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Operation Orion's Belt
Prototype 2

Operation Orion's Belt

Prototype 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Operation Orion's Belt

Stronghold 4D

Mutation Reward: Offensive

Father Guerra will instruct you to use //Blacknet Terminals. One is nearby and marked in your map so you shouldn't have problems locating it. To use it, you need to assume a military, blackwatch or scientist form. Find one nearby and consume him. Use the terminal afterward.

After getting the information about Dr. Samuel Billingsley, go to higher ground and start sending out hunting pulses to find his location. Once you located him, consume him to start a \\Blacknet mission.

Head to the Gentek Facility marked in your map then assume a military form to use the scanner and safely enter the facility. Once done, enter the facility and find the commander. It is also marked as a blue key so just locate him and consume him silently. Just don't take too long since he will get suspicious and raise and alarm. Head to the yellow door next and use the scanner to access the facility.

Head to the next room and you'll find the next commander there. You need to stealth consume him but since he is being watched by another soldier behind him, you need to take the soldier out first before you can safely consume the commander.

Now head upstairs and access the next room to find Dr. Genovese. There are two soldiers watching over him so stealth consume them to complete the bonus objective. Use the terminal next then exit the facility to complete this mission.

From hereon, \\Blacknet Missions are now available. It is worth doing these as they will award you with very helpful mutations and extra EP. Check the guide's \\Blacknet section of this guide for complete walkthroughs for these optional operations.

There's also an optional Claw Upgrade available nearby, as well as a new Blacknet Operation. (Black Tulip) To get the upgrade, you'll have to sneak inside the base, release the brawler inside the container, bring its HP down to critical then consume it. Exit the base afterward.

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