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How to speed up time cheat for The Sims FreePlay


How to speed up time

1.make your sims do something, ex, planting, sleeping.
2.double click home button, and click tools
3.go to wifi, and turn it off
4. Still in the tools, click general, and change it to the time which the task is done, ex beans take 12 hours, set the time to 12 h or more (I just set it a day ahead
5.double click the home button, and go back to sims, it should say unable to connect, it will also have a button that says retry DO NOT, NOT NOT, CLICK IT
6. Go back to toolsturn wifi back on, go back to sims, and it shouldve worked, if it didnt work , you probebly did something wrong

It worked really good for me, now I'm rich, and lvled up really easily

Added by: Guest May 13th 2012, ID#804 and get
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None of the cheats work for me help I've got the newest update and iPod touch 4 6.1.6 version help anyone got a cheat for me I also don't have any laptops or computers ethier help

Added 17th Dec 2014, ID #486018

It doesn't work I am getting really tired of fake cheats and making us do it, I have tried literally every chest and it doesn't work

Added 15th Nov 2014, ID #471758

It didn't work ugh they are still working

Added 28th Oct 2014, ID #464485

It did not work

Added 7th Oct 2014, ID #455957

Do not EVER change the time when you are waiting for a baby.
I did and had 786 hours for construction, party boat and baby.
But I logged on to game centre then reset the game and then downloaded saved data and the crib was in my inventory and when I put it out it started from the beginning (it said 24 hours to wait)
So I hope this helps.

Added 7th Sep 2014, ID #445399

Do not EVER change the time when you are waiting for a baby.
I did and had 786 hours for construction, party boat and baby.
But I logged on to game centre then reset the game and then downloaded saved data and the crib was in my inventory and when I put it out it started from the beginning (it said 24 hours to wait)
So I hope this helps

Added 7th Sep 2014, ID #445398

I'm looking how to speed up time on the game because I got a crib and it is going to take 23 hours so I'm looking how to speed that up.

Added 31st Aug 2014, ID #442835

It didn't work

Added 15th Aug 2014, ID #437248

The cheat only works sometimes and now the party boat says 5300 hours

Added 14th Aug 2014, ID #436609

it didn't work for me maybe i did something wrong

Added 12th Aug 2014, ID #435377

I tried the money cheat and it worked. However, now I can't collect my daily bonus, the simoleon plant says 106 days to wait, and my party boat says 3587 hours. HELP! I don't know how to fix this without making it worse!!!

Added 9th Aug 2014, ID #433472

I can only speed up the time for the sims to go to work. The rest doesn't work as mentioned by other players

Added 30th Jul 2014, ID #428212

1. Go in a sim's house (All sims are doing nothing)
2. Double tap the home button
3. Go to settings
4. Turn airplane mode on
5. Go to General>Date and Time
6. Then change the date to exactly 1 month back ( Switch "Set Automatically off.") For example, July 1 would turn into June 1
7. Turn off airplane mode and go back to Sims Freeplay by double tapping the home button
8. Let the game load and move around a bit
9. Go back to settings by double tapping the home button and turn on airplane mode again
10. Change the date to your present day date
11. ( Make sure you do this step quickly!) Turn off airplane mode and go to the Sims Freeplay by double tapping the home button
12. If you did it quick enough, it will have an internet error message, but DO NOT click the retry button ( It will go away on its own)
13. Viola, you sped up time to collect revenue, make planting faster, and fix time glitches

Added 28th Jul 2014, ID #426610

Doesn't work!!!!!!

Added 27th Jul 2014, ID #426108

It worked for me but now my xp arent showing :(

Added 24th Jul 2014, ID #424535

I tryed 7times and done it all right and it never worked

Added 20th Jul 2014, ID #421959

What do you mean by tools?

Added 14th Jul 2014, ID #418496

I đỉn

Didnt α»­ok

Added 12th Jul 2014, ID #416993

It's not working for me....😒

Added 8th Jul 2014, ID #414290

It worked it worked thank you so much

Added 7th Jul 2014, ID #413626

It did not work for me

Added 6th Jul 2014, ID #413040

I made the mistake of speeding up the time while construction was going on. I had 7 hours before I did the cheat, then I did it, and now it's like 3,000 hours 27 minutes long!!!! Please help me out. What can I do to fix this???

Added 16th Jun 2014, ID #400870

I have the latest sims update
I just downloaded it this year
And the cheat is not working for me

Added 9th Jun 2014, ID #396318

I'm trying to skip hibernating and this didn't work for me. It did say he was done hibernating in my notifications , but when I actually clicked back on the sims game, he was still hibernating.

