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Easy XP hint for The Sims FreePlay


Easy XP

Shake device to make a sim that is at their own house barf. Then have them clean it up to earn 6 XP in as many seconds. If the sim cleaning up the puddle is at someone else's house, they will only earn 5 XP.

Added by: Guest Jul 17th 2012, ID#1133 and get
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Baking Banana bread gives you 3,000+ XP

Added 30th Apr 2015, ID #549862

I'm on level 11 99 percent somone said make them puke and clean it up I did it it didn't work any hintsπŸ’©

Added 19th Mar 2015, ID #530633

Not funny
Added 26th Feb 2015, ID #521432

I am on level 9 and I want to be on level 12 because I want my baby to be a toddler

Added 11th Feb 2015, ID #514694

It's funny when my sims throw up I like how they act like they or getting dizzy over and out byeeee!!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

Added 10th Feb 2015, ID #514199

I'm level 13 but i want to be 14 because i m really bored I have the its all going swimmaly quest but I need to wait a day all my sims are chatting to one another but the process of XP is so slow so guys please help and I have a baby and a toddler on sims can I do anything with them?

Added 10th Jan 2015, ID #498945

If you go to the park and have your sim grill for 30 minutes you will get over 600 Xp points. If you have enough money you can buy a grill in the outdoor section and grill for over 700 Xi points. If you have two sims grill at the park you can get over 1000 Xp in 30 minutes

Added 4th Jan 2015, ID #496016

It really isn't that much XP to me...but it was still good info... I LIKE LLAMAS!!!😐😐😐

Added 2nd Jan 2015, ID #494401

Shake your device until your sims throw up. Then have them clean it up though, it will make you need to take a shower/bath. That will get you more XP though!

Added 30th Dec 2014, ID #492518

Thanx for all your help people

Added 26th Dec 2014, ID #490355

When you go to bed make all your sims sleep every night because then you will get loads of xp. I do this all the time and I am level 33

Also make all your sims eat and you will get 108 xp each

Added 17th Dec 2014, ID #485951

Get two sims in a relationship and then get the guy, or who where get more Xp from it kiss the hand or be funny to the other sim.... for me the dude gets seven Xp in three seconds or also a kiss on the cheek for five xp in two seconds

Added 8th Dec 2014, ID #482394

Thx that helped

Added 1st Dec 2014, ID #479216

Heyyy, i got a tip to collect XP very fast! Sims freeplay (phone) has a "Social Club" . Let one of your sims be the DJ and let 9 other people dance on the dancefloor. You get only 20 XP for it but bc its a Social Club, you get 200 ,300 XP extra for it! Just do it a couple times and you got a lot of xp

Added 29th Nov 2014, ID #478240

Thank you for this! I'm level 8 and I need LP

Added 26th Oct 2014, ID #463431

Plz tell me a quick way to get exp

Added 27th Sep 2014, ID #452313

This will only work if you can add a sim and have an open house. Make a new sim and make them best friends with everybody in town. You should get a lot of xp for that. Then make that sim move out of town by clicking on them and pressing the button on the top right corner. Keep on doing this over and over until your at the level you want to be at. Hope this helped

Added 2nd Sep 2014, ID #443835

If u have a baby cuddle it. If u do it twice (1 min) it will put 1% higher and the scale!

Added 1st Sep 2014, ID #443248

Keep making your sims be romantic untill they are in a relathinship then click on one of them and then click propose

Added 23rd Aug 2014, ID #439735

Im on level 23 , and I find the best way is to make them keep being nice to each other. If you make them more then strangers you get more XP. Make them acquaintances and get 150 xp, friends 200, good friends 250, best friends 300. I think this is right but it may not be, all I know is that it is close.

Added 10th Aug 2014, ID #434155

Thanks for all the awesome advice guys!
Ur all awesome :3
Seriously xox but I'll try the easy barf one thanks xox

Added 7th Aug 2014, ID #432408

Buy a bunch of the towels to put around the pool. You can get 130 Xp in 4-5 minutes, and do it over and over. When you have 10 sims doing it, it adds up!!

Added 2nd Aug 2014, ID #429751

How do you get Xp faster ?

Added 20th Jul 2014, ID #421864

Plant the most expensive plant, then do the time cheat.

Added 18th Jul 2014, ID #420844

I'm gonna try the barfing one cause that sounds easier

Added 6th Jul 2014, ID #413375

Just plant the most expensive plant u have. And make all ur sims plant it then go double tap the home button and delete the sims. ( it won't really delete the game) the tap the sims free play and exit out of it and go to the settings and turn the airplane mode on and go to general and go to date and time and then turn off the airplane mode and quickly double tap the home button and go to sims free play. Ur plants should be ready. U can do this with anything. 😊😊😊

Added 27th Jun 2014, ID #407312

You just make two sims friends and high five a bunch. This works well because is a fake ONE second, and gives you 7 xp. I'm gonna try the barfing one...

