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Cheat Hour cheat for The Sims FreePlay


Cheat Hour

Are you want to play the sims at midnight but in real life is still morning...?
1.Play The Sims Free Play
2.Open Option
3.Click Date and Time
4.if in the real life is for example : 06.00 change into 20.00
5.Open The Sims Free Play
6.See what happen...
If you want to plant "Beans" that waste 12 hour.if you don't want it happen try this:
1. Open The Sims Free Play
2. Open option
3. Click Date & Time
4. Change the date for example you plant the beans at 5 Maret 2012 change to 6 Maret 2012
5. Open The Sims Free Play
6. Your beans was Growth fast

Added by: serrilwafi11 Mar 5th 2012, ID#626 and get
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How do u get married its so frustrating 😈

Added 29th Dec 2014, ID #492147


Added 14th Dec 2014, ID #484829

it doesn't work just take your time with the planting

Added 27th Nov 2014, ID #477256

How do u get lp

Added 31st Jul 2014, ID #428594

I have the goal to read the pulp novel in the morning so what is the specific time about morning cause i red it few times and didnt work

Added 25th May 2013, ID #285118

i tried a cheat and now the studio im building will take 365 hours to build! Also, the percentage isnt increasing so its not actually building. HELPP!!!!!

Added 20th Feb 2013, ID #256745

212899 answer. Get 16 LP and build it instantly
Hope it help😃

Added 7th Feb 2013, ID #251458

U can't lose all ur money

Added 7th Feb 2013, ID #251456

0lp for 18 days 0 coins for 18 days I tried the cheat and lost all my money thanks

Added 19th Jan 2013, ID #244243

How do you make them sims fart and give electric shocks

Added 10th Jan 2013, ID #240938

Doesn't work on my iPad 3

Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #231479

it doesnt say date and time on my kindle fire

Added 24th Dec 2012, ID #227718

im skipping the go for a drive task for 5 lp i only have 16lp whtever :((((((

Added 14th Dec 2012, ID #221360


Added 6th Dec 2012, ID #215577

I was building the park and I went to make it done and I went to change the year to next year and when I went on it said 405 hours left for it to be done!!! Noooo!!! How so I make this go down please help!!! I need the park for the mission " feed the ducks at the park on a Sunday morning" please somebDy help me 😥😰

Added 26th Nov 2012, ID #212899

do they have a cheat for a baby i bought the crib but i dont have 7 things diamonds please tell me

Added 11th Nov 2012, ID #207762

A maret is a piece of veg u say it like maro

Added 28th Oct 2012, ID #202002

I think a maret is march. Only a guess. I can't get my sims any more than married. What's up with that? And (I know you've already figured this out) you don't need to turn of your wifi or even make it airplane mode in the preteen update. Te cheat still works.

Added 1st Oct 2012, ID #190724

I did this and now I have only 3 vacant houses left. I'M RICH! I have 345 lifestyle points. I saved for AGES.

Added 27th Jul 2012, ID #169144

It doesn't work on iPhone 4g:(

Added 24th Jul 2012, ID #167816

How do you get a sim to be a bar tender?

Added 20th Jul 2012, ID #166362

I did it now I'm rich!!!!

Added 12th Jul 2012, ID #163410

I did this cheat and it worked and i have the update soo i dunno! But i think it wil only do it once xxx

Added 29th Jun 2012, ID #158234

since the newest update i installed today i can do the time cheat really sucks!before the update (that sucks)i was banking a cool million simoleons an hour.. i guess EA caught on to the cheat and patched it...bummer (lv24 sims player)I WanT THE OLD VERSION BACK! lol

Added 27th Jun 2012, ID #157767

Y know there is an option for playing your sims at night when it is actually day and you don't have to " cheat"

Added 25th Jun 2012, ID #156722

I have the update and works on my ipad2.

Added 22nd Jun 2012, ID #155432

it just work once. when i try it again it didn't work anymore.

Added 14th Jun 2012, ID #152631

This did not work for me at all! It stays at the loading page and never lets me in the game!

