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Sims FreePlay Hub

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Sims Freeplay Cheat iPhone iPod iPad summer update cheat for The Sims FreePlay

Sims Freeplay Cheat iPhone iPod iPad summer update

This cheat will give you 10000 Simoleons every time you do it
1.go to settings then go to date and time and change the date on all things down two besides the year do change hour minute month and day down two or more
2. Go back onto the game and you should have an extra 10000 Simoleons
I did this cheat so many times that I eventually got 100000 Simoleons I am the only one who figured out this cheat hope it helps!

Added by: ~Bellz~
Feb 23rd 2013, ID#1984


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Aug 19th 2014 Guest
Nothing happens
ID #438065
Jul 29th 2013 Dessi_Mae
On the new update all of these cheats do not work and also can make your party boat or possibly sims all jacked up. If you go to the childrens store (NOT THE HOME STORE) the Karate practice thingy is FREE!!! Get as many as you please and then go home and sell it. $900 for each one. You dont have to log out of facebook and ive gotten over $1 million dollars TODAY. Sure, its does take up some time. But it does NOT mess anything up.
ID #301225
Mar 26th 2013 Guest
Cheat does not work on the new update (6.1.3)
ID #267326
Mar 20th 2013 Guest
Did not work. I tried and tried but it still didn't work.
ID #265633
Mar 16th 2013 ColTeacher
Cannot get the cheat to work on my iPad Mini!
ID #264268
Mar 16th 2013 Guest
Ok so it worked for me but after the new update it doesn't work anymore uuuugggghh! HELP!
ID #264128
Mar 16th 2013 Guest
I tried this and every time I try to go back onto the sims it says it cannot connect!? Help!!
ID #264126
Mar 15th 2013 chloey194
this cheat doesnt work after the new update
ID #264000
Mar 15th 2013 Guest
It will NOT change your boat or buildings IF you do NOT change the year. Set it ahead by NINE months and then set the days back by TWO days. Example: Today is March 15th 2013 I set mine to December 13th 2013.....
Go into your Sims Free Play Game
Have all your sims grow beans AT THE SAME HOME
Get out of the game
Double tap the home button (round button on bottom of iPad)
Press and hold the Sims
Press the minus sign (This will NOT delete the game)
Go to settings
Set the date like the example above
Go back into your Sims game
All the beans will be ready to pick
Pick your beans
Exit the game
Double click the home button
Minus out the Sims game again
Reset your date back to today's date
Go back into your Sims game
Make them grow beans again
Also all your Sims will be maxed out and glowing ;)
ID #263853
Mar 12th 2013 Guest
Worked for me too! But trying to figure out how to fix my party boat now. My party boat it 6624 hours before the next reward! Oops!! There has to be a way to fix this too.
ID #263157
Mar 12th 2013 Tasha808in702
I tried both and neither worked, darn. 😞
ID #263124
Mar 12th 2013 Guest
Way I got it to work (iPad)

-Open sims normally
-Press home and go to settings
-Change month to December, change day to two days prior to current (ex if today is the 12, change to the 10)
-Double tap home and close sims
-Go back and open sims normally

I got $15k doing this. Hope it helps!
ID #262971
Mar 6th 2013 MelissaPlayingSims
It took me a while to figure out How to get the money because it seems people's instructions left out some details, so I'm going to try to see if I can give you good instructions on how to get the free money . Please follow these instructions exactly as I posted them or it won't work.


1-go to the game as you would normally
2- pick one persons house and add as many gardens as sims players you have in your game
3- bring all your sim people over to that house
4-have them all start gardening on whatever plant gives you the most money - for me it was the beans so far. Just make sure you start them all gardening at the same house at the same time. (Do NOT have them gardening at seperate houses or only one house will produce money for you.)
5- while all your sims are gardening at one persons house, close the game and go into your settings. Click the "wifi" button and turn your wifi OFF.
6- now go back to the settings and click on the general- access your date setting. Change the month to OCTOBER, keep year at 2013. (You do NOT want to change your date or year to anything else because this will mess with your iPhone/iPad settings in other applications)
7-now to back to the "wifi" setting and turn your wifi back ON
8-now completely turn your device OFF and back ON again. Must POWER OFF and ON (do NOT just move it to power save mode or this will not work).
8-now that your device is back ON, go back into your sims game. Your sims people should be done gardening and you can turn that into money.
9-go into town to your businesses and collect the money from them as well
10-You can do this again and again, BUT you need to go back to your settings and undo your date change first and then redo following my instructions again.
Here are brief instructions how to do that:
Once you have collected your money, close out of the sims game and go back to your settings. 2-turn your wifi off, 3-click on "automatically set date/time" icon 4- turn your wifi back on 5- log back into game
5-start over again, follow the instructions from step 1 again if you want more money.

*note- if you follow the instructions exactly as is - this will work for you. If it didnt work, you aren't following them precisely.. Sometimes your sims health will suffer but it rarely happens for me so watch their health, and sometimes they have accidents -they pee- just click on the urine and tell them to clean it up. For some reason, sometimes the businesses don't produce money when doing this trick. They give me money about 90% of the time. The more sims you have gardening, the more money you get, so I started by trying to add as many sims as I could. This WILL affect your party boat rewards. This Does seem to slow down construction of new buildings and having babies or adding new sims.

