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Catching a shark

Catching a shark can be tricky but at the same time it's simple. You need to:
1. Get your fishing rod out
2. Run up and down your beach and scare all the fish away.
3. Continue to do this until a fish with a fin turns up somewhere on your beach swimming.
4. Throw your rod into the ocean just like catching a normal fish.
NOTE: Sharks are harder to catch than fish, make sure the red ball on your rod in under the water before you press A.

Good luck!

Added 29 Nov 2012, ID #17729, by Mongeek and get

Enter Crazy Redd's tent!

These are the saying to enter crazy Redd's tent!

Ask and you shall:
Be charged

An open wallet:
Is often empty

Bottom dollar:
Top dog

Crazy Redd:
Is 35

Even robbers:
Have safes

Fan in one hand:
Cash in other

Foot in the door:
Eye on prize

For my fans:
Shop here again

Get an Education:
Or win it big

Give 2 cents:
Ask for change

Head in the sand:
Find something

Hot and cold:
Money makes it

I'm all alone:
But I have cash

Life expectancy:
Redd is 35

Look at people:
Wallets full

Look back:
What did you miss

No Flowers:
Just cash

No money:
Means no fun

Roses have:
High prices

Rough childhood:
Lax adulthood

Spoiled rotten:
Bean curd

Talk is cheap:
So is Redd

Thankless task:
Goes unpaid

The grass is greener:
On my side

The pen:
Is cheaper

Tom Nook:
One ugly fellow

What smells?:
Bean curd.

What's inside:
Is fabulous

When the cat's gone:
Mice shop

Why buy the cow:
Buy milk here!

Added 28 Nov 2012, ID #17726, by Mongeek

Get rich quick!

To get rich quick all you have to do is get out a golden shovel and hit rocks in your town, money bags will sometimes fly out. Keep hitting and the maximum you can get is 4000 bells!

Another way is to set your year to 2000 then set to 2099, you will get over a million bells in the mail from your mom. However doing this you may get weeds and villagers in your town may leave.

The last way is to set your month to summer, summer is the time where the most valuable fish swim around such as: Blue Marlin, Coelacanth, Giant snakehead and Sharks. Sell them and earn cash!

Added 25 Aug 2012, ID #17429, by Guest

Make Your Beach Beautiful and get lots of money!!!(it works ppl!

ok so first you go to the first or last end of your now say I started at the first part of my beach,then you walk along your beach until you get to the other end. So on your way to the other side of the beach you might of saw a round/oval yellow thing lying on the ground. If you don't see one you can check some other time but trust me you will find one. So if you did find one,you pick it up and put it in your pocket then get your shovel out and pick a spot on your BEACH to dig a hole to. So after that you open your pocket and tap you coconut(round/oval yellow thing) after you tap your coconut a tab will come up saying: NEVERMIND,DROP ON GROUND, and BURRY. Tap BURRY. You have to be standing in front of the hole and looking at it to drop it in the when you drop your coconut in the hole,a little tree will pop up from the ground!open up your pocket again and take out your watering can. Stand in front of the tree and look at it. Then press the tree. U just watered it!! So keep getting on animal crossing wild world and water it every day! When your tree gros into a big tree coconuts will form/grow on it! Tap the tree in front of it then the coconuts will fall down. Pick them all up then sell them at tom nooks store! You get lots of money for coconuts! But don't worry more coconuts will grow on your tree the you can plant more! Then you can have a beautiful beach and be rich!! Thanks for picking my cheat!!!!

Added 8 Aug 2012, ID #17285, by Guest

How To Send a Bouquet of Flowers on Animal Crossing

Have you ever been in love with one of your neighbors? Have you ever wanted to show them how much you love them? Well now you can by sending them a bouquet of flowers.
Here's How:

1. Collect/Buy 12 red roses
2. Plant them near a pond (2x6)
3. Water them every day for 3 days straight
4. After three days run over them until they all disappear
5. Shake the nearest tree 5 times
6. If a bouquet doesn't fall down you did something wrong so start over, if you did it right a leaf will fall down (the bouquet)
7. Attach it to a letter and send it to your lover

Added 6 Aug 2012, ID #17279, by Guest

How to get a different bed in the attic

1. Go to tom nooks store and buy a bed.

2. Then go to your bed in the attic.

3.stand at ethier end of the bed top or bottem.And press A

4.Then something will come up asking you to switch or cancel

5.Click on swith and you will go to your inventory
And click on the bed you want

6.that bed should then automatticaly come up and you will get the bed.

Added 5 Aug 2012, ID #17276, by ritaora765

Goldon shovel

Bury a shovel and dig it up the next day it will be golden (you need 2 shovels)

Added 16 Jul 2012, ID #17192, by Guest

Stop your animal friends moving!

If your best friend wants to move and you really like him/her it is really easy to stop them this is all you do: 1. Send them a letter or two in the mail. 2. Open your gate leave it for a few minutes then close it. 3. Time travel 2 days and when you go out your friend will still be there! The only difference with them is they will have a new hobby!

If you don't want your friend to even start to move just don't do anything for them like when they ask you for a shirt,fish,bug ECT don't get it for them because once they have completed their hobby e.g. Fishing,clothes or bug catching they will move.I have had animal crossing for 3 years and I still have a neibour named bones he is a dog. I still have him because I do this cheat whenever he considered moving!