Added 11th Jun 2012, ID #151601

It also worked for me, but now my sims won't go to work and I don't get the daily bonus anymore. Has anyone figured out if that can be fixed? I'm stuck on the goal "Have Sims go to work with low hygiene" and it won't let me comp,ete it. :/(

Added 11th Jun 2012, ID #151545

It works perfectly as long as you don't forget to turn airplane mode on, on your iPad, when you're changing time! And don't plan any activities for your Sims while you're in advanced time, because that will only cause them to take longer once you set time back again.

Added 3rd Jun 2012, ID #148273

We all need to find a way to get MORE Life points! Those are the most important! Is there a way to not download the updated version on this!

Added 13th May 2012, ID #141651

How do u fix a business from 470 hours from using the hour cheat back to normal

Added 12th May 2012, ID #141622

I tried it and it works but made one of my business go to 300 hours and moved up to 470 hours how do I FIX

Added 12th May 2012, ID #141620

I was just starting to much around with this and it worked the first go and now it wont... can't quite remember what I did. Damn!

Added 9th May 2012, ID #140848

How do you get easy money on an iPod touch 4th generation ??
And how do you make your Sims inspired without having lifestyle points ?? (please only cheats and hints that work )

Added 1st May 2012, ID #138696

I did this cheat it worked. But now my sims wont go to work and I do not get the daily bonus anymore. How do I get them to go to work again?? Help!!!

Added 1st May 2012, ID #138633

I did the hour cheat and now my sims wont go to work anymore and I do not get the daily bonus anymore. Help! how do I fix this?

Added 1st May 2012, ID #138630

If you have the update it won't work!
You can't turn time probably because EA knew about it and changed it.

Added 28th Apr 2012, ID #137741

Works only on original IPad , iPhone (2007) model and iPod touch
2nd and 3rd gen before update

Added 28th Apr 2012, ID #137616

I think the baby peeing part just means you just leave that Need alone until they pee themselves, then you change the diaper.I

Added 28th Apr 2012, ID #137511

it works perfectly fine on my Android. you just need to turn your wifi connection off before changing the time. after that keep it off, open the game when you get a connection error, save and exist, open your wifi and it works.

Added 26th Apr 2012, ID #137170

Does not work for an iPad 2

Added 26th Apr 2012, ID #137167

I did the hour cheat and now my sims won't go to work how do I fix it?

Added 26th Apr 2012, ID #136953

I did this. It worked. But now my sims won't I to work and I don't get the daily bonus

Added 24th Apr 2012, ID #136682

Does any1 know if u can type in cheat codes on the iPad sims freeplay?

Added 21st Apr 2012, ID #135671

It doesn't work at all maybe your just pranking

Added 21st Apr 2012, ID #135371

I cant change THE time on my iPad and how must my baby on THE toilet Please help

Added 18th Apr 2012, ID #134688

A bench means kitchen counter

Added 16th Apr 2012, ID #134012

This took a lot of trial and error to find out how to do this so I hope it works for you (aslong as you do it right that is. Hope it helps! This is for iPhones by the way.

1. Make all Sims inspired (sparkling) and make them all plant high-profit vegetables at the same house (easier to manage).
2. Exit game and close it down in Task Manager (Tap Central Navigation button twice, hold down the app with your finger and click on the ‘X’ to close it.)
3. Go to Settings > General> Network. Disable ‘Mobile Data’ and disable ‘Enable 3G’. Also turn off Wi-fi.
4. Go back on Sims Freeplay and wait for the error message to load.
5. Exit again and close it down in Task manager.
6. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time. Change time to an hour after (i.e. 15:00pm to 16:00pm) and change date to the day after (i.e. Tuesday to Wednesday).
7. Go back to the game and wait for the error message again.
8. Exit the game and close it in Task Manager.
9. Enable 3G and Mobile Data in Settings>General>Network.
10. Open Sims Freeplay and all your crops should have grown meaning fast cash!
11. Repeat process.

Added 15th Apr 2012, ID #133708

this is working for my android

1 make your sims inspired and start activity
2 click options , exit and save
3 turn of internet/wifi
4 start game and wait for the ''unable to connect'' error
4 go to your phone options and forward the time needed to complete the actions. ( don't speed up more than needed or their moods will go red.)
5 start the game and wait for the error again.
6 turn on your internet/wifi
7 start the game and there you go!

Added 10th Apr 2012, ID #131769


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