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Detecting Forged Items

It is possible to detect forged items in Crazy Redds tent by paying close attention to his body language. If a yellow star shaped object appears on his eye then the item was most likely forged.

Added 21 Jan 2011, ID #15124, by Sanzano and get

Enter Crazy Redd's Tent

To do this you must give a password the first time and become a member. Passwords are usually found by talking to some of the villagers. The following responses will give you access to Crazy Redd's tent.

Ask and you shall:
Be charged

An open wallet:
Is often empty

Bottom dollar:
Top dog

Crazy Redd:
Is 35

Even robbers:
Have safes

Fan in one hand:
Cash in other

Foot in the door:
Eye on prize

For my fans:
Shop here again

Get an Education:
Or win it big

Give 2 cents:
Ask for change

Head in the sand:
Find something

Hot and cold:
Money makes it

I'm all alone:
But I have cash

Life expectancy:
Redd is 35

Look at people:
Wallets full

Look back:
What did you miss

No Flowers:
Just cash

No money:
Means no fun

Roses have:
High prices

Rough childhood:
Lax adulthood

Spoiled rotten:
Bean curd

Talk is cheap:
So is Redd

Thankless task:
Goes unpaid

The grass is greener:
On my side

The pen:
Is cheaper

Tom Nook:
One ugly fellow

What smells?:
Bean curd.

What's inside:
Is fabulous

When the cat's gone:
Mice shop

Why buy the cow:
Buy milk here!

Added 21 Jan 2011, ID #15123, by Sanzano


Unlock Golden Timer:
Tortimer will give you the Golden Timer when you have the Golden Bug Net, Golden Axe, Golden Fishing Rod, Golden Slingshot, Golden Watering Can and the Golden Shovel.

Unlock Golden Roses:
Plant red roses next to each other and black roses will eventually appear, then use the Golden Watering Can to water the dying black roses and they will be golden the next day.

Added 26 Sep 2007, ID #4979, by Sanzano


Unlockable Post Office Savings Acount Rewards
Get the following amount of Bells to unlock the corresponding effect

Unlock Box of Tissues:
Save 1,000,000 Bells

Unlock Piggy Bank:
Save 10,000,000 Bells

Unlock Pelly's Pic:
Save 100,000,000 Bells

Unlock Phyllis's Pic:
Save 500,000,000 Bells

Unlock Town Hall Model:
Save 999,999,999 Bells

Unlockable Mush Furniture
Get acorns at the Acorn Festival and Cornimer will give you mush furniture for a specific amount of them

Unlock Mush Stool:
5 Acorns

Unlock Mush End Table:
10 Acorns

Unlock Mush Lamp:
25 Acorns

Unlock Mush Chair:
40 Acorns

Unlock Mush Dresser:
60 Acorns

Unlock Mush Closet:
80 Acorns

Unlock Mush Stand:
100 Acorns

Unlock Mush Table:
120 Acorns

Unlock Mush TV:
140 Acorns

Unlock Mush Bed:
170 Acorns

Unlock Forest Floor:
230 Acorns

Unlock Forest Wall:
200 Acorns

Added 14 Aug 2006, ID #1187, by Sanzano


Unlockable HRA Bonus Items

Unlock Mansion Model - Earn 150,000 Points

Unlock One-Story Model - Earn 70,000 Points

Unlock Two-Story Model - Earn 100,000 Points

Unlockable House Upgrades

Unlock Expand House (1st) - Pay the debt of 19,800 Bells

Unlock Expand House (2nd) - Pay the debt of 120,000 bells

Unlock Upstairs Room - Pay the debt of 298,000 Bells

Unlock Left Room - Pay the debt of 598,000 Bells

Unlock Right Room - Pay the debt of 728,000 Bells

Unlock Back Room - Pay the debt of 848,000 Bells

Added 2 Jan 2006, ID #461, by Sanzano


Donation Unlockables
Donate the corresponding amount of Bells to Boondox town to unlock the following

Unlock Green Feather:
Donate 10,000 Bells

Unlock Blue Feather:
Donate 200,000 Bells

Unlock Yellow Feather:
Donate 500,000 Bells

Unlock Red Feather:
Donate 800,000 Bells

Unlock Purple Feather:
Donate 1,100,000 Bells

Unlock White Feather:
Donate 1,400,000 Bells

Unlock Rainbow Feather:
Donate 6,400,000 Bells

Nook Store Upgrades
Spend the corresponding amount of Bells at Nooks Store to unlock the following

Nooks Cranny (Level 1):
Available from start

Nook 'n' Go (Level 2):
Spend 25000 Bells

Nookway (Level 3):
Spend 65,000 Bells

Nookingtons (Final Upgrade):
Spend 240,000 Bells and have a friend shop at the store

Golden Tools Unlockables
Do the corresponding tasks around your town to unlock the following

Golden Bug Net:
Catch every type of Bug once

Golden Fishing Rod:
Catch every type of Fish once

Golden Axe:
Trade a scallop seashell to Pascal for the Golden Axe

Golden Watering Can:
Keep the environment perfect for 16 days in a row. You will then be rewarded with the Golden Can by Pelly or Phyllis.

