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Prototype 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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The following trophies are acquired automatically through the story. Refer to the main walkthrough if you need help with the story missions. Most of the videos in this section were taken after the trophy is unlocked. However, please do use them for reference.

Platinum Trophy (Platinum)
Unlock all Trophies.
It's an Epidemic (Bronze)

I Want Some More (Bronze)
Religious Experience (Bronze)
Meet Father Guerra.
This is a Knife (Bronze)
Acquire a Prototype Power.
Project Closed (Bronze)
Complete a //BLACKNET operation.
The Mad Scientist (Silver)
Something to Live For (Silver)
What a Bitch (Silver)
Murder your Maker? (Gold)
Complete the game.

Follow Your Nose (Silver)
Find all BlackBoxes.
Refer to this guide's Blackboxes section

Up to No Good (Silver)
Defeat all Field Ops teams.
Refer to this guide's Field Ops section

Strike, You're Out. (Bronze)
Destroy a Strike Team in 15 seconds or less.
This is easier done in the Yellow Zone where the Strike Team is comprised only of one helicopter. You can hijack an APC or better yet another helicopter then wreck havoc to trigger a full Alert and call in a Strike Team. Or, if you have the LV2 finisher upgrade purchased, pounce on a helicopter and destroy instantly. 


Compulsive Eater (Bronze)
5 consumes in 10 seconds or less.
Easier done in a location where there are several civilians, soldiers or infected. Grab and consume five targets as fast as you can.

Do the Evolution (Bronze)
Acquire 5 Mutations.
Mutations are awarded by finding Blackbox sets, destroying Field Ops, Lairs and completing \\Blacknet missions. 

Just a Flesh Wound (Bronze)
Dismember a Brawler.
Equip the Claw once you have it. Critically injure a Brawler so you can dismember it before finishing it. 

Just a Flesh Wound

All Together Now (Bronze)
10 or more kills with a single Black Hole attack.
Equip your Tendrils and find a densely populated area, press and hold square to perform a black hole attack. This is easier in the streets of Red Zone or inside lairs since there are a lot of enemies inside.

Meat party

Back Atcha! (Bronze)
Deflect 5 missiles at enemies using Shield Block.
Once you have the Shield, cause an Alert to have enemy forces attack you. Once you see a blue targeting line, stand still and wait for the prompt to block appears. With the right timing, you can deflect the incoming missile. Do this five times to get the achievement.

Right back at ya!

Two for the Price of One (Bronze)
Simultaneously kill 2 Brawlers using a single Devastator.
Easier done with an upgraded Devastator and within Lairs (or in the streets of Red Zone). Wait for the two Brawlers to converge in your position (make sure to have high HP as you can still take damage while charging) then use your Devastator

Two brawlers, one Heller

Lair to Rest (Bronze)
Destroy a single Lair.
The first lair can be found in the Yellow Zone but you won't be able to destroy it immediately until you reach the Green Zone. To destroy a lair, complete all objectives inside and it will be destroyed automatically.

Hijack Be Nimble (Bronze)
Stealth hijack 5 tanks or APCs.
You'll acquire this ability automatically after a story mission in the Green Zone. Take note that you won't be able to enter vehicles prior to that. Consume a military, scientist or blackwatch personnel and sneak inside a base to hijack the vehicles. Do this five times for the trophy.

Taking in for a ride

Road Rage (Silver)
Destroy 10 Blackwatch tanks, APCs or helicopters using a single hijacked tank or APC.
You need to use the same vehicle or helicopter to destroy 10 enemy vehicle/ helicopters. The Blackwatch forces in the Red Zone employ heavy tanks which will prove effective in this task. Gunships are also a good choice in attempting this. Remember that all kills must be done by the same vehicle/chopper. The counter will get reset if its destroyed.
Who Watches the Watchers? (Silver)
Consume 10 //BLACKNET targets.
The targets with the Blacknet memory icons and the ones you manually hunt after checking a \\Blacknet terminal counts towards this trophy.

Hard to Please (Silver)
Acquire a Mutation in each of the 5 categories.
Mutations are awarded by finding Blackbox sets, destroying Field Ops, Lairs and completing \\Blacknet missions.

The Floor is Lava (Bronze)
Travel a half mile using only Wall Run, Glide, Jump and Air Dash.
This is easily done by running, gliding, dashing and jumping between buildings. You must keep doing this without stopping until you get this trophy.

Who needs the ground?

