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Story Mode Tips
Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM

Story Mode Tips

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Story Mode Tips

The main story mode of Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM progresses along a series of nodes, which, once entered, present you with a variety of Duels and Treasure to engage in. Below are some of the trickier Duel Nodes and tips for getting past them.

Starting Out:

A good strategy is to buy lots of cheap cards when you are just starting out. You want high Power Monsters but cheap Spells to supplement them with.

Good Spells to begin with are Sword of Dark Destruction, Kunai With Chain and Fissure. The first two need Card Pieces to purchase these, but you begin the game with some and so should have plenty to spare.

TIP: Try to focus on collectin Boost All and Cripple All cards to turn the tide in your early Duels.

TIP: Keep an eye out for the 'Special Spells' pack in the Shop, listed under Deals. It gives you 3 Spell Cards, one of which is Mirror Force, and for only 20 Duel Points. This is a great way to get the fantastic Mirror Force card. I would recommend spending your first Duel Points that you get with the game on this pack.

Chapter 13:

This is the first major challenge that you will face. You will come up against 'Shared Fate' enemies.

Shared Fate cards that you can use to combat this are Mech Mole Zombie, The 13th Grave and Wood Remains. As the name suggests, this effect means that your cards will share the same fate as your opponent's. Use the effect in the same way as Fissure, focusing on pure destruction of the enemy.

Use Requiem Monsters instead of all your Spells, except for Fissure and Mirror Force where available. This will drain your opponent when your Monsters are defeated.

Chapter 15:

This chapter hosts a lethal 'Boost' Dragon deck. To combat this, you will want Monsters with strong Life Points and plenty of anti-spell effects.

Concentrate on using Fissure and Mirror Force to destroy the Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz head that is in the field. You can sacrifice your Shared Fate Monster cards at this stage to defeat the enemy.

You also want to build up your Monsters' Power so that they can survive the White Hole attacks. Try purchasing Suijin and Sectarian of Secrets for strong Monsters that will do well in this fight.

TIP: If using Mirror Force, make sure you do not have any Monster Cards placed, as they will be destroyed if your opponent has any Shared Fate or Requiem cards.

Immune Decks:

If you come up against decks that rely heavily on Immune effects, concentrate on having high Life Points. Try to use Suijin as a Monster Card and Backfire on the enemy in this case.

Chapter 23:

You will come up against Yugi's Dragon Deck here. Use Shared Fate, Sneak and Requiem as Spell Cards to deal with the Dragons. Monsters with the Spellcaster trait will help on the others.

Chapter 24:

There are two tough Duels here. The first you may face is against Marik's Darkest Deck. You will face Cripple, Requiem and Shared Fate cards, which can be a brutal combination. Use Call of Darkness and Mirror Force if possible. You should also have White Hole by now, which will have the best effect when you have the full contingent of three Monsters in play.

TIP: If you are stuck on these harder battles, use Get Help to seek assistance from friends. Remember too that you can use Power-Ups to turn the tables in these tough duels.

The second duel is against the Dark Fiend Deck. Use Exile of the Wicked spells in combination with Mirror Force in the left channel, and your Shared Fate/Requiem monsters to combat the rest.

TIP: Don't forget, you can now craft new cards to give you an edge in the duels!

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