Golden Shovel:
Bury a regular shovel in the ground and dig it up a day later and it will be golden

Golden Slingshot:
Shoot 15 items out of the sky and you will get it if you shoot it down

Added 13 Dec 2005, ID #397, by Sanzano

How to get fossils without digging them up! (Never submitted before!)

Well,this is basically the double money cheat, but with fossils. If you don't know what the double money cheat is, it doesn'tmatter, I will explain it anyway.

Things you will need:
-At least 200 bells.
-A table. (Preferably a table that only takes up on square.)
- Two spaces in your pockets.

What you do:
Step 1: Drag 100 bells to a space in your pockets.
Step 2: Drag another bag of 100 bells to a space in your pockets.
Step 3: Drop one of the bags of 100 bells onto the floor.
Step 4: Put the other bag of 100 bells on the floor and very quickly put the table on the floor. (DON'T tap bag then 'drop on floor'. Drag it to the the floor.)
Step 5: Drop the fossil. (use one that Blathers hasn't identified yet.) The fossil should land on the table, on top of the money bag.
Step 6: go to the corner of the table and pick the fossil up. You should now have a fossil in you r pockey and one left on the table.
Step 7: Push the table forward.
Step 8: Pick up the fossil.
Step 9: You should now have 2 fossils in you pocket.
Step 10: Enjoy your fossils!

I should tell you , in case you're worried, that the two fossils that you should now have, WILL be different. So no worries. I should also tell you that in the process, you will lose 100 bells. If the cheat stops working, go outside and go back into your house.
If you didn't understand this cheat, search for ' how to double yor money in acww.' But instead of 99,000 bells, use a fossil.


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Added 14 Sep 2014, ID #18152, by Guest

Animal Crossing Wild World Duplicating Cheat

With this cheat you can duplicate anything except fish and bugs. It might be a bit tricky to find one of the things you need.
What you need-
•Copy of your game
•Another player
•Something to duplicate

Step 1:
Put what you would like to duplicate in your closet
Step 2:
Open your gate and let the other player, who's playing on the copy of your game, come visit your town.
Step 3:
The other player should be able to go into your closet and take out the stuff you want to duplicate.
Step 4:
The guest player will have the stuff in their pockets, but when the other player goes back into their closet the stuff should all still be in there. If that's what happened then you just duplicated your items.

There you go. A quick and easy way to duplicate stuff.
Thanks to this cheat I have 67 million bells in my bank.

This may not work for everyone, but I hope it does!


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Added 25 Jul 2014, ID #18137, by Guest

Catching Rare Bugs Without Ruining Your Town

To do this task, you must be willing to save a lot.
This task involves fast forwarding the town time, not days, but the time.

Let's get started.

Step 1: Fast forward to the time 11:00 p.m. Or some other late time that is not 12:00 or later.

Step 2: Pick your character and enter your town.

Step 3: Catch as many bugs as you can fill your pocket. (Or you can store the bugs you catch in your room which may effect your HRA rating.) Try doing it before it reaches 11:45.

Step 4: (May be needed) If the time comes to 11:45, save, and reset the time once more to 11:00 if you would like to continue hunting for bugs and/or fish.

Step 5: Save. Go back in time once more to the regular time, take your stuff and sell it to Tom Nook.

Step 6: Enjoy your money!


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Added 25 Jul 2014, ID #18136, by Pinktommorow

How to get 100,000-200,000 bells a day. NO TIME TRAVELING!

You like earning bells right? Well Wild World makes it hard by including a super cheap store keeper.
I tried this idea at least 2 days in a row and it actually works! I also know some people (including me) don't like time traveling and like keeping their town perfect and enjoyable.
So I came up with this.

Note: Only do this at night.

Step 1: Clear 1-2 rooms in your house.
Note: This can effect HRA points.

Step 2: Catch rare stuff with your net and fishing rod.
Note: This includes, scorpions, tarantulas, stag beetles, saw stag beetles, dynastid beetles, and the big beetles by the beach, sharks and Dorados, Arapaima and etc.

Step 3: Fill the 2 rooms with as many of these rare items as you can.

Step 4: The next day, sell these items they should add up to at least 100,000 bells
Note: Do this in big rooms, not your main room, the extra rooms. Also be patient and wait for the next day!

This was inspired by the New Leaf Animal Crossing.
I saw my cousin playing and catching rare bugs and putting it into the island's return box. I couldn't make as much money as in that game, I came up with this idea. Therefore, I believe I must dedicate this to Animal Crossing New Leaf, and my cousin.

Thumbs up if this helped you make lots of money!
I made three million bells already!

