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Blacknet Missions
Prototype 2

Blacknet Missions

Prototype 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Blacknet Missions

You'll unlock these optional missions after completing the first Blacknet mission (Operation: Orion) as part of the story. To start, you always need to assume a military, blackwatch or scientist form to use the blacknet terminal marked in the map.

Operation: Black Tulip

Available: After completing Operation Orion
Reward: Predator Mutation

Hunt and consume Cpl Jeffrey Fasolo. He is located at the blackwatch checkpoint to the northeast. There's no need to stealth consume him; just attack him and consume him the violent way. After viewing his memory, the blacknet operation will be updated.

Infected Salvage 1-D
Head to the Capture Site and sabotage the infected specimen. There's also a Blacknet memory you can consume from a nearby soldier that will unlock the second part of the mission. Unlock the container to release the brawler, then chase after it to defeat it. After defeating it, make your run and escape the alert.
The first part of the mission will be completed.

Destroying the infected salvage


Infected Salvage 1-E
You may want to access the terminal again to proceed with the second part of the mission. Head to the Lair next and enter it. There's also a soldier with consumable DNA outside so make sure to get it before entering.

Once inside, there's another consumable DNA from a personnel there. Find the brawler container and release it once ready. Weaken the brawler by using the grenade launcher and causing an explosion damage to it  to complete the bonus objective. Consume it once critically injured then exit the lair.

Once outside, escape the alert to complete this mission and get your reward.

Operation: Manticore
Available: After completing Project Long Shadow
Reward: Locomotion Mutation

Examine the terminal to learn about David Castleman. There's also a soldier with a blacknet memory nearby. Consume him to unlock the second part of the operation. (Suppression 1-F)

Gentek Support 2-C

This part of the mission will be available after consuming Dr. Castleman. Once you get the mission update, you'll have to find the scientists and consume them. You can also try stealth consuming at least two scientists without raising an alarm. Some of them also carry bonus DNA which is worth more EP. Like before, send a pulse to determine who's safe to stealth consume and who's not.

Stealth consuming without the alert


After completing the bonus objective, find the other scientists and consume them. Escape the alert to complete this portion of the mission.

Suppression 1-F

Head back to the terminal and examine to start this second part of the mission. Head to the Spawning Hive J-10 to scout the operation. Take out the guards outside and enter the lair then kill all the scientists and troopers inside. Exit once done.

Heavy patrols will arrive. Switch to your tendrils and use your heavy attacks to take the tanks and APCs out with ease. Force the commander out of the marked APC and consume him. Escape the alert to complete the mission and get your reward.

Operation: Clean Sweep
Available: After completing Salvation
Reward: Defensive Mutation

Hunt Cpl Stanley Carter. He's walking alone so you shouldn't have problems consuming him.

Cargo Delivery 12-B
Head to the crashed chopper on the rooftop of the marked building. You need to collect the scattered cargo before time runs out. If you have acquired locomotion mutations and bought some movement upgrades from your evolution points, this task should be a lot easier. Mission completes after getting the last package.



Operation: Keyhole
Available: After completing Enemies and Allies
Reward: Predator Mutation

Cargo Delivery 15-G

Hunt Marcella Walsh to view his memory. Next, head to the mission marker to start the next part of this mission. This is the same as the same cargo delivery mission where you need to collect the scattered cargo before the time runs out. Again, having your locomotion and movement upgraded will prove beneficial to this mission.

Mutant parkour


Stronghold 7-H
The soldier who has the blacknet memory is located near the base where you rode the APC for the first time. You can consume him immediately after completing the first Green Zone mission, Enemies and Allies.

Next, head to Base India Two One and consume a base commander. Do the same drill; assume its identity and infiltrate the base.

For the bonus objective, you need to hijack a tank then use it to destroy another tank. There are two high DNA targets here; consume them first then hijack a tank and wreck havoc inside. Kill all the remaining targets and exit the base.

Operation: Jack-Of-All-Trades
Available: After completing The White Light
Reward: Power Specialist Mutation

Suppression 5-E

Hunt Lt. Barry Pollock to get his memory. Next, destroy the marked helicopters and finally, consume the commander once he gets thrown out. Escape the alert to complete the mission.

