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DarkPichu16th Jun 2005, ID #82
This would be my first review but I hope that you find as a decent one. Im going to do a quick review here of some of the levels I DIDNT like/agree with Wonderland: I didnt like how it wasnt set ..

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MisterLink189022nd May 2009, ID #1112
This is my first review so don't be to harsh. When I first heard the name of the game I thought that the game was mainly for little kids...Was I wrong. While it is Disney and Squre Soft/Square Enix..

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Neolai21st Dec 2010, ID #1297
Kingdom Hearts. A game that combines Final Fantasy with Disney, and throws in some individuality and originality. This game gets really in-depth, with a lot of detail and things to do. You may think..

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kimmy45612th Mar 2011, ID #1318
I never really got into his game until I played it on a Playstation, at first it really didn't catch my attention until I got more into the game and the storyline, soon I just couldn't stop playing,..

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MasterofPokemon2nd Aug 2011, ID #1363
Kingdom of the few games that Disney has released in collaboration with Square Enix. Was this game a hit, or a fail like so many other Disney games? We will delve further into this issu..

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Kingdom hearts: Cool or not cool? Added 21 Dec 2003, ID #5475
Kingdom is hard but then again a non challenging game is always crap.

Would be cool to in the moives.

Like the combo beteewen Disney, Final Fansty and new charaters like Sora. and get
Kingdom of Hearts Added 6 Dec 2003, ID #5209
This game is is perfect for anyday, the challenges aren't so easy and very challenging the way I like it.

I like to see all the disney characters interact with one another and I love Sora story, this whole game will make a great disney movie....
~*Kingdom Hearts*~ Added 6 Dec 2003, ID #5205
Kingdom Hearts

Sora (You), a laid back 14 year-old living on "Destiny Islands" with his best pals, Kairi and Riku.

Plans for getting off the island on a raft go smoothly till a storm appears. Worried that the raft will be wrecked, Sora goes outside and heck breaks loose. Running through the darkness he is warped to another world.

He awakens to find himself in "Traverse Town"...without his friends.

You must now journey through many worlds and find his friends making new ones along the way.

Probably the best game I've ever played. Excellent gameplay, storyline, and lots of imagination though perhaps too short.

Leaves you wanting to play it over and over again since it has a many paths too choose from.


Save up your money and buy this game. Also buy a PS2 gameshark for giggles once you've beaten the game.

The Crafter Of War.
cool Added 1 Nov 2003, ID #4646
I can describe it in three words - it is brilliant. It has everything a game needs, minigames, a decent storyline and excellent characters.

Don't let the Disney put you off. They make the game as well as the FF characters. Buy it, now!
kh2 Added 17 Oct 2003, ID #4552
I am the great clora799 here to tell you about what Kh2 will be about.

It does revolve around Kairi some but it is basically about finding Mickey and Riku AND OTHER STUFF.

Also alongside the heartlees a new force is appering called the nobody's.Also the battle system should be the same.

Also you will travel with the kings friends once again. It comes out in late 04 or early 05 so save your money!!!!!By the way kh rocks!!

So buy it now it has a g reat story battle system and weapons!!!

It is just so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Added 25 Sep 2003, ID #4290
Kingdom Hearts is one of the greatest games I've ever played.Simply one of Squaresofts greatest games ever. I give it two thumbs up!

P.S. the trailer is tight.
Kool Kingdom Hearts Added 10 Sep 2003, ID #4011
My first PS2 game and my best!I definetly recommend this. The start is a little slow but there is a great enemy that is easy at the start and gets tougher as you go.With the graphics of Final Fantasy and a few characters + loads of disney charactars its a great game.I would recommend you have a memory card if you are going to buy it.
the greatest R. P. G. ever Added 22 Aug 2003, ID #3970
kingdomheats, amazing what else is thier to say. kingdomhaerts 2 should be about kairi atleast thats what the rumors say it's coming out december 25th thats right xmas bye.
Added 13 Aug 2003, ID #3896
This game is the best in all the world.It has super graphics,and a lot of other good things.

I hope kigdom hearts 2 will come out sonn.
Best RPG ever?... Added 11 Aug 2003, ID #3857
this is one of squaresoft's most greatest achievements, the real time battling is alot more fun than selecting because you really feel the urgency of the battle and how frightening it really is.

You, Sora (played by that kid in the sixth sense) are 14 years old and live with your friends riku,kairi,selphie,tidus,and wakka. Your world gets swallowed up by darkness which has escaped and is destroying all the worlds. You have to lock these worlds using the keyblade, a sword in the shape of a key. Sora meets interesting people and menacing enemies and teams up with mage donald and knight goofy who are looking for their king mickey who has mysteriously disappeared. Sora and his friends set off for their adventure.

seriously, this is a great game. some people say that the disney really makes it childish but that is NOT TRUE!! it makes it better because it balances out the quite dark tragic storyline and you are familiar with the characters you play with.

opening and ending sequence, jaw dropping. in game movies not so, because unlike ~FFX~ there are NO movies in it except start and finish. but, the graphics are still good even in battles it looks like the movies.

over 120 hours of gameplay and sidequests and the complete desire to play again and again and again.

voice overs are great, even contributions from david boreanz (angel) make this game come to life. Music is ok but repetitive and annoying.

you feel everyone has a certain personality and you get to know them very well.

this is such a good game just be patient if you are playing it for the first time because the story gets better as you go along
ID #1764

This is my favorite game! Talk about graphics, Kingdom Hearts has alot of good graphics. I love the battle system! Squqresoft and Disney really out did themselves. It has an excellent storyline and even has my favorite Disney character Peter Pan.I can't wait for the sequel!!!!!!!!!

ID #1763

This game is so cool i have ended it once and tommorow maybe for the second time and Cloud is cool and isn't it bizar that Selphie, Wakka, Tidus, Sguall, Yuffie, Cid, Cloud, Sephiroth, Aerith and the Moogles from the Final Fantasy series are also playing a role in the game.Well in SHORT its Super Duper Mega COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ID #1762

This game is super because almost everyone from the Final Fantasy Series is in Kingdom Hearts and everything is in 3D

ID #1761

This game rocks! It has some of my favorite characters from Final fantasey! It's also 3D I love how the weapons look and how the battles are!

I like how the added the final boss in

Final fantasy (which is a pain in the butt) I think the should make another!

But for PS2 and Gamecube... but I think they need more summons. On a scale of 1-10 I'd give it a 9.5!

ID #1760

This is the best game ever!

If you don't have this game you should beg your parents for it.

Not mention it has the best graphics in the whole galaxy!

I can't wait til the 2nd one comes out!

ID #1759

This game is the ULTIMATE! You have to buy it NOW!!! Trust me it is worth the cash. One thing but, this is to the site, you's have warnings that when submitting spell properly and yet your site is riddled with spelling errors.

ID #1758

I think this game is the best. but i need help on some parts can someone post how to move on to the pegusus cup and how to beat atlantica?

ID #1757

i think it was a really good idea to put disney with final fantasy based ideas, but seeing tidus and wakka in the beginning freaked me out a little! Sora is such an amazing character, as are Kairi and Riku, but Squaresoft probably forgot that Riku is the same name as the al bhed girl in ff10 'cept its spelt rikku then. ^-^ ok, i'll leave you all alone now. oh ya b4 i 4get, hi to my friends at high skool from catherine s

ID #1756

this game is the bomb it has it all graphics,mucic,and kick ass even has my favorite final fantsy characters.I cant wait if thier making a new one with even more ketblades.

ps sora rocks!!!!

ID #1755
This has been an cool game.

I can't wait till Kingdom Hearts 2 comes out.

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