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Make your Sims Sick cheat for The Sims FreePlay


Make your Sims Sick

If you shake your device fo 3-4 seconds your Sims will vomit. If the Sims only show nausea just give your device another 2-3 seconds shake and they will definitely be sick.

Added by: Sanzano Jun 15th 2012, ID#974 and get
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Who has android and a facebook account?

Added 25th Jul 2014, ID #425208

This is the best XD

Added 18th Jul 2014, ID #421122

Just shake your device and wait [img][/img]

Added 18th Jul 2014, ID #420926

Once I had 11 sims do that in the same room with no door and a stereo so they just danced while standing in it XD

Added 8th Jul 2014, ID #414434

I took one unlucky sim and made them puke all over their house A.K.A an empty lot for an hour and there was puke everywhere

Added 7th Jul 2014, ID #413429

Please answer this one, when I go to plant a Lp Lotus it won't work. The lotus isn't in the choices to garden. Why isn't it there??

Added 2nd Jul 2014, ID #410908

Ugh cheats to speed up when your sim is sleeping or working?

Added 2nd Jul 2014, ID #410760

Here hee it worked.

Added 2nd Jul 2014, ID #410667

Don't do it while your eating it can make you feel sick

Added 1st Jul 2014, ID #410345

You can get a lot of money easily.... I have all adults plant corn, play something else, a wallah!😊

Added 1st Jul 2014, ID #410110

Add me imaFluffybunny

Added 23rd Jun 2014, ID #405436

It does work on other devices I have a Sony xperia z and it worked perfectly on mine. (:

Added 22nd Jun 2014, ID #404413

Does it work on nook

Added 21st Jun 2014, ID #403902

I tried it on an iPad Mini. At first they just got nausea but when I shook it the second time, 5 sims vomited at once. It became really gross when it went dry and the Sims started standing in it, though.

Added 20th Jun 2014, ID #403031

Awesome it works on iphone thats fun

Added 7th Jun 2014, ID #395290

Shake your device for 1 - 5 seconds and wait for them to wipe their nose or something and shake again again again and it will vomit but is disgusting I hate it. But is funny so this is not my cheat though my friend told me so I did it but I think this doesn't work on other devices but iPad and iPhone because I did this in my samsung tablet but it doesn't work so I have my Apple iPad and Apple iPhones I hope this helps thanks for looking at my comments random ppl

Added 7th Jun 2014, ID #395138

can you make them vomit on an apple iPad? IDK this kinda stuff

Added 30th May 2014, ID #391273

I had to shake it, let him/her get nauseous, and then shake it again in order for him/her to vomit. It was pretty disgusting. You get 7xp when you clean it up, I think.

Added 27th May 2014, ID #389739

Doesn't work on Samsung tablet

Added 24th May 2014, ID #387717

Lol it worked that's just weird.
I once had like five of them puke at the same time... Gross (:

Added 19th May 2014, ID #385603

I love this lol can they do anything else

Added 29th Apr 2014, ID #380022

Lol it worked for me!

Pinkie the Gypsy
Added 26th Apr 2014, ID #378808

What the, that is so weird and gross!

Added 17th Apr 2014, ID #375999

It doesn't work

Added 16th Apr 2014, ID #375477

Does it work on IPad Air

Added 15th Mar 2014, ID #364404

It does work for iPhone duh think try again

Added 12th Mar 2014, ID #363408

Can u make a sim pee?

Added 9th Mar 2014, ID #362623

Yep it work for me and it took me a while but it still work! It was gross

Added 1st Mar 2014, ID #360048

It's very fUnny and gross

Added 17th Feb 2014, ID #356207

OMFG that's soooo cool it actually worked!! Thanks 😉

Added 15th Feb 2014, ID #355473

It worked for me LOL its groossssss

Added 15th Feb 2014, ID #355354

What in the world

Added 4th Feb 2014, ID #351726

Doesn't work for iPhone

Added 1st Feb 2014, ID #350744

Oh my god! It works.

Added 31st Jan 2014, ID #350175

Does it work on laptops

Added 28th Jan 2014, ID #349381

It's like my sims just poured garbage from their mouths!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 27th Jan 2014, ID #348815

Oh my god it was weird and gross! The first time she got dizzy and then the second time she puked. It look like water spilled from a bucket

Added 25th Jan 2014, ID #348151

Warning does not work if sims are sitting down!

Added 20th Jan 2014, ID #346069

Enter me on sims freeplay wanna be my neughbour hit the ... Button
Then hit the keyhole and hit Game Center then hit requests
Hit the plus sign then type in (SEB9)

Added 7th Jan 2014, ID #340621

Let's be neighbors add me
Gamecenter- UchainZ

Added 29th Dec 2013, ID #335921

lol wow that is soo cool

Added 28th Dec 2013, ID #335296

It works for me as well

Added 28th Dec 2013, ID #335155

My Sims made it to the naughty list. She barfed all over Snata Claus. You should had seen his face. B.T.Y the Wohoo vomit naked thing is a lie.

Added 25th Dec 2013, ID #333997

yeah it work it

Added 25th Dec 2013, ID #333913

my sims get sick random

Added 24th Dec 2013, ID #333489

Ummm it didn't work

Added 10th Dec 2013, ID #327561

COOL!! Any others features?

Added 7th Dec 2013, ID #326281

Haha that's funny it totally works[color=red][/color] [size=12][/size]

Added 2nd Dec 2013, ID #324638

When I put the sims to pee.. And I shake my iPad it didn't work til it's finish... so what if I woohoo and I shake it will it happen for those who are saying things about the woohoo?

Added 26th Nov 2013, ID #322272

Dude my sims really vomit a lot :-)

Added 25th Nov 2013, ID #321978

My favorite is when ur having woohoo. Shake the tablet amd the blur goes away. And then they barf and continue all naked with no blur. Yummm

Added 24th Nov 2013, ID #321679

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