Added 2 Aug 2013, ID #18013, by PinkZelda2334

How to get money fast

To get money fast go to the maingate and talk to the dog on the left. Shake trees and watch out for ballons and sell to tom nook. You can also dig stuff up and sell to tom nook.

Added 16 Jul 2013, ID #17998, by Guest

How to get Jacobs Ladders.

To Get Jacobs's Ladders you have to:
1.Get a perfect town
2.Plant lots of flowers
3.Plant a good amount of trees
If you follow this advice, you'll end up having Jacob's Ladders sprouting up in your town once a day every day.

Good Luck!

Added 9 Jul 2013, ID #17986, by PinkZelda2334


He will be seen flying at the very back of your town at 9a.m. Or 5p.m. He is a bird that delivers the mail. When you see him run and shoot him down with your sling shot. He will fall a little ways away. You have to do a little searching to find him. But when you do he'll be on the ground brushing him self off. He will be very hostile when you try to talk to him, but he should you shot him down from the sky. It will take a lot of talking, but slowly he will become your friend. Note:He has a different pattern every day in his time period in which he will show up. Just look to the sky at those times and you'll see Pete flying in one of them!

Added 10 Jun 2013, ID #17955, by GingerKitty55


To produce hybrid flowers, you must buy flowers at Tom Nook's shop and plant the flowers in groups. For example, if you put a red rose and another red rose together the hybird produced would be a black rose, normally it will take about three days for the hybrid to be produced or longer but if you have a perfect town it shouldn't take as long.

Hybrid Parent Flowers
Black Red and Red
Blue Black and Purple
Orange Red and Yellow
Pink Red and White
Purple White and White
Gold Black Rose watered with Gold Watering Can

Hybrid Parent Flowers
Black Red and Red
Pink Red and White
Purple Red and Yellow

Hybrid Parent Flowers
Blue White and White
Orange Red and Yellow
Purple Red and Red

Hybrid Parent Flowers
Black Red and Red
Orange Red and Yellow
Pink Red and White

I hope this helped :P

Added 29 Mar 2013, ID #17908, by HorushmaSenpai

How to earn a million of bell without time travelling

I know there are 1,000,000 bells cheats but most of them need time travelling what if you're sick of it? So I have a cheat that doesn't need time travelling. You must have 30,000+ bells at your wallet you can earn them by selling and doing chores and then you put the 30,000+ bells at your bank account keep doing this for a month and you might get 1 million bells or less or plus!

Added 22 Mar 2013, ID #17897, by acwwcheatslover2425

Duplicate your bells

You will need a cardboard box and some bells.

First just put 100 bells on the floor so it's under your character. Then you QUICKLY put more 100 bells first then the cardboard box in about the same second. Next you have to put at least 1.000 bells on the box (You don't have to be quick for this one). Then you need to press B lots of times and when you picked up the bag, you need to slide the box somewere else then you need to press B lots of times again. When you have done that and you want to do it again, go to another room and go back to that other room again. If you have only one room, go outside then back inside!

Just so you know, no action replay needed!

Added 22 Mar 2013, ID #17894, by Guest

How to get more than one song from K.K.

Step 1. Set the time to Saturday, 8:00.
Step 2. Get a song with your normal player from K.K. In the Roost.
Step 3. Add new residents. (If their are already other residents by other people, ask if you can play as them and get songs.
Step 4. Get the songs and add them to your radio.

Added 23 Feb 2013, ID #17849, by Guest

Money without time travel!

there are several ways!

1. Go to lyle and get stung by bees for 100bells per bee.
2. Use action replay.
3. Collect unusual shells/fruit and sell them.
4. Collect fish/bugs sell them.
5. Add more residents, (Shake trees more, hit money rock again.....)
6. Visit a friends town and collect their fruit and sell it!
7. Send a note in the bottle saying: Hello, here is some of my towns native fruit, what does yours look like?. They will send you some!
8. Look in recycle bin and collect all stuff, collect lost stuff from Booker and sell them.

I did this and payed the first 2 of my mortgages!

Added 21 Feb 2013, ID #17842, by Crownqween

Make a Neighbor Move Out and Keep Their House

If you want someone to move out and keep their house you have to stay in their house for 2 days (keep your DS, DSi, or 3DS charged) and Tortimer will say "You really don't want this person here, don't you?". You will keep their house and they will move out. But do not and I said DO NOT time travel or else Resetti will come and say "I am very disappointed in you." and you won't get to keep the house.

Added 11 Jan 2013, ID #17795, by jman8990

Lucky items for HAR points

Arwing,Big festive tree,Birthday cake,Dracaena,Festive tree,Four leaf clover,Garden gnome,Music box,Pikmin,Raccoon figurine,Treasure chest,Washer/dryer,Ivory piano,Jack in the box, Left lucky cat,Lovely phone,Lucky black cat,Lucky cat Master sword,Piggy bank,Portrait,Samurai suit,Scarab beetle,and Triforce.Hope this was helpful.

Added 27 Dec 2012, ID #17777, by Setsuna
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