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Most lucrative vegetables for Simoleans hint for The Sims FreePlay


Most lucrative vegetables for Simoleans

I did the math. I made a whole chart showing how much you make for planting each veggie, NET, per hour. Wish I could post it here but the format doesn't work.

Of course you pay less for seeds at the grocery store. And your Sims make significantly more money when inspired - try to make sure your Sims are inspired before starting their gardening, always.

Peppers and Carrots make you most money per hour, but are labor-intensive. But good when you need some quick cash. Peppers nets an inspired Sim $480 an hour.

Corn is the next most lucrative veggie, netting an inspired Sim $276 an hour. But still pretty labor-intensive. What about when you need a few hours?

Well then, Lettuce, Watermelons, Potatoes and Zucchini are all reasonable choices. The shorter crops get you more money, but not if you don't make it back soon after they finish to start them again... So pick crops that match your timeframe.

Overnight? Garlic, Onions and Beans are all reasonable, with Garlic being the winner in profits. Eggplant is NOT profitable in comparison.

Losers to stay away from? Strawberries are the worst crop in terms of Simoleans, netting you a mere $2.33 per hour! Tomatoes and Pumpkins are also terrible choices. Eggplant and Spinach are bad buys as well. As long as you stay away from these things, you can be pretty profitable if you match your planting time with time away from the game.

One last tip. My boyfriend makes the mistake of planting onions in the afternoon and they finish in the middle of the night. Then in the morning, his Sims are all depleted and need taking care of again. If you get back to your Sims fairly promptly after planting, though, they should still be inspired through several planting cycles.

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How to get a preeteen because I'm a level 22
In the sims and I don't have one

Added 26th Oct 2015, ID #619976

I invite a friend that also used android phone and fb.when she accept my friend or neighbor request they tell it is not available here in the Philippines..what should I do?

Added 29th Jun 2015, ID #577517

My sim just needs to build the child's store I was happy till I looked at the price Why do they do that how are you gonna get 100,000 coins I want a baby y the cribs cost 6,000 WHY !

Added 15th Apr 2015, ID #543102


Added 23rd Feb 2015, ID #520400

I planted strawberries yesterday four times meaning four sims planted strawberries and I never got ay moneyed I that

Added 14th Dec 2014, ID #484827

Most of that is junk, go back to school your math is flawed.

Added 24th Oct 2014, ID #462323


Added 13th Sep 2014, ID #447431

How much do beans make?

Added 29th Jun 2014, ID #408806

You get lp by going in the free ONLY WATCH VIDEOS or the party boat or racking up town value to 100,000 in which your daily reward is 1 LP

Added 27th Apr 2014, ID #379322

Onions would be the better option then beans for a tiny bit less and a whole 2 hours shorter you get pretty much the same money for the Onions...

Added 26th Apr 2014, ID #379095

Green beans are a better choice.... I'm honestly confused, why would you think Garlic earns you more? Was that a typo... ?

Added 26th Mar 2014, ID #368583

Wait, what? Garlic only makes ~400 in 8 hours a mere ~50 an hour! Go with beans.

Added 14th Jan 2014, ID #343879

How do you get lp plz will someone help me ive hot zero lp and i desprately need some

Added 22nd Dec 2013, ID #332373

can somebody tell me how and where to plant an eggplant? and can somebody tell me where to read an teenstar magazine and how? i can't get that goals finished. :(

Added 9th Dec 2013, ID #327307

For anyone still reading with the above problem, teen star magazing in a magazine stack for 600 in the living room section and eggplant in the garden in the oudoors section for 200

Added 26th Apr 2015, ID #548424

Guys if you get the plant you DO NOT get what it told you you would get ok?
That's why they have a big profit because you have a one in two chance of getting the rewards.

Added 25th Nov 2013, ID #321971

Ok idk what happened but when I planted spinach and then waited a whole day . When it finnaly finish I negotiated with the plant and it disappeared and I got no simoleons I was supposed to get 8,000 so please help please tell me I waited a whole day for nothing

Added 6th Oct 2013, ID #312977

If your plant turns into a sim-eating plant, after negiotating with it, the plant will disappear. You don't get any Simoleons at all.

Added 16th Sep 2015, ID #608920

One time I got spinach and I got 2,400 XP and 1,980 simoleons...then the second time it didn't work lol I have four people who have children; Maria and Justin Quinby: Preteen is Sophie; two toddlers, Braedyn and Breanna. Second Shay and Jeremy Mitchelle: Preteen is Bella; Toddler is Bailea. Third Leah and Dylan Anderson: Infants, Mason and Amelia. Four Franchesca and Harry Styles: Preteens, Isabella and Nicholas; Toddlers, Antonina and Celeste; Infant is Claire.

Took a lot of Life Style points lol. I am on lvl 33! Simoloens: about 74,000. LP: 42. It took a lot of time and patients. Many people don't like this game because of it takes too much time and basically forces you to pay money. I really like the sims so I bought a lot of Itunes and yeah.

Added 29th Mar 2013, ID #268360

i have found the onions to work well for me-keeps them busy overnight and is better money than the 8 or 9 hour plants i think.

Added 6th Jan 2013, ID #238587


Added 12th Oct 2012, ID #195120

Thank you for this update but I do not need it anymore I have 3m simoleons and 21K of lifestyle points and my level is lvl 65

Added 10th Sep 2012, ID #184944

Me got big ? On my headXp

Added 9th Sep 2012, ID #184579

I got the update now I can't use any of the cheats for free unlimited money and lifestyle points.
If u have any tips on that plz post!

Added 29th Jun 2012, ID #158266

Yes I need lp point cheat for The new update I want the lp houses all of the lp houses

Added 5th Jun 2012, ID #149302

Very good thanks However strawberries do give you good xp

Added 2nd Jun 2012, ID #147877

nice! but what should i plant when i'm playing the for 1 hour

Added 10th May 2012, ID #140881

You saved me hours of time thanks

Added 3rd May 2012, ID #139093

I like love you now you made me 30 thousand simoleons and now i can get a mansion yay!!!!!! Thanx

Added 28th Apr 2012, ID #137526

This helped me a lot! Your hard work payed off thank you~

Added 10th Apr 2012, ID #131737

Thanks! All though you didn't compare price of seeds to money made...

Added 31st Mar 2012, ID #128018

Please do math for most profitable gardening in terms of xp points...thanks

Added 30th Mar 2012, ID #127611

Thanks for all your math work!

Added 4th Mar 2012, ID #120357


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