Added 26th Jun 2014, ID #407070

Nice Advice

Added 2nd Jun 2014, ID #392696

Grow beans or onions that's a good way

Added 12th May 2014, ID #383643

β€’cuddle with your baby
β€’"be nice" to other sims
β€’kick over the trash can/clean it up
β€’shake your screen so your sim throws up/clean it up

Added 26th Apr 2014, ID #379166

I think the best way is to do fishathons!
They do take 1 day but they get u over 1000 I think XP!
I do this lots and my XP is going up rapidly!
I'm using this 4 level 8. Or just bake banana bread coz that gives u tons 2!

Added 22nd Apr 2014, ID #377583

I need to get to level 8 but I need tons of xp and I was wondering what is the quickest way to get Xp?

Added 25th Feb 2014, ID #358875

The quickest way to get xp that I know is but magazines (make sure u have lots of lp) make any sim read a science magazine (pre teens and teenagers give u the most) and u will either get 700 or something but if u have a pre teen or teen u should get 1500 or something close to that it takes 9 hours so if u have loads of lp then every time a teenager or pre teen finishes reading your xp will go up 1% so u should probably get lots of xp if u only have a few lp so that's the quickest way I know how to get xp on simsfreeplayβ„’ hope it helped. :-) :-)

Added 16th Feb 2014, ID #355599

Well Makemall the sims sleep at night the you get a lot xp

Added 9th Feb 2014, ID #353409

Make two sims who are best friends chest bump it takes one second and gives you seven xp it's really easy make sure everyone else is doing something so you don't have to keep switching to the best friend sims

Added 21st Jan 2014, ID #346414

Er well like someone else said banana bread.... Doughnuts, any plant or food with the chance it might be a failure..... Like some times with tomatoes you get a sim eating plant or just tomatoes, banana bread can burn and so can doughnuts, but they give you the most I know of

Added 20th Jan 2014, ID #346197

cuddle with your baby it gives you like 40 xp.

Added 7th Jan 2014, ID #340958

This a cool way to get xp go to your stove and bake donuts it s. awesome it takes 8 hours to get 1100. Xp

Added 23rd Nov 2013, ID #321383

Kick over the trash can it helps

Added 14th Nov 2013, ID #319470

Also click on house money a couple of times and see what happens it is awesome u get like 3x more coins

Added 1st Nov 2013, ID #317290

the hobby's are the fastest way to get lp. You have to hunt gosts, make clothing, go fishing, go swimming en iceskating. Fishing and clothes making takes the longest before you are level 5. Then after level 5 you have completed al the items you needed to find every time you find the 12 items you earn 3lp. I get about 50 lp in 2 days with all my sims doing the hobby's an our or 2 a day...

Added 4th Oct 2013, ID #312511

Just bake banana breads for 3600xp!

Added 28th Sep 2013, ID #311546

If you have the updated version, you can buy a febreeze toilet(free) and it take 0 seconds to spray the bathroom with febreeze. You only get 9xp but if you do it over and over it adds up! I hope this helps!!!
Don't be a stranger <3
PS- I also have a tip for $: when a house gets money... Click on it a lot of times (3-5max) and you get it that many times. I have a house that gives me $20 and if I click on it 3 times I get $60. You have to tap really fast or else it doesnt work!! ))
Good Luck

Added 22nd Sep 2013, ID #310785

If you have a baby go and cuddle his/her you get 22 xp.

Added 17th Sep 2013, ID #309990

I need to get to level 15 for the update and I'm
At level 11 so please tell me how to get xp fast

Added 8th Sep 2013, ID #308802

The best I found so far... I to keep doing romantic option until you to the married stage... You can do it over and over again.. Take 6 secs per action.. And you get 495 each time..

This will only work is the person was or moved in before you got married to the Sim

And if every Sim in the house is busy doing something like gardeningfor hours...bthen you would be able to make it work by repeadidly even 6 secs... And then you will easily leveling up each time and get lp for leveling up too...

Have fun gguys and girls

Added 12th Aug 2013, ID #304243

Hibernate. U get like 1000 XP on a three star bed

Added 2nd Aug 2013, ID #302111

A way to get near 5000 xp per minute without cheats or hacks is to get your sims to live with each other before marriage, (cation this will prevent you from having a kid) then you can click the "propose marriage" button as many times you want. I dont know if this is a glitch but it works for me in my phone.

Added 23rd Jul 2013, ID #299777

If u have a sim with a hobby than make them so their hobby and u earn money and xp by doing that. For example if u have the park then go fishing there.

Added 7th Jul 2013, ID #295668

Before you go to bed make your sims watch a movie marathon. This gives you lots of xp's[color=red][/color]

Added 1st Jul 2013, ID #294239


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