Cannonball! (Bronze)
20 or more kills with a single Hammerfist dive attack.
Once you have the hammerfist ability, find a densely populated area, jump then press and hold square to perform a dive attack. Best done inside a lair or in the streets of Red Zone.
You're the Bomb (Bronze)
10 or more kills using a single Bio-Bomb.
This is easier done with an upgraded Bio-bomb. Like before,  find a densely populated area, grab a target and plant a bio-bomb, then throw it in the middle of the crowd. Best done inside a lair or in the streets of Red Zone.

Organic bombing done right

Sic 'em! (Bronze)
Destroy 5 helicopters using Pack Leader.
Easier done with a fully upgraded Mass (increases your Mass gauge and gives you four brawlers) Press and hold L2 to target a helicopter and press R3 to order your pack to attack them.

Sic em!

Over-Equipped (Bronze)
Weaponize 10 vehicles.
Mount a vehicle or helicopter then press square to remove the target's weapons. Do this 10 times to get the trophy.

The Best Offense (Bronze)
Counter enemy attacks 20 times using Shield.
You can usually counter aggressive melee enemies such as Orion supersoldiers and Brawlers. Wait for them to attack then time your block to perform a counter. You'll also get 50% time to block through a mutation upgrade.  Do this 20 times on separate occasions to get this trophy.

Best defense, is the best offense

Arcade Action (Bronze)
Karate kick a helicopter.
Equip only your fist and find a helicopter. Just jump as high as you can,  then press and hold the square button to kick the helicopter. You can do this on a flying one or on a parked one.


I Caught a Big One! (Bronze)
Mount a helicopter using Whipfist.
After getting the whipfist, get near a helicopter, press and hold L2 to target it, then press circle to “grab” it

I caught a big one

Anger Management (Silver)
Destroy 5 vehicles using a Finisher.Once you have acquired the finisher upgrade, find tanks or APCs then mount them. Press triangle to perform a finisher.

Sorry for breaking your toys

So Above It All (Silver)
Spend at least 25 consecutive seconds in the air (helicopters don't count).
This can be done in the Red Zone. Fully upgrading Heller's movement and locomotion powers / mutations is necessary. Find the tallest building in the red zone and get to the top. Once there, jump as high as you can then keep tapping R2 to avoid falling too quickly. Once you see that you're starting to fall very fast, perform an Air Dash to break the fall and start another glide sequence. You have to stay airborne using this method for 25 seconds to get this trophy.

I believe I can fly... a bit

Vitamin B-rains (Bronze)
Acquire 10 upgrades through Consumes.
Look for the optional upgrade icons which will appear randomly while you explore the world. You must kill and consume these targets to get the upgrades and to count towards this trophy.  If you kill the target accidentally or if the military finishes it off, it will still appear randomly but not in the same location.

Eating Your Way to the Top (Silver)
Acquire 30 upgrades through Consumes.
See Vitamin B-Rains.

Finally Full (Gold)
Acquire all 46 upgrades through Consumes.
See Vitamin B-Rains.

Icarus (Bronze)
Reach the highest point in the world.
The tallest building in the game is located in the Midtown district of the Red Zone. Climb up its peak to get this trophy. You can also attempt to “So Above It All” trophy. See the video below for the details.


Spindler's Search (Silver)
Destroy all Lairs.
Refer to this guide's Field Ops / Lairs section.
//BLACKNET Hacker (Silver)
Complete all //BLACKNET dossiers.
Refer to this guide's //Blacknet section for the complete walkthrough of Blacknet operations.

One by One (Bronze)

Stealth Consume 50 Blackwatch troopers.
When disguised and when inside a base, release a hunting pulse to find red and white targets. The white targets can be stealth consumed. There's a lot of Blackwatch troopers in the Red Zone. Do this 50 times to get the trophy.

Like in a thriller B-movie

Wanted Man (Bronze)
Trigger 50 alerts.
Wreck havoc in military checkpoints and bases to trigger an alert. Break their line of sight then switch to your other disguise to lose your alert status and repeat again.
All Growed Up (Silver)
Fully upgrade Heller.
You'll evolve after earning enough EP. Sadly, you can't fully upgrade Heller during your first play through. Continue to New Game and complete missions again to earn EP. 

Master Prototype (Silver)

Complete the game on HARD difficulty.
This must be attempted in New Game so you can have your upgrades and current EP carried over, as well as making things a lot easier.

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