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Easy Money hint for The Sims FreePlay


Easy Money

This might have been mentioned quite often, but I thought i'd make some things clear.
*Most of the cheats up here don't work anymore due to the recent update, but I personally think the hints have come in great handy*

Anywho, I was in need of simcash stuffy, however I don't really use this, anyways *oh btw, the time shift thingy doesnt work on getting money, but really does help on making your sim inspired and it workrs every time*

Basically, it's pretty clear that no one actually plays this game at night, so basically, I got all my sims to plant garden patchs, with the most paying ones but with the latest amount of time needed, (I.e onions and beans are really good)so I get my rest and my sims are working their asses off, and when I check out the app later on the day *I'm not an addict so yeah* I have 1000's of simoleons.

I know this seems obivous but trust me, it's the easiet way *might not be the fastes* but it's the best working method, and you'll be rich in no time!

Hope this helps

Added by: Guest Apr 3rd 2012, ID#673 and get
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Cheating in the sims is ok because cheating makes it more like a sandbox game

Added 7th Sep 2014, ID #445522

Tried one of these cheats...didn't work later I am offered a free basic home package for free and the shops gone messed up and I can't get on it so thanks!

Added 20th Aug 2014, ID #438727

I have tried every trick I know and none seem to work, I desperately need simolonians and lp but I don't know how! Pleeeez help

Added 26th Jul 2014, ID #425452

Guys don't cheat I lost my daily reward for doing it

Added 9th Jun 2013, ID #289103

The way I get fast money is by finding and collecting all the items in the woodworking shop. Once you find them all you should gain at least 430 construction coins. After you get enough money buy the elevator that's worth 750 cc's. when you sell it, you get about 450,000 in sim cash...

But don't buy the elevator worth 1000 cc's because when you sell it it's only worth a little over 3,000 sim cash. Definitely not worth it!

Good luck, and this should take around an hour or two depending on how fast you find the items.

Added 20th May 2013, ID #284126

What I do to get money is have three people doing quick practice in woodworking. Then when I get all 12 objects and the 430 construct-o-coins, I buy 7 fire poles that cost 60 cc (420 cc's) and sell them all. They sell for 25,000 so I am able to get 175,000 in an hour and a half or 2 hours.

Added 9th May 2013, ID #281271

I too am not getting enough money for crops - only 37 for corn. How can I fix this? Not fair :0(

Added 5th May 2013, ID #280309

You can get married at like level 5, You just need to buy an expensive ring and keep trying to get them married, Basically you need to be rich in simolions or else you will be waisting your time. You also need to make sure the man and women are living together and have slept before you try getting them married (Slept in the house they both moved into, Even if the pearson who originally lives there has slept you still need them to sleep). Hope this helped

Added 20th Feb 2013, ID #256515

U don't have to b on a certain level to get married ect u just have to get there relationship status up so u can get engaged and then get it higher until ur married and to have a baby u have to b married and put a cot in there house ...

Added 4th Nov 2012, ID #204974

hi, im kaila and for some reason, the cheats r not workin for me, and i have the new update, so im wondering what the problem is

Added 23rd Oct 2012, ID #200335

I'm not sure if somebody has already admitted this cheat, because I haven't read through all these answers. But I have a handy tip that actually does work!

1. Go to Settings-General-Date & Time
2. Turn "Set Automatically" off.
3. Select "Set Date & Time" and change the year to 1970.
4. Go onto Sims FreePlay.
5. Quickly go off and go back into Settings.
6. Change the month to the one after, and change the day if you'd like. Also, change the year to the one after.
7. Go back to home.
8. Double-click the home button, and a tab at the bottom should pop up.
9. There should be a Sims FreePlay symbol on it. Hold it down until it wiggles.
10. Press the red button with the white minimize inside it.
11. Go back onto Sims FreePlay.
12. Just wait for it to load up...
13. You should have 1,000 Simoleons more!

If this didn't work, keep trying it. I hope I helped.

Send me your feedback on how this works for you. Thank you!

