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kkiefer asks: Added Apr 21st 2012, ID #260360

Question for Minecraft: Pocket Edition

How do you breed animals? I have had 3 sheep and 3 pigs in a pen with some water and grass and they have not reproduced. Please help.


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Guest answered: Added 22nd Apr 2012, ID #500590
Ffed them wheat by holding wheat and right clicking them. NOTE! PE version doesnt do this yet only paid CPU version.
Guest answered: Added 22nd Sep 2012, ID #540501
You can't breed them yet, I tried but instead of "love mode" it went on to hitting them. Even with wheat you can't do it.
Guest answered: Added 11th Nov 2012, ID #550356
In the computer version right click and harts go up . You can not do it in pocket edition
Guest answered: Added 14th Dec 2012, ID #556900
Leave then alone and they will reproduce it work for me I started with one sheep and one pig the next day I had 2 sheep and 2 pigs they don't need a partner

Guest answered: Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #560282
You can't breed in pe
The guest is talking PC version
Guest answered: Added 21st Jan 2013, ID #566028
In pc version yes you can do it get some wheat and the animals then right click on them hearts will go up and they will "kiss" for a moment and then a babe will be born
On iPad iPhone new iPad iPhone 4 or any other kind of device that's portable such as an iPod they cannot go onto minecraft and breed animal so I'm so sorry for you guys but we can't breed all you minecraft lovers that have PC version but are on a long car trip or even away from home or on an airplane and you can't have your computer out but just your iPhone or anything else but we can't breed I'm so sorry

drac45232 answered: Added 28th Jan 2013, ID #567511
On January 30, 0.6.0 will come out, and you can breed animals then, by letting them do it themselves.
Guest answered: Added 30th Jan 2013, ID #567688
They updated minecraft pe today, but it still not possible. Even though they said that you would be able to. But get the update! They got armor and signs!
Guest answered: Added 30th Jan 2013, ID #567788
You haft to grow wheat at the spot that the animals are and put torches on the ground
Guest answered: Added 31st Jan 2013, ID #568041
You feed your animals wheat[
Guest answered: Added 3rd Feb 2013, ID #568708
You cannot breed on minecraft pe. On PC version you "feed" them wheat (right clicking on animal with wheat) will put them into love mode, and if you "feed" an animal of the same species wheat it will make the animals join together and POOF a baby will appear. (say you had put a cow into love mode you need to put another cow into love mode.)However this does not work on pocket edition and if you try it you will just punch the animal with wheat. However in the pe 0.6.0 update baby animals spawn randomly in survival mode.
Guest answered: Added 6th Mar 2013, ID #575222
I like mooshrooms they should have them in pe but they don't there is no breeding in pe either :(
Trust me I've been playing for a long time.
Anyone know any good seeds
Guest answered: Added 9th Mar 2013, ID #575789
You can get mushrooms they just appear on dirt blocks in the shade

Guest answered: Added 7th Apr 2013, ID #581632
U can not breed animals yet. The update for breeding animals should be coming out soon though
Guest answered: Added 26th Apr 2013, ID #584636
It is not possible to breed in pe but babies spawn randomly at the START not any other time
Guest answered: Added 15th May 2013, ID #587766
You put them in a large wooden house large large large
House you give them wheat leave them for a full day in real life and will mate.


Guest answered: Added 30th May 2013, ID #590142
Mabye putting them close together , somehow it works for me
Guest answered: Added 1st Dec 2013, ID #609313
You can not breed in Minecraft Pocket Edition. When I tried feeding them wheat, I ended up hitting them.
Guest answered: Added 11th Dec 2013, ID #610259
Answer: you don't -.-

Guest answered: Added 14th Dec 2013, ID #610574
Hold carrots and click and hold on one pig and do the same with another pig

Guest answered: Added 14th Dec 2013, ID #610625
You use seeds on chickens, you hold it on 2 chickens (hearts should pop out) and they will produce a baby. Only works on 0.8.0

Guest answered: Added 14th Dec 2013, ID #610643
You hold down on the animal with the respective item cow/sheep=wheat pig=carrot chicken=seeds
Guest answered: Added 16th Dec 2013, ID #610874
This can't happen you can't breed them well at least in 0.8.0 witch is the one I have now you can either spawn new ones or go out and do d other animals. There is only one thing you can spawn that's with chickens get the eggs that they have dropped then spawn them. I must tell you it does not always work.
Guest answered: Added 19th Dec 2013, ID #611122
You can breed animals in minecraft pocket edition. You tap and hold a cow or a sheep with wheat and hearts appear. Wheat seeds with chickens and carrots with pigs.

Guest answered: Added 20th Dec 2013, ID #611264
There is a new version right now which you CAN breed animals in. Just tap and hold a cow or sheep with wheat and it should work, wheat seeds for chicken and carrots for pigs, I haven't tried it myself yet but the new version allows you to breed. Hope I helped ^-^

Guest answered: Added 1st Jan 2014, ID #612744
On iPad you can after 0.8.1 version update just hold wheat on cows,sheep,and pigs until there are floating hearts and do it on two animals.On chickens do the same but do it with seeds.

Guest answered: Added 3rd Jan 2014, ID #612981
You get some weat for sheep and carrots for pigs and hold the food down on them
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