Hope I help!!!

Added 3 Jul 2012, ID #17163, by Tata1

How to get a boyfriend/girlfriend as animals (actually works)

You can get a boyfriend/girlfriend and they can be animals I have a boyfriend named wolfgang ok this is
How you do it....... First talk to them again and again every day and wave at them whenever you see them then post your feelings about them on the post bord and also write them a letter saying how much you like them. And last if they ever ask you to find them a fossel,fish,bug,clothes ecs find it for them. After a while they will say to you "i know we are still friends but I can't help thinking that we have chemistery and it scares me" ..........and sometimes when you see him/her talking to another villager they say they have a crush on you and then eventually they will give you a pic of them and will tell you that they reallly like you and want to come to your house alot.....hope I helped

P.S don't time travel long distances or they will loose their feelings for you!! And if they try to move just send a random letter or open your gate it stopes them!

Hope I helped!!!

Added 3 Jul 2012, ID #17162, by Tata1

Free goodies

Go to the gates(where you leave your town and let people come in) and talk to the animal on the right and ask him about lost items, it will come up with item and ask if any are yours. Take the ones that you want

Added 23 Jun 2012, ID #17093, by Amy.x

Loads of money

How to get 99.999 bells on animal crossings wild world?
Right first you hsve to turn your ds of but save game first then go onto the date and then change it so it looks like this 2099 then save it turn your ds off then turn ds back on and go onto animal crossings ow and you have to have 50.000 bells in your town hall bank first. Right now go onto the game and when you wake up you should have mail that says you have earnt 99.999 then go to the town hall and into your bank acount you should be 99.999 bells better off.

Added 17 Jun 2012, ID #17048, by Guest

How to get tons of bells!!!!!!

First deposite 50000 bells in the bank
Second go tens years to the futer
Third a letter will say that bells have been deposited into your acount for months of intrest

MAKE SURE it's ONLY TEN YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 7 Jun 2012, ID #17033, by Guest

Use money rocks more than once a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

about a money rock

Oh,if you never heard of a money rock,a money rock is a rock with lots of MONEY in,the rock can have up to 08.500 bells! And be sure to dig 2 holes next to it so you wont get pushed of the money rock.

The cheat!

First get the money from the money rock, then move the clock to tomoro (so you don't get too much weeds) and then the money rock will be somewere else,look for the money rock,and when you got the money, move the clock back to the day it is today,and use the money rock,then move the clock to tomoro again,and so on!

hope I helped!:-D

Added 3 Jun 2012, ID #17027, by Guest

A Secret song

On Saturday go to the museum and go down stairs around 8:00 and go to K.K and press on him he will ask you a question and when you start to type in a song type in I Love You and you have to sit in the wooden chair it won't work in the red stool chair and at the end you will have the song but you have to type it in just like that or it will not work. ;)

Added 12 May 2012, ID #16906, by Guest

Fruit Cheat

Step 1: go to someone's town
Step 2: pick their fruits (make sure you fruits are different from you towns fruit)
Step 3: go back to your town
Step 5:plant the. Fruits in you town
Step 6: it should take 3-5 days to grow
Step 7: go to Tom nooks and sell them
Hope this helps

Added 6 Mar 2012, ID #16754, by Guest

Fruit Cheat

Step 1: go to someone's town
Step 2: pick their fruits (make sure you fruits are different from you towns fruit)
Step 3: go back to your town
Step 5:plant the. Fruits in you town
Step 6: it should take 3-5 days to grow
Step 7: go to Tom nooks and sell them
Hope this helps

Added 5 Mar 2012, ID #16752, by Guest

B-day EVERYDAY!!!!

setup: When you go into your ds title screen, click on the options button and click on the birthday cake, then set your birthday to the current day,

What Happens: Everybody will give you presents and birthday cake, you can get all sorts of crap this way then go sell it for money!

Added 5 Mar 2012, ID #16750, by Guest

Flowers in your mouth or hair

If you get any type of flower,go into your pockets and put it on your self. I know that this works with the wild world vershion,but I don't know about city folk.

Added 26 Feb 2012, ID #16737, by Guest

Get loads of bells

Save the game and turn the power off. Go to your DS settings and select date. Turn it to 01.01.2000 save and quit. Go onto the game and select your character and check your mailbox. If you had at least 50.00 bells in your account you should get 99.99 bells of interest from the town hall. If you had less than that in the bank then you will get lower interest, but as you keep doing this it will get higher every time untill it gets to 99.99.
WARNING do this every TEN YEARS so next time you do it it will bee 01.01.2010 then 2020 and so on.

Added 19 Feb 2012, ID #16722, by Guest

See the credits of the game

If you want to see the credits of animal crossing wild world follow these easy steps and you'll soon see them rolling down your DS screen.
1.On a Saturday night,go to the Roost(in the muesuem to your left and down the stairs)
2.On the stage there should be a white dog holding a guitar,his name is K.K Slider,talk to him.
3.Ask him to play a song to you and when he asks,type 'Credits' and confirm.
4.He will say I can dig that and tell you to sit down.Note:Do not sit on the red seats by the counter unless you want a coffee.If you want the credits,sit on the wooden chair on the right of the table.
5.Sit back and relax!

If you have any questions please post them in the questions section not the comments as I don't have the time to answer them.

Added 14 Feb 2012, ID #16710, by Guest
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