Added 18th Oct 2012, ID #197884

To get married you have to be romantic or do any of the other pink messagees. You have to keep building the relationship until proposing is an option.

Added 9th Oct 2012, ID #194209

I watched a cheat for money on YouTube it said you had to bring up the money store quickly exit out of the game and go back to it and all the prices for money said 0 so you could buy money for free but when I tried it the price went to 0 and when I clicked it came up with a notice saying (for example) Buy 1,000,000 simoleons for £69.99? And it didn't do that in the video it said it was posted about 2 years ago but anyone know how I can get it to work!? Planting is a waste of time you still loose money because you have to pay for the seeds!

Added 11th Aug 2012, ID #174723

Ok everyone, heres a cheat to get 5,000 simoleons or whatever the money is called.
1.go to setting-general-date and time
2.then turn "set automatically off.
3.change the year one year ahead. Change the day one day
One day ahead. And change the time 5 minutes ahead. Dont change the month.
4.go to the sims and colllect money and play normally for like 2 minutes.
5.then, go back to settings and turn back on "set automatically"
6.go to sims and you get $5,000!
It May not work every single time but keep doing it! It works please trust me of you want money!

Added 9th Aug 2012, ID #173895

My tip(s)
The dog: I sometimes shake hands With the German shepard (dog) and it immediately goes to dig up the coins

Job: I usually would get the scientist one and try to get them on max for a bunch of coins

Gardening: If your maybe level 6 or 7+ then you can plant Beans it takes 12 hours and onion is another option 10 hours 40 coin difference

Baking: bake the highest thing that gives coins but baking is a way for XP

Don't use the date change cheat or else it messes up your iPad,
iPod ihone whatever you use

My sims are either ga
Rdening onions or working at the science lab so I am stuck with the dog hope this helped

Added 6th Aug 2012, ID #172882

People say that you need to be on level 10 to get maried but I am level 6 and I have one maried couple and one engaged couple. Maybe you need to be on level 10 to have a baby. I wouldn't know because I can't afford a crib.

Added 5th Aug 2012, ID #172435

i just keep changing my date. it only raises money by 1000 but thats better than nothing.

Added 28th Jul 2012, ID #169323

Sometimes your crops would cost less because it would the more you leave them up there...... They would be less

Added 10th Jul 2012, ID #162525

The time shift thing does work.

Added 5th Jul 2012, ID #160678

You have to wait until ur goal says get engaged & then u can press the couple and one of the choices will be propose.

Added 12th May 2012, ID #141449

hey im elise and if you want to know on how to have a baby click on the 3 dots then click the i button then click on help find babies then read

Added 6th May 2012, ID #139919

The changing the date settings us an awesome cheat! Thanks!

Added 3rd May 2012, ID #138958

That changing your date doesn't work what's the trick?

Added 1st May 2012, ID #138505

As far as the money goes I believe my method is the easiest. First get as many coins as you can and plant either the beans or onions. Make sure you have enough to buy these so you can do this.

While they are planting exit out of the game completely. Make sure the app is not running in anyway. Then change your date back a year and close out of that and reopen the game. The sims seem to be still planting so exit out of the game again and change your date back to the original year. Exit out of that and then go back into the game.

You now have all of your plants fully grown. Collect all of your plants for the money. Your sims still seem to be stuck planting the time shows zero and they will not move. So then go into your town map and collect your coins and get back to your sims.

Your sims are now unfrozen. So immediately replant everything and do all the steps again and your sim will keep all the health and everything intact.

Added 27th Apr 2012, ID #137308


So, forever that has been asking, oh how do i get more coins and blah blah

*sorry if i sound rude or anything, but you should check out the cheats before asking*

Anyways, i made this video on my youtube account, which shows you how to get money fast!

Hope this helps

Added 18th Apr 2012, ID #134800

I did the planting of my beans and changed the year in phone settings, and when I changed it back to 2012 it worked. But now when I try to do it again it doesn't work. & it used almost $500 of the simoleons I just recieved and it took the beans off as if I never planted them and it didn't even put the money back in, just like it took off the beans!!!

