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720 koolkid24 25th Oct 2007 100% Read Review
725 deadlysnips 2nd Nov 2007 100% Read Review
846 qwertyuio 19th Apr 2008 100% Read Review
950 imaloony8.0 18th Sep 2008 86% Read Review
1012 tegan41 23rd Dec 2008 88% Read Review
1157 Aeon-Flux 11th Aug 2009 96% Read Review
1218 hatershateme 22nd Feb 2010 92% Read Review
1241 Forgoten_Scars 5th May 2010 88% Read Review
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Halo 3 Added 16 Apr 2014, ID #9683
Well The Story is Very Good But Lacks All gamers Getting The Recon Armour Cause I Have Not Got It I Play Online 2 Times per Month But The Over All Story Is Kick A#& Awsome But If AnyBody Knows How To Get Recon Please Tell me. and get
The Best Multiplayer First Person Shooter Added 20 Dec 2007, ID #1904
As the title says, this game is the best multiplayer first person shooter out on Xbox 360.
Halo 3 provides amazing next generation graphics with an array of weapons to eliminate all your opponents with.
Not only is the multiplayer superior to most other games the third installment in the epic series offers a thrilling conclusion to the Halo story.
The campaign may have been abit short but I believe that was sacraficed in order to allow for a fanatastic multiplayer experience.
As you can probably tell I am a Halo fanatic and my opinion is biased but I do recommend giving the much talked about game of the year a go.
Happy shooting
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