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Earning money( what worked for me) hint for The Sims FreePlay


Earning money( what worked for me)

Since the recent update I've noticed many people having trouble meeting the cost demands on sims freeplay. The cost has gone up and it puts a strain on your sims pockets. Before the update I had a system to have my sims working on careers and also working in the garden.
Taking care of four sims was easy, but as soons as I hit six it started to become a problem. I couldn't go above 50,000 simoleons( sounds familiar?) it seemed like every time I got 40,000 I had to add a sim to unlock careers and that would bring me back down to 10,000 simoleons. So I changed my strategy. First when I added my 7th sim I had three of them unemployed and four have a career. One of my sims was a politician , one a scientist and two were firefighter( you can do what works for you, but it's always good to have some of your sims working and others who are unemployed) while two of my sims worked in the morning on their careers, the rest were gardening. The veggies I like to plant are , lettuce, corn( for quick cash) potatoes and zucchini( I grow these because it works with my schedule.) at the time I didn't have the supermarket because I was working on unlocking careers and adding sims, didn't get market until I had 11 sims. I chose to have non working sims grow lettuce and or potatoes. It works for me best this way( before I have my sims grow I make sure all their needs are fulfilled to the max , inspired sims earn more xp and some times more money. ) the reason why I have their needs at a max as well is so I can grow my veggies about three to four times before they are not no longer inspired. Having sims work at night and some in the morning work to my benefit because , while two work morning shifts , five are in their gardens, so there is always five sims in the garden no matter what. At night before I go to sleep I have my sims work the garden instead of going to sleep. My veggies of choice is garlic and onions. The reason why is because by the time I wake up my sims that work in the morning will be done and can go to work. Before I put my sims to garden through the night I max out their needs. I haven't had a problem with them going low on their needs, but it could happen so be advised. I recently had one of my sims bake a Danish and her needs were the same from when I first started the goal. So that is what works for me as far as making money I also like short time gardening to allow my self to be able to complete goals, I collect my daily reward which is the income your town brings in on a daily bases, I also collect what each house, work building and non work building bring in( which is xp) sometimes I collect what ever my dogs dig up.
As for adding sims, each work and recreational building requires for you to have a certain amount of sims so you can add to your town. At first I would add my sims as soon as I had the money was available because adding up to three sims in the beginning isn't that hard. But as the cost goes up for furnished and unfurnished houses, it gets harder to add sims to your town and then in turn add buildings. So what I began to do was always have at least one sim more, for example , to add a building (hypethetically speaking) like the car dealership requires for you( depending in the order you are adding your sims, versus buildings) to have up to ten sims and it cost let's say 20,000. Before I get the dealership. So I have 45,000 simoleons and I have 10 sims already and I can buy the building, but instead of doing so , so fast I continued earning more money and completing more goals( I noticed rushing was hurting the sims. So I took my time adding things) I waited to get another sim , because I want to always be one sim up when I needed to add buildings by the time I hit 60,000 , I noticed I had enough life points to by an already furnished and custome home so I did( I always saved my life points, until it got to costly to get a custome made house). So by the time I bought the dealership I had 11 sims( dealership requirements 10) and I had 40,000 simoleons left over which is really good.
Buying furnished home after a while gets very expensive and so does unfurnished homes. So when this began to happen I bout custom homes with the life points( I began with the share home which is the cheapest custom home) when that began to get to expensive( mind you I've yet to use the sim store to buy simoleons and life points and I have over 100,000 simoleons and 25 life points) I began to buy empty lots by this time unfurnished home cost about 40,000 and a share home about 15 life points. The first time I bought and empty lot it cost my 10,000. When you buy and empty lot it adds a sim to your town( which I did not find out until I bought the empty lot) so at level 9 it cost me 10,000 to add my 10th sim , which in my opinion is pretty good. ( remember these are guesstimating so don't go verbatim on the cost and such) I learned late in the game that customizing your own home was cheaper after a while , then buying and unfurnished home and you get to use your creative side as well. So now every time I need to add a building I have a sim more then needed. That way I have more sims working towards bringing in income to the town and upping the towns value as well , which makes your daily reward that much sweeter, I also focused on designing on home at a time. I would sell the rooms, keep the furniture untill I had an empty lot to work with, while I did this my sims were working on overnight gardening and prior to that I collected the money for customization the previous night. It's good to keep old furniture so you don't have to buy brand new stuff for a new house, the building of a home alone is costly, I added new stuff with time( with in two days)
This formula helped me a lot so I wouldn't have to subject myself to spending money in the store to get money and so far it's done good for me. I've noticed the way of the game is to have patience. Many even myself in the beginning rush to get everthing( excitment of the game). For a while it will work, but once you are fourth sim and getting ready to buy your fifth it gets expensive
Hope this helps you all build a strategy that work for you.

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