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Getting married + having babies hint for The Sims FreePlay


Getting married + having babies

So the last hint I posted, I was recieving questions about marriage and babies. I can finally say I have passed that stage

Whoop, Whoop!

To be able to have children and get married;

I'll explain how I done this;

*Note, do not move sims together without them getting married, you'll have a hard time getting the sims engaged/married, i'll explain about this in a bit*

Basically, get two sims and make their relationship status to the max basically, until you can't go further for now

*Oh I just receently realised that you can fast foward a task, anywho*

After reaching level 10 (Forgot why you need to be in level 10 anyways :S), anywho, carry on doing the tasks that are given to you, hmm I dunno it depends on how slow your going, I got my first couple married around level 14/15 but thats just me, so you keep doing the tasks, until the tasks turn more romantic couple related!

Until you reach the *it's time to get two of your sims engaged* or something like that, For this task you'd be given the money to purchase the ring *A/N make sure the ring is expensive, because they would decline, trust me, I had my sim declined and I wasted so much money on it,(I'll list the prices down later)*

Once the other sim accepts it, you would need to move the sims together *if you have already moved them together, it will not work, you need to move on of the sims out and move them back in*

After the sims are living together, you'd need to get your engaged sims to keep doing actions till their status bar reache MARRIED! Then voolliaaa they are married [Stage1; Checked]

How to have babies :D *It costs so much, make sure you have saved, but the first time task is FREE*

Basically, when yours sims are married, purchase a crib from the store and put it like whereever you want!

Click on the icon that comes up and it should say *Try for baby* or something like that!

But like I said, adding a baby is like adding a sim, it costs! But for this task you'll be provided with the LP to purchase your first baby!

You'd have to wait ****** can't remember for how long, maybe 12 hours for the baby to arrive, and when it does, you can dress it up *they are so cute* and name it!

So thats how to get married and have babies, if I missed anything you can correct me!

Wedding rings# A/N; Make sure to get the most expensives one

5,500s Dinosaur (don't recommend it, very cheap, they will not accept)
16,500s Modern ring(don't recommend it)
5LP (I tried this one out, and the sim declined :( )
10LP (Dunno about this one)
20LP (Highly recommend, they will accept straight away)

...... Forgot the rest!

Baby price;
20LP - Might increase as you add other sims :S


Well thats it, if I missed anything correct me again!

Hope this helps

Added by: hintsandideas Apr 10th 2012, ID#687 and get
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It doesn't matter whether the sims are moved in together or not before getting engaged. 8/9 of my sim couples were living together when they got engaged and said yes. The one sim that denied I just got the 2nd most expensive LP ring and she said yes.

Added 20th Mar 2015, ID #530810

My sims lily carpenter and her bff Kael standeven just had a dance party at. 0436 today but I want them to get married and have sex and kids so can I have some tips

Added 1st Feb 2015, ID #510462

The dinosaur ring does NOT work...ever....don't my waste your money on it...also, how do you get money FAST??? I'm trying to buy a globe for the mystery island and it cost 10,000 just for a globe!!!! How can I [spoiler][/spoiler] earn $$$ faster????

Added 26th Jan 2015, ID #507609

If you want more simoleons and lifestyle points...go to and search for the cheat there!......

Added 30th Dec 2014, ID #492680

To get a baby crib you first have to build the Childrens Store which you can only build during a quest which I forgot the name to and the cheapest crib is 6000.

Added 14th Dec 2014, ID #484865

To get a baby crib you first have to build the Childrens Store which you can only build during a quest which I forgot the name to and the cheapest crib is 6000.

Added 14th Dec 2014, ID #484864

I'm in level 6 & I'm in a relationship but I don't know how to marry and have a kids :(

Added 3rd Dec 2014, ID #479898

Ok so my sims were married but then I clicked on divorce and I tried to stop it but it was to late what do I do??!! I want to have kids too!