Cargo Delivery 18-A
Find Dane Fontenot and consume him to get his memory. Access the terminal to start the mission. Head to the mission marker to intercept the chopper. Like before, you need to collect the intel before time runs out. Before you're able to collect the last intel, an Evolved thief will get the last intel and make a run for it. Chase him down until you get the prompt to defeat him. Kill the bastard and retrieve the intel to complete this part of the operation.

Evolved Thief


Stronghold 7-1
Hunt and consume Edward Carolino. Next, head to Base Juliet Seven Three. The base is under attack so just head to the door and use the hand scanner to get inside. You need to kill the escaped brawlers next. After that, the doctor will just run away. Capture and consume him, then clear the room. Exit the base and escape the alert if there's any to complete this section of the mission.

Operation: Red Glacier
Available: After completing The White Light
Reward: Offensive Mutation

Infected Salvage 4-B

Hunt Ben Langham and consume him. Head to the marked base and infiltrate it to release the brawlers in captivity. Chase down the brawlers and defeat them to complete this objective.

Suppression 6-D

Hunt and consume Sgt. Lance Bertham. Next, head to the location of APCs carrying Biomass Scanners. You need to destroy one of the marked vehicles with a Devastator to complete the bonus objective. Consume enemies until you get your Mass gauge full, then damage an APC until its health is low then unleash a devastator at close range to destroy it.

Quit staring


Next, destroy the helicopters to flush out the engineer. Consume the engineer then escape the alert to complete this objective.

Operation: Vivid Future

Available: After completing Taking the Castle
Reward: Defensive Mutation

Cargo Delivery 16-D

Hunt and consume Dennis Wayne. This particular target is an evolved so expect a fight before you can consume him. Head to the mission marker to start the next part of the mission. You need to collect the parcels but this time, it will be a lot harder since there will be enemies hunting you at the same thing. Your movement and locomotion upgrades will play a great role here, as well as your timing.

Running through hell and back


Gentek Support 12-C

Hunt and consume Dr. Soren Donnell. After getting the mission update, head to the location of the first two scientists and consume them. Head to the third scientist and attempt to consume him to discover that he's an Evolved. Destroy him and the other two evolved within 90 seconds to complete the bonus objective.


Operation: Spotted Cat
Available: After completing Burned from Memory
Reward: Offensive Mutation

Gentek Support 14-A
Hunt and consume Dr. Rajiv Kureshi. You need to stealth consume a blackwatch trooper without entering alert. Once done, join the patrol.

Keep walking until you encounter some brawlers and some flying infected birds. Kill them all. The rocket launchers are very effective against brawlers while the machine guns are deadly against the birds. Keep following the patrol. You'll encounter another infected wave. For the bonus objective, you have to kill 5 infected without taking damage.

Welcoming party


Once you've reached the scientists, you can consume them. There's also another soldier carrying a blacknet memory so you can consume him as well. Exit the alert after consuming the scientists to complete this objective.

Stronghold 9-B
Consume Sgt. Raoul Whitehead. Next, head to the Whitelight Facility. When you're near it, you'll have to destroy the marked turrets by throwing cars at them. Once done, enter the facility.

Once inside, stealth kill one of the high-DNA targets there then throw all the barrels to the incinerator. Some of the personnel here are evolved as well so you may want to summon your brawler pack to help you out a bit. Exit the facility after destroying all whitelight barrels. Escape the Alert to complete this objective.

Suppression 12-F
Hunt and consume Lt. Sanjay McElroy. Next, head to Base India Six Niner to find Rottweiler. Kill all the enemies in the base until their reinforcements arrive.

For your bonus objective, you have to summon your brawler pack and order them to attack the marked vehicles. Keep doing this until you find Rottweiler. Consume him to complete this objective.

Flushing the dog out


Operation: Long Horizon
Available: After completing Last Resort
Reward: Power Specialist Mutation

Cargo Delivery 24-K

Find and consume Lindsay Benhurst. After that, you have to find and destroy the marked helicopters while retrieving the cargo they'll drop after getting destroyed within the time limit. After destroying the two helicopters, you need to destroy the third and defeat the Evolved that hijacked it. The objective is completed after killing the Evolved.