By doing this trick, anything going on in the one house you choose, will move time forward and it will all get done. So sometimes I also use this trick to have them do things that take a long time like bake a birthday cake, hibernate, having pretend study, etc. when I don't want to wait that whole time.

ID #261277
Mar 5th 2013 Guest
Does anyone know how to make what you are building finish?? I dd the cheat and now my building is counting backwards. Minus 1, minus 2, etc. I have to use lp's to get it to build. Please help!!
ID #261018
Mar 5th 2013 Guest
Didn't work :(((((
ID #260933
Mar 4th 2013 Guest
It worked but my party boat changed to 6,567 hours and my building I was building wouldn't build!
ID #260846
Mar 4th 2013 Guest
It worked for me a few times but it messed with my party boat now my party boat has 7000+ hours before it will give out rewards.
ID #260842
Mar 4th 2013 Guest
Yeah what do I do this on? I have sims freeplay on iPad and I am lost how to get free money.
ID #260807
Mar 4th 2013 Guest
what date do you change it to
ID #260689
Mar 4th 2013 Guest
Well it didn't work for and it for ipad2 idk I try ..
ID #260611
Mar 3rd 2013 Guest
im terrified to try this since everyone is saying it wont let them work or collect the boat extras anymore!
ID #260554
Mar 3rd 2013 Guest
ID #260454
Mar 3rd 2013 Guest
Didn't work this stinks:(
ID #260434
Mar 3rd 2013 Guest
It's not working. It made my party boat hours to 1432 hours and my sims I can't send them to work. Please help!!!!!!!!
ID #260396
Mar 3rd 2013 Guest
Only one worked for me well happy
ID #260382
Mar 3rd 2013 Guest
How do u get to settings ?
ID #260344
Mar 3rd 2013 Guest
This cheat is absolutely cool you can recieve 100,000

1go to sims freeplay normaly
2.go to setting,go to general then press the date and time
3.turn off the set automatically ,then make it december
4press the home button double times,then hold the sims freeolay you will see the minus sign tap it.
5.go to sims freeplay then

VIOLAAAAA!!!! You will recieve 100,000
ID #260313
Mar 3rd 2013 Guest
try this : go to setting, change the date to 26 december 2013. your sims will inspired fast.for ipad
ID #260306
Mar 2nd 2013 Guest
this is so annoying its not working
ID #260252
Mar 2nd 2013 Guest
Hello, i tried everything you guys said, but it didn't work ... i didn't even get 1$ :''''( I'm sad and i need this money, please help !
thx ...
ID #260087
Mar 2nd 2013 Guest
I can't figure it out.. I'm 10 so please help :(
ID #260010
Mar 2nd 2013 Guest
I'm stuck in one problem for days. I thinkim in tutorial mode. It kept saying add a sim but I already created one. And now I can't move, see my sim or do anything. Please help. I'm new
ID #260001
Feb 28th 2013 Guest
Didn't wor. All it did is made my sims very low health!
ID #259642
Feb 28th 2013 megzil totally worked. I only got like 6,500 the first try but whatever! woo hoo!
ID #259622
Feb 28th 2013 Guest
What !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It deleted my [color=red][/color] APP so sad
ID #259567
Feb 28th 2013 ZelayaY
I can do it!! Please give the instruction more accurate, please... a do many this and I do'ta have nothing
ID #259470
Feb 28th 2013 ZelayaY
I can do it!! Please give the instruction more accurate, please... a do many this and I do'ta have nothing
ID #259469
Feb 27th 2013 Guest
ID #259362
Feb 27th 2013 Guest
Nope, sadly none of these cheats is working for me
ID #259288
Feb 27th 2013 Guest
How u close down the app completely ?
ID #259256
Feb 27th 2013 Guest
Yaaaay this really works Smile heres an easier guide for what to do (ipod/ipad/iphone):
1) go to settings and then date and time, change the date to 2 days before today but leave the year. Then change the day to 2 days before today and then change the hour to 2 hours ago and the same for the minutes.
2)go to sims and $1000 should appear as it does for me and all sims should be inspired
3) do it again ;)
ID #259204
Feb 25th 2013 Guest
What do you mean on part 2 I don't get it
ID #258619
Feb 25th 2013 Guest
It Didn't work -.-
ID #258609
Feb 25th 2013 Guest
Worked for me [iphone 4s] but only gave me 5000... You go into the date/time settings on your phone.
ID #258510
Feb 25th 2013 Guest
No can u help me
ID #258493
Feb 24th 2013 Guest
Worked like a charm try resetting your device after u change the date and time after the first time that's what I had to do
ID #258440
Feb 24th 2013 Guest
Every time I try to reopen the app it says I can't connect to server. Then I change it back to normal time and date and connects fine.... Idk
ID #258408
Feb 24th 2013 Guest
Where do you go? Like what settings
ID #258366
Feb 24th 2013 Guest
it only works like once then for some reason it doesn't connect. I have done it in the past but all of a sudden it doesn't work. If you go to 2012 it works though.
ID #258364
Feb 24th 2013 Guest
It worked once :/
ID #258310
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