Added 8th Jun 2014, ID #396073

1. Make your Sims plant.
2. Go to settings
3. Make sure you tap or check the automatic time and date
4. Change the year to 1970
5. Then go to your Sims
6. Again go to settings change the day the gap in your day is 3 then change the year to 1973
7. Then go to your Sims
8. Finish.
Enjoy it works 100β„… because I'm playing now

Added 6th Jun 2014, ID #394753

Didn't work at all

Added 4th May 2014, ID #381432

I find somthing work but just 1 time yo need to torn the clock 7 hours back and beck to the game and then go to the clock and move the time for the real time and then come beck to the game and then come beck to the clock and move the time to tomorrow and then you done

Added 25th Apr 2014, ID #378710

Didn't work and I did every step right :(

Added 15th Apr 2014, ID #375087

It worked for me the first time, but then didn't the next three times :(

Added 5th Apr 2014, ID #371827

hey! I tried this cheat when I had the life dreams and legacies quest going on. Since u forward in time, I missed out getting the singing salmon. Is there ANY possible way to undo this or go back in time? thanks anyway for the cheat. :D

Added 2nd Apr 2014, ID #370578


Added 18th Mar 2014, ID #365723


Added 16th Feb 2014, ID #355502

Guys, this cheat DOES work, but it only works occasionally, and plus, if you're playing it in 2014, there has been an update to prevent it working. It has worked for me twice.

Added 5th Feb 2014, ID #351909

It doesn't work for me

Added 14th Jan 2014, ID #343909

It did not work I'm getting pretty tired of fake cheats

Added 3rd Jan 2014, ID #338522

Did not work

Added 1st Jan 2014, ID #337709

It not work!

Added 9th Dec 2013, ID #327209

It worked for everything but what I wanted it to work for

Added 29th Nov 2013, ID #323377

builted a swimming center and I tried to speed it up by using the cheat, but my time is going backwards like its going from -1 to -60 how can I fix it :((((( hellppp mee please

Added 10th Aug 2013, ID #304022

i have tried almost every cheat and nothing works total waste I JUST LOST 10,000 GOSH i tried that plant cheat and everything nothing WORKs it just makes me soooooo upset one time i even thought of throwing away my ipad and delete sims! please help i just lost soo much money and knowing almost everybody knows the cheats it makes me feel JEALOUS sooooo pleeeeeeeaaaaaaseeeeeee HELP
πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ΎπŸ˜ΎπŸ˜ΎπŸ˜ΎπŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’’πŸ’’please help pls help

Added 26th Jul 2013, ID #300508

It worked at first but I didn't even have a update and now it doesn't work

Added 25th Jul 2013, ID #300125


Added 24th Jul 2013, ID #299805

Its amazing the guy says clearly. Do not press retry. Yet people ask should they click it or not. Just read everything he writes. It may or may not work depending on the device. Didnt for me. Iphone 4s. But i dis evwrything he said to a T. I READ everything...

Added 3rd Jul 2013, ID #294765

I had both a building & a baby loading!!!!! ;) thts y it didnt work!!!,)

Added 25th Jun 2013, ID #292726

It didn't work on my guy taking a shower.

Added 2nd Jun 2013, ID #287408

I don't understand it didn't do anything at all ...

Added 26th May 2013, ID #285494

This worked really well for me but remember DO NOT do this if something is being built or your waiting for your baby to come it will defenitly screw up the time also after you collect the money from planting remember to set the time back to automatic before trying to build something

Added 25th May 2013, ID #285237

Here's a great cheat for money and it won't mess up anything on your game. It works with all updates. First, you have to have at least 7 NBR and be signed into facebook. Buy loads of record players for 7 NBR each, then when you've bought enough, go to the main menu of sims freeplay and turn off your Facebook account. Go back to all the record players and sell them for 1,250 simoleons each. You get loads of money. REMEMBER TO TURN OFF YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT ON THE SIMS FREEPLAY BEFORE TRYING TO SELL THE RECORD PLAYERS.

Added 2nd Apr 2013, ID #269710

At first it worked for me so I got lots of cash and everything was coming really quick but then it stopped working after I tried to build the nightclub and on both the nightclub construction and the party boat it say 507 hrs till I get my nightclub and gifts. I can't fix this problem help. Also I had a baby coming and it dissapered and said there was another sim coming but there isn't. Help me!!!

Added 28th Mar 2013, ID #267932

If anyone tells you to speed up time then don't!
Because I tried it but then when I put it back
To set aticmatily I went to the sims and the party
Boat said 167 hours! So did the house I was
Trying to build.

Added 14th Mar 2013, ID #263514

Tried several times doesn't work

Added 3rd Mar 2013, ID #260580

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