Added 16th Nov 2014, ID #472563

I cant get my sims engaged idk it keeps saying I need lp and I ain't even got my first Sims married yet what do I do

Added 31st Oct 2014, ID #465597

I'm in level 11 and i cant be romantic
Help me please. Because i want som kids

Added 11th Oct 2014, ID #457132

Off topic, but I found no forum to answer my question. How do you get more things for your baby? The infsnt section on the children's store has very little to offer.
And great post Op, but it takes a day for the stork to bring the baby, not 12 hrs.
If anyone can heclp me with my question though it would be very much appreciated!

Added 18th Aug 2014, ID #437940

Off topic, but I found no forum to answer my question. How do you get more things for your baby? The infsnt section on the children's store has very little to offer.
And great post Op, but it takes a day for the stork to bring the baby, not 12 hrs.
If anyone can heclp me with my question though it would be very much appreciated!

Added 18th Aug 2014, ID #437939

Ok so a few are asking how to move a sim 1. Make sure you are a friend/best friend have the sim in another house ask the sim to move in . Your sim now lives in the other house .

Added 14th Aug 2014, ID #436266

Slightly of topic but all my sims won't automatically interact anymore and they use to now all they do I stand there till I make them talk (ugh so boring like this) is there anything I can do or should I just restart?

Added 10th Aug 2014, ID #433930

It says that the eternity ring is free but when i click on it ot says i don't have enough simoleons. Any suggestions?

Added 6th Aug 2014, ID #431763

I'm on level 7 what happens on level 8

Added 3rd Aug 2014, ID #430350

Okay guys first I will walk you through with marriage
Step 1: they are in the aquaintince zone so you need to get them to be all nice and these are the stages of relashinships stranger/aquaintice/freind/ good friend/best friend/and stop there, once you get to level 8 you will have a quest called love is in the air, you will be provided all these different goals and this quest is time limited for 2 days and I don't know how many hours, anyway, if you complete those goals in time you will get a wedding bundle. Don't feel sad if you don't! You will get a free eternity ring.. A Sim can not reject you! You just won't get the wedding bundle. And so when you finish it you will get a icon that says propose marriage click that and you will get a free eternity ring! Then wohoo and do romantic things and then when the bar is full they will be married! Thanks for reading!

Added 19th Jul 2014, ID #421609

Ok so basically BABIES DONT COST. The crib does, but in the more modern version of Freeplay, adding any Sums, babies or adults, is free. No LP/ simoleons required. I know this because I have eight Sims and two are babies.

Added 19th Jul 2014, ID #421505

ok... guys... come on... i used lp on the simolesn sprout that was suppose to be for the ring *20 lp* and got it back and now have a marriedd couple, a little girl named christine (chris), and i am currently making a b-day cake... in 3 days i managed to get 10 lp to get them married which went flawlessly with the eternity ring in a four room standard lot house... they have been in one house since partners, and i didnt woohoo them just to see if you could marrythem without that stuff. All you must do is get two sims to partners, move them in, after being nice,romantic,complaining(just to make it realistic),and seeping in one bed(not needed) they finally got engaged. one day later they are married and a child has only 12 hrs left until arrival. i used a crib bought from the HOME STORE, my childrens store is half done still,and made the baby easily. i recommend levels 8,9,10 to make married couples since you have or soon will unlock neighbors

Added 17th Jul 2014, ID #420525

My sims are engaged all the way and were all ready moved in together, but my marriage is interrupted by either let j.p inspect the house they're going to live in or let t.p. inspect the house, I let them both inspect they're own house (the one they're going to live in) but it still says that, what do I do?

Added 16th Jul 2014, ID #419899

When i go to the children store to buy a crib it tell me that my sim have insufficient funds allthrougt i have more than 6,000 money what should i do i dont have any lps help plzzz itss urgent the time is running out

Added 14th Jul 2014, ID #418363

How to feed the baby

Added 8th Jul 2014, ID #414375

If you can't get married at the park marry in their house. Worked for me

Added 7th Jul 2014, ID #413851

Someone please say, i cant get them married when the time ru out?