Added 18th Apr 2012, ID #134779

Lol,what's so hard in planting the best earning vegetables,then advance with 1 day your phone's date?It works for me.6000 simeleons in 1-2 minutes

Added 18th Apr 2012, ID #134605

I need more sims coins!!!!!!!

Added 16th Apr 2012, ID #134272

I apologize for the noi in advance, my phone is being weird right now. Anyway, I need help to get like 10,000 sim money because I'm on level 8 and I have to build 2 more workplaces but I only have about 519 sime money, not town money. Can someone help with another cheat? And how do I pull up a cheatbox/ keyboard? Sorry 4 that-> noi

Added 16th Apr 2012, ID #134154

Whatever task you are currently on, complete it or skip it and the next task will automatically pop up (get engaged) just choose a couple and make one propose to the other. If they don't accept just keep trying till they do ;-)

Added 16th Apr 2012, ID #133971

Im On Level 13 And I Cant Propose or Anything! Is It Possible to Propose After Level 10?

Added 15th Apr 2012, ID #133783

I'm not getting the right amount of money for planting. For example, I only get $37 for corn and it should be much more. Is anyone else having this problem?

Added 14th Apr 2012, ID #133378

i just started and i am on level 10

Added 14th Apr 2012, ID #133222

To get married you have to wait for the task

Added 14th Apr 2012, ID #133200

Speed up the planting time to get xp and money quicker

Working on android
1- I gather as many fully inspired sims to plant at one house- so far 10
2- I plant all egg plants(or what ever you have that produces highest profit) exit game by clicking phones home icon
3- go to phones date and time settings change the year back to 2011
4- open game (the game should be opening at the same house you exited from) then exit again by using phones home icon
5- change date back to 2012 on phone settings
6- open sims - welcome to sims freeplay - tap to continue - pick all eggplants , sims will still seem to be still at work planting
7- exit game and reopen game sims are ready to restart at step 1

Added 10th Apr 2012, ID #131837

you have to be level 10 btw

Added 10th Apr 2012, ID #131764

How do you get the baby to max out on the bathroom part

Added 8th Apr 2012, ID #131106

Been using this formula of planting gardens overnight since the beginning. Now up to 2 million simoleons, and 17 Sims. Now if I could just find a trick for increasing LP's.

Added 7th Apr 2012, ID #130730

I need money to buy a rabbit but its so hard can you tell me how to get money more easier and much ??

And do you know how ro get lp ??

Thx :D

Added 7th Apr 2012, ID #130362

Okay so I was just wondering how you get the key board up so you can type in the cheats...and how do you get there?

Added 6th Apr 2012, ID #130218


Added 6th Apr 2012, ID #130016

This is a question:

How to get more money in sims freeplay.

Due to the resent update, the popular cheat is banned.

Please Answer!

Added 6th Apr 2012, ID #130012

There is a goal that makes u get married and have a baby

Added 6th Apr 2012, ID #129938

You can fast forward in the game and have them finish the work! While in the game, switch to settings and turn off the wifi, then plant your most lucrative veggie. Then, exit out of the game, turn the wifi back on, change the time and date, go back to the game, and you've got your veggies!

Added 5th Apr 2012, ID #129899

^ ^
You need to be on level 10. There will be a task to get engaged. First be romantic, then a "Propose" option will come up. Pick a expensive ring or they may reflect it!! Buy a crib. Click on it and have a baby. Note: I HAVE NOT TRIED YET. EVERYONE SAYS THIS IS HOW.
Go to Facebook and look up Sims Freeplay (not the app but fan page) go to albums. They have one with three pictures showing the steps to get engaged. hope I helped!!

Added 5th Apr 2012, ID #129851

To the person above ^ Hellow!

I havent even got to that stage yet, like you i've tried everything and nothing seems to work, but according to other people i think theres a specific task that comes up later on which allows you to get married, other than that i dont really know

hope this helps :/

Added 5th Apr 2012, ID #129779

i dont know how to get married ive tried wohoo and being romantic alot but nothing works please help!! () ()
(. .) {...... its a bunny
( )

Added 4th Apr 2012, ID #129485

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