Please, I want you to try


Stronghold 9-D

Hunt and consume Dr. Lawrence Foster. You'll find him on a rooftop surrounded by three brawlers. If you attempt to consume him, he will turn out to be another Evolved. Defeat him and the three brawlers (a Devastator in the middle of them should do the trick) then consume him to update this objective.  Go to Base Hotel Two Seven next.

Once there, the base will be swarming with infected. Just waltz right in. For the bonus objective, you have to reach the Commander without raising an alert. There's also a soldier with a Blacknet memory you can consume nearby. (Sgt. Vernon Mcnabb)

There are also high DNA targets here so time your stealth consumes to maximize your EP gain. You can stealth kill some of the doctors and soldiers to lessen the attention or just plant a bio-bomb to an unlucky soul to divert their attention. Consume the key target once ready. The bonus objective will be completed once you open the next door using the scanner.

Next, you can now go loud and grab the commander. He's an Evolved so you have to defeat him first to update the mission. Exit the base afterward.

Once outside, you'll have a new bonus objective. You have to kill 8 troopers who saw you. Just stay put for now and kill them all to get this objective. Lose your Alert status to complete the mission.

Operation: Stun Circuit
Available: After completing Last Resort
Reward: Predator Mutation

Cargo Delivery 25-D
Hunt and consume Lt. Garrison Pugh. Like before, you have to collect all the packages while evading heavy enemy fire. You should be upgraded at this point so you can just ignore the small arms fire. Raising your shield will slow you down so try evading incoming enemy missiles using your air dash. After collecting the last package, escape the alert to complete this objective.

Running through Hell and back... again


Suppression 13-C
You need to find and consume Sgt. Vernon Mcnabb. After getting the mission update, find the three marked tanks and destroy them to smoke out Commander Collins. Attempt to consume him to reveal his identity as an Evolved then chase him down. Next, destroy the helicopter he hijacked so you can fight him.

For the bonus objective, you have to defeat Collins using Claws and Hammerfist. Change your power assignment then fight him as you normally do against the Evolved. Defeat him to complete the objective.

Who's the obsolete one now, b*tch?


Operation: Clockwork
Available: After completing Last Resort
Reward: Offensive Mutation

Gentek Support 15-G

Find and consume Dr. Alexander Murray. Hijack the helicopter to kidnap and consume the Gentek VIPs. Clear out the infected flyers above the first scientist, then pick him up. Find the second scientist and defeat all enemies before picking him up. The third scientist is the same though to complete the bonus objective, you have to defeat the two hydras without taking any damage.

This is a bit tricky since there are flyers as well. Just move away from the heat of the battle and take the flyers out first. The hydras do move underground and will lob debris or cars at you. Keep an eye to your defend button (triangle) Once you see it, press it immediately. Take note that if the two hydras throw heavy debris at you, your defense system might not be that quick enough to react. When that happens, evade like crazy.

After rescuing all scientists, fly back to the base and attempt to land. Once you get the prompt, fly to the maximum altitude then bail out be holding the circle button. This objective will be complete afterward.

I should get a medal for this


Infected Salvage 8-D

Find and consume Cpl Kevin Duke. Head to the containment site next. You have to defeat the Goliath again to complete this objective.

...this, I gotta see.


Infected Salvage 8-A
Find and consume Elwood Pine. Head to the base and find the commander. Consume him to get access inside. Once inside, find the console and release the brawlers to kill them. For your bonus objective, you have to consume five of them.  Claws will work very well against brawlers while the charged attack from hammerfists will work wonders against the pesky juggernauts. Exit the facility once done.

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Comments for Blacknet Missions

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ID #415395 | Jul 9th 2014 Guest
barry pollock was a hard one for me and others i think. if youve given up, i found him near the bridges near maybe (811/1277) close to that. find the street with yellow posters on the bridge face next to the end of the park. there are some big bright yellow awnings near it. i could not find barry until i started an alert. i dont think helicopters came for me. i was able to echo find him when he ran just inside the park. he fires a rocket launcher at me. i get the feeling if you dont start trouble he will never show. gg.