Added 7th Jul 2014, ID #413521


Added 5th Jul 2014, ID #412530

What do I do when the time ruines out

Added 5th Jul 2014, ID #412458


Added 4th Jul 2014, ID #412036

Why cant i get my sims engade cuz when i pres engade and press on the ring it says somthing to buy lp (i have 0)

Added 3rd Jul 2014, ID #411275

How do you move them in? My sims are engaged and the bar is full but i read they have to be moved in before they can get married, and there is no move in button. I need help! Please help guys ive been stuck and dont get it. I play an android tablet now please someone help meh

Added 3rd Jul 2014, ID #411140

What's the point of having a woohoo button of that doesn't let the women have the baby...

Also here are some things u messed up: baby's cost 3LP, the quest is call love is in air, and, it's not really a store it's a store for baby, toddler, preteen, and, teens.

Tip: don't get married in the park it doesn't work.( it doesn't make any sense..why do they make u build the park anyway?) have ur sims get married in one of their houses πŸ˜› hope all of dos helps 😁☺️☺️☺️

Added 28th Jun 2014, ID #408272

Why can't I whoohoo and they have a baby thatsstupied

Added 21st Jun 2014, ID #403423

This guide is awful tbh. It's written so rushed. My babies cost $6,000 so.. that's not super expensive.

Added 19th Jun 2014, ID #402481

Whenever I'm about to get my sims married it says "[b][/b] You're sim needs to inspect the house before getting married" [u][/u] and I make them inspect the house and it still won't work!!!!!!
I'm level 8 and I really need help!!!!!

Added 13th Jun 2014, ID #398964

If u put 2 chairs one in front of the other and have 2 Sims ponder in the chairs it looks like their kissing.(use dinning room chairs)😏

Added 13th Jun 2014, ID #398620

What's the point in havin a woohoo action button if it doesn't do anything? [size=12][/size]

Added 9th Jun 2014, ID #396605

You Don't have to move on out I just did it. I'm only on level 8 my sims are married and then they lived together before the marriage. Thank you. Now goodbye loser!

Added 6th Jun 2014, ID #394904

get married: complete love is in the air quest. have baby: buy children's store, buy a crib, press add sim button, wait for it to finish and you will have a baby!

Added 6th Jun 2014, ID #394868

How to have a baby my sims is married but it cant get a baby please help

Added 5th Jun 2014, ID #394172

how can I marry a neighbor ? im so confused . my fb friend is my neighbor & we want to get married but we don't have a clue in the world on how too do soo . please help !!!

Added 5th Jun 2014, ID #394021

i had the same problem, that the other sim needs to inspect the house, just get married in the house. Dont get married in the park, idk it doesnt work

Added 4th Jun 2014, ID #393901

dont get married in the park, get married in the house and it will work πŸ‘

Added 4th Jun 2014, ID #393899

I filled my engaged bar but it still says engaged why isn't it saying married please help

Added 1st Jun 2014, ID #392100

Actually, I added a baby for 3 LP only!

Added 28th May 2014, ID #390093

I moved them in before they got married and it worked.

Added 28th May 2014, ID #389948

I can get married but it keeps telling me that one of my sims needs to inspect the house before getting married and to try again later. So irritating and I have been doing this for two days now!! Why can't they get married?!

Added 14th May 2014, ID #384273

I experienced that when my sims got married, it didnt let me get a baby until I got the children store. (Kind of harsh to me, because im just level 6)

Added 4th May 2014, ID #381405

Im on level 6 and I've married

You complete tasks then you will get these marriage quests complete them and your done

Added 14th Apr 2014, ID #374857

IN MARRYING A SIM you need to get them inspired and super happy. Do woohoo and romantic things many times. Then marry her even the cheapest ring will work. Ive done this already. Hope it works!

Added 12th Apr 2014, ID #373933

It was fine for me having the two sims moved in together before and getting married. Works. Also, the prices for the rings are cheaper and no lp. Last of all, there is no cost for baby except 6,000 for crib. It's FREE! Anyway, have fun.

Added 9th Apr 2014, ID #373148

How do you get your sims to marry one of your neighbourse sim

Added 24th Mar 2014, ID #367772


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