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VR Mission Intel Locations

This is a short in-depth guide with all 20 VR Mission intel locations in MGR:R. You can also find the locations scatered within the appropriate sections of the main guide walkthrough.

File R-00

There is no VR Intel in this chapter.

File R-01

VR Mission #1
After making your way through the main thoroughfare you enter a building. Inside, inspect the laptop in the small green case to retrieve the first VR mission. All others are unlocked in the same way.

VR Mission #2
This intel can be found in the street after battling the Hammerheads. Just after defeating some cyborgs and (possibly) rescuing a civilian, climb the buildings on the left side of this street and make your way to the far southwest of the rooftops to find the intel for this mission.

VR Mission #3
After opening the large gate in the street and defeating the cyborgs on the square with a small fountain, you head inside a building. Go into the first room to your right and enter the small hall in the left corner to find this mission's intel.

VR Mission #4
After making your way through the large area with IR sensors and turrets, instead of going up the circular stairs (to face a boss), head down to find this VR intel.

File R-02

VR Mission #5
After defeating the second Mastiff (probably with a Ninja Move from the catwalk), look for a door on the right side of this sewer hall, nearby the boxes that lead to another catwalk. The VR intel can be found in the corner of the first room behind this door.

VR Mission #6
This piece of intel is easy to find. Simple search the left side of the generator room in the sewers to spot it (this is the room in which you find your first cardboard box, and the room is located right before you enter the sewer hall with three Mastiffs).

VR Mission #7
After defeating GRAD, head through the hall and enter the cryo chamber. This piece of VR intel is to your immediate right.

File R-03

VR Mission #8
When facing the escalators of the first building you're supposed to enter, move to the far left of the street and look behind the barricade to find this intel.

VR Mission #9
After moving through the lobby and going upstairs, search for this intel in the lower left corner behind the (destroyable) glass.

VR Mission #10
After jumping down on the first roof guarded by enemies, climb the stairs and jump to the other side, near the sattelite dish. Drop down between these two roofs (while near the dish) to find this intel.

VR Mission #11
In the underground section, after moving over the carriage to reach the next last part of the tracks, destroy the single Mastiff patrolling this area, then move to the upper right to find this intel near the debris. There's a Humanoid Dwarf Gekko here as well.

VR Mission #12
Right before going through the door to reach the streets again, look in the corner of this hall to find the intel.

File R-04

VR Mission #13
The intel for this VR mission can be found in a showcase on top of the stairs in the lobby.

VR Mission #14
After riding the elevator to the area where you must unlock the security gate, slash out the first doors to your left and enter the nearby room to your right. The intel for this VR mission is in the corner to your immediate right.

VR Mission #15
Still in the area where you must find three hidden wall panels in order to unlock the security gate, head left from this security gate and then down the hall to your immediate right. Destroy the doors to find this intel inside the room.

VR Mission #16
After riding the big elevator all the way up, go through the door and destroy the boxes at the far end of this hall to reveal this intel.

VR Mission #17
Head through the hall north of the server room, where you met Sundowner. This intel can be found in the darkness, before going up the small stairs.

File R-05

VR Mission #18
At the very last street of this chapter, an armored vehicle rides down the street. Kill the soldiers and approach the door leading to the sewers on the left side of the street, near where the vehicle stopped. A guard comes out. Head to the room at the end of this hall to find the intel.

File R-06

There is no VR Intel in this chapter.

File R-07

VR Mission #19
The intel for this VR Mission can be found by climbing the rocks directly behind Raiden at the very start of the level.

VR Mission #20
Approaching the hangar from the start of this area, stay on the right side of the hangar and look behind the containers. The intel can be found behind them; it's not directly underneath the nearby catwalk, but it's certainly close.

Congratulations on finding all VR Missions, now go play 'em!




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