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275 shagga 24th Feb 2006 86% Read Review
464 Pir8ozzy 30th Nov 2006 90% Read Review
538 Blademaster55 14th Feb 2007 76% Read Review
585 Zelda_Fan 5th Apr 2007 94% Read Review
861 tbug2007 2nd May 2008 76% Read Review
1128 Super Luigi 27th Jun 2009 84% Read Review
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Mario Kart DS Review Added 14 Apr 2013, ID #17915
Mario Kart DS Review
Mario Kart DS provides an amazing single and multiplayer experience. It has a huge array of game modes, such as Grand Prix, Battles, multiplayer modes, missions and much more. The game has a good amount of challenge to it, even though it can get a bit frustrating if you keep getting hit by items. The Grand Prix mode is fun as usual, and battles and missions can provide a good alternative if competitive racing isn't your thing. Hours of fun can also be had on Wireless Connection and Wi-Fi Connection with friends and strangers. Not many characters are available and the graphics aren't amazing, but overall this has to be a contender for the best Mario Kart game of all time. and get
Totally Awesome! Added 6 Jun 2006, ID #900
There is nothing that could be improved on this game. 10 out of 10! With 32 possible courses half old and half new with staff ghosts to try to defeat on each one, its a blast from the past and future! Nintendo also included a missions part of the game where you can try unique things and unlock an extra 9 missions. Also, you can finally play battle or versus mode with just one player. Playing online will take practice if you want to win, it is a bittersweet experience. Buy this game if you can!!!!!
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