will end up in your hand and you can blow it by pressing the A button.

Hope this helped!

Added 20 Aug 2011, ID #16097, by Jasmin_1206

Crazy red

You go up to his tent with 3,000 bells and he lets you be a member

Added 19 Aug 2011, ID #16092, by aylish1987

Get 10,00 bells in no time it's easyyy!!!

Turn off ds/dsi then click on phone change the date to 25 december 2011 then click on your player then soon as you are on turn it back off then change date 1 or 3 days forward and change the year to 2012 and then click back on your player you will have a letter in your mail from mum you will have a present if you open it it will be 10,00 bells have fun you can do it over and over again

Added 12 Aug 2011, ID #16070, by Guest

How to get a dog

It`s actually really easy to get a pet dog.I promise,
It`s NOT fake!I can even gove you my friend code and
I can prove it.Anyway,this is how to get a pet dog!!!

1.When Pete comes,shoot him down.He comes usually at
9:00 am and 5:00 pm.He doesn`t come everyday though.
2.Talk to him until he says 'owie..yowii.oww' or something like that.
3.Run and shake the closest tree.Keep shaking until...
4.A dog will pop out.It will say,do you want this dog?
Say yes and you`ll find a leash in your pockets.You can
Also take your dog for walks.
5.If your dog runs off,go to your house and look under
Your bed.Lie down and the dog will be you friend.
6.Therefor,you dog might get too tired if you take him/her for too many walks a day.When you trip,your dogs will also trip.
7.You can also name your dog
8.There you have a dog! [strike]

NOTE: Doesn't seem to qork for everyone - It's not clear which version of the game you have to have for this code to work - or if it works at all.

Added 12 Aug 2011, ID #16067, by Guest

Get rid of the sting!

If you get stung by a bee, to get rid of the sting there is two ways:
1:the cheap way- save your game and reload it and the sting will have dissappeared when you next come on the game.
2- buy some medison from nooks store and KOMABOOM! !GONE!

Added 7 Aug 2011, ID #16047, by Guest

To get seventh room or bigger rooms?

Sorry it is to long guys
Step 1 pay off last morgage
Step 2 once payed off open gates and turn off
Step 3 once done that hopefully you get the mole and he will say well done youve got an extra room or sumthing like that
Step 4 save and turn off and change date to the 1/1/2000 and before you save agian then make shore you have in bank (if not more but noless) then you should get 10.000 off mum put in bank and make shore you have no money on you or in house
Step 5 save turn off and go to 12/31/2099 and you should have all rooms bigger or anther room

Thank you

Added 2 Aug 2011, ID #16025, by Guest

How to stop weeds!

This is simple, if you want to time travel but don't want weeds, then just put patterns all over your town. Weeds can't grow where patterns are. If you do this you can time travel while being weed free!

Added 31 Jul 2011, ID #16014, by Guest

The Red Turnip Trade

If you want to get a picture of Tom Nook,K.K. Slider or Pascal,you have to do some trading:
1.Buy red turnips from Joan.
2.Water them everyday.
3.Give it to Wendell the next time he comes.
4.He`ll give you a turban or country guitar.
5.Give the guitar to K.K. Slider and he`ll give you his
6.If you got the turban,give it to Saharah.She`ll give you a red vase or massage chair.
7.If you got the red vase,give it to Redd,he`ll give you a safe.
7.Give the safe to Tom Nook and he`ll give you his picture.
8.If you got the Massage Chair,give it to Tortimer.
9.He`ll give you a scallop.
10.Give the scallop to Pascal.
11.He`ll ask you,'what did you drop on the beach?'
A)A Golden Axe:He`ll say you`re lying but he`ll give you a Golden Axe anyway.
B)A Silver Axe:He`ll accuse you of lying and tells you t ask again.
C)Nothing:He`ll give you his picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope this works for everyone!

Added 29 Jun 2011, ID #15878, by Angie8728

Lyles insurance

Lyle has 2 ways of giving you money;
Bee stings and falls.
Bee stings: Shake trees, there are usually 5 hives. Run. Press Y. Pull out net. Close menu. WAM!
Fail: You get stung. But also recieve 100 bells from Lyle. Achieve: Sell it. Get 4,500 bells for a bee. Falls: From the Able sisters. Recieve a full covered mask like a King Tut Mask. Run around. You might fall. Get 100 bells from Lyle.


Added 22 Apr 2011, ID #15720, by Guest

500 bells

You'll need 2 DS's. Visit each others towns, if they have different fruits, sell them in your town for 500 bells! It works everytime!!!

Love the site!
Naomi Briggs, 9

Added 14 Apr 2011, ID #15702, by Guest
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