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Follow the dark path or use the light


Epilogue: Ultor Corporation

Saint's Row 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Saint's Row 2 Guide

Epilogue: Ultor Corporation

Complete the Sons of Samedi, Brotherhood, and Ronin mission lines to unlock the Ultor Corp. string. After you've done everything, a new marker will appear in Mission Beach. Travel to the marker and watch the cutscene. It's time to take back the city!

Mission 1: Picking a Fight

The club is now swarming with Ultor Masako squad members, and each one is armed with a shotgun or assault rifle. You're going to have to take it slow here to survive. The club has two exits, and your first task is to fight your way to one of them. Both exits are denoted by cyan shapes on the GPS. The front door at the north end of the club seems suitable for the escape, although you'll run into a troop of Masako squad members outside of either exit. Sprint away from the enemies and quickly find a vehicle.

You're next task is to rescue Shaundi and Pierce from the Ultor assassins that have been sent to kill them. They're at different locations, but there's no need to rush until you actually reach one of them. Head for the cyan marker closest to your current location first, which is Pierce. When you near Pierce's location, a Masako unit will appear on the GPS, and a health bar will appear in the top-left corner of the screen. You must kill all 10 assassins before Pierce's health bar is depleted to rescue him.

After killing all 10 assassins, get in one of the parked Ultor APCs with Pierce and start towards Shaundi's location. The police will put forth some considerable resistance along the way, although you should be able to barrel through everything with the APC. There will be plenty of SWAT truck barricades as well; try to swerve around if you can, but you should be able to just nudge your way through.

APCs are quite slow, however, so take a police cruiser instead if you would rather try speeding your way there.

Do yourself a favour and stop by the 'Forgive and Forget' drive-through just south of Shaundi's location. For a modest fee you can completely lower your Police Notoriety level, making this next objective much easier. Get a fresh car if yours is trashed and then continue to the marker on the GPS.

Your next task is to disable the van that is transporting Shaundi. To disable the van you must empty damage it enough to empty its health bar, which is visible in the top-left corner of the screen. Though the police may have backed off, the Ultor guys won't, but try your best to just ignore them and concentrate on disabling the van. When the bar is empty, back off to avoid destroying the van completely.

Mission 2: Pyramid Scheme

Make your way to the Saint's Row District. Your goal here is to raise your Ultor notoriety to four stars. Ultor Corp. essentially acts as the police force in the Saint's Row District, so all you have to do is cause enough mayhem to warrant a four-star notoriety level. An RPG Launcher can make things happen here real fast, so you may want to stop by a Friendly Fire outlet and purchase an RPG Launcher and some ammo before getting started.

Once you're all suited up, find a suitable location to make your stand and then begin firing at civilians and vehicles. When you gain one-star of Ultor notoriety, they start sending cars after you. Use your RPG Launcher if you have one to destroy these cars as they come. You'll be notorious enough in no time.

As soon as you have attained four-stars, steal a vacant Ultor cruiser and start towards the Forgive and Forget drive-through at the west end of the district. Try to swerve around any blockades that have been placed in your path and speed through the drive-through to wipe your notoriety level. Now it's time to hit Ultor while they're distracted.

Follow the markers that appear on the GPS to locate a secret entrance in the sewers. When you've reached the entrance to the sewers, continue following the marker on the GPS and eventually you will meet Johnny Gat. There is a sparse population of Ultor security guards in the tunnels, and they are only armed with Pepper Spray or a Taser, which are more of an annoyance then anything. Just keep an eye out for red blips on the GPS and there shouldn't be any trouble.

The keycard for the lab doors is in another part of the tunnel system, so follow the marker on your GPS to locate it. Once you have the keycard, your next objective is to plant bombs in the three labs marked on the GPS. The Ultor security guards should now have shotguns, so you're going to have to be a bit more careful.

Follow the cyan markers on the GPS and plant a bomb at each location. After the bombs have been planted, you only have a minute or so to make it out of the facility. Sprint out of the lab and start towards the marker on the GPS. There may be a parked quad around, so hop on if there is one and continue towards the marker. Eventually you'll come to a vacant APC, so hop in with Gat and speed down the tunnel. Make it to the end of the tunnel before time runs out to complete the mission.

The Ultor APC is added to your crib garage after the mission is complete, and the Pimp Cane shotgun is added to your weapon cache.

Mission 3: Salting the Earth...Again

Follow the marked trail on your GPS to the docked watercraft at the east end of the Saint's Row District. Once you have the craft, speed towards the yacht at sea. When you reach the yacht, get onboard and start after the five Ultor executives marked on the GPS. Though the executives themselves are not armed, there are many security guards onboard, so clear them out before turning to the cowering targets.

After eliminating the initial five executives, a sixth takes off in a speedboat. Follow the marker on your GPS down to the lower deck to get a boat of your own. The fleeing executive is traveling at a fairly slow speed uncharacteristic of someone running for their life, so taking him down shouldn't be a problem.

To unlock the final mission, you first must capture the Ultor stronghold in the High End Retail District. See the 'Gang Strongholds' section for more information.

Mission 4: ... And a Better Life

Purchase an SMG and plenty of ammo before attempting this mission.

After the cutscene, get in the Ultor cruiser and start after the Vogel limo. Your first task is to disable the limo by damaging it, depleting the bar in the top-left corner of the screen. Ultor forces can make this quite difficult, since they'll constantly ram into your car in an attempt to knock you off course. If you can manage to get right next to or behind the limo and activate cruise control, you may be able to just have the other Ultor vehicles pushing your car against the back or side of the limo, rather than knocking you away from it.

Remain close to the limo at all times; if you fall out of the red circle that is visible on the GPS, you'll have to get back to it within 20 seconds to prevent Vogel from escaping. Once the limo reaches the Ultor tower, get to the helicopter marked on the GPS and immediately start ascending.

Start by shooting the enemy helicopter out of the sky. The Ultor helicopters are outfitted with mini-guns (RT/R2) and homing missiles (LT/L2), so lock-on to the enemy helicopter by focusing the reticule on it and hit it with a missile when the box turns red to bring it down. A new attack helicopter will be sent periodically, so when the message announcing the arrival of one appears on-screen, ascend a bit higher and hit the helicopter with another homing missile when it arrives.

Next you need to destroy the four power stations on the building. The first is on the north side of the tower, at about midway down. Use the elevation arrows on the GPS to determine if you are on level with the station.

The second station is on the east side of the tower, again at about midway down.

The third station is on the tower's southwest face.

The final station is on the north side of the tower, below the upper row of see-through windows

With the final power station destroyed, ascend to the very top of the tower to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, kill off the Masako squad members surrounding your target. Vogel is armed with nothing but a pistol, so he should be easy enough to take down. Deplete Vogel's health bar to complete the mission and win back the city!

The reward for completing this mission is $500,000 gold. You'll also unlock the Attack Helicopter, which is then available at your crib helipads.