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Why, hello. I didn't see you there. What, you what to read my bio?

Okai. You can.

*throws book to you*


So, my name is Noah, as most of you know. I absolutely love this site, specifically Teams and Clans. I am kinda prone to leaving for long periods of time and then coming back, then kicking myself for leaving, because I realize how much I missed my friends. I still remember when I joined in July, 2011, how the whole site seemed new to me, and I was fortunate enough to get shown around by Pollo (forgoten_scars).

Okay, a little off-topic, eh? How 'bout a little about me?

-I'm a professional Yu-Gi-Oh player (I'm a teenager), globally ranked.
-I'm the co-leader of Team Bunilla on duelingnetwork.com
-I can be extremely nerdy.
-I play on my school's sports teams. Yes, all of them. Especially basketball.
-I love Pokemon.
-I love eating.
-I run Team AwesomeFaces here on T&C.
-I have a cat on my lap.
-I'm an awesomeface.

A few other things-I play Star Wars: The Old Republic, on the Sanctum of the Exalted server, so if you're on the server, my main character's name is Courmac Dazven. Hit me up for a group whenever, if you're on. ^_^

Music I like:

-Maroon 5
-Jack Johnson
-My Chemical Romance
-Lupe Fiasco
-Gym Class Heroes

And others. Lots of others.

And my adored friends list!

-Alana| D
-Surfing Pikachu
-Lady autumn dove
-Glitters the Magical Pony
-Will d
-the last

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my bio! Banner coming soon, hopefully!

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