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Dragon City


Dragon City Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Dragons are hatched from the Hatchery. Makes sense. Click the 'Buy Egg' button to purchase an encapsulated baby dragon. Eggs take a long time to hatch, but you are able to speed up the process using Gems. Once the egg has hatched, you need to choose where to place the dragon. This will be in one of the habitats that you should have constructed to make it feel at home.

The Hatchery can be upgraded three times:

Upgrade 1 (can now hold 2 Dragon eggs): 15 Gems
Upgrade 2 (can now hold 3 Dragon eggs): 30 Gems
Upgrade 3 (can now hold 4 Dragon eggs): 60 Gems

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Comments for Hatching

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ID #631854 | Dec 8th 2015 Guest
kayak mana
ID #630253 | Dec 1st 2015 Guest
all egg dragon city
ID #627430 | Nov 22nd 2015 Guest
all egg dragon city
ID #626413 | Nov 19th 2015 Guest
All egg dargon city
ID #624539 | Nov 12th 2015 Guest
how 2
ID #612287 | Sep 28th 2015 Guest
Well i just got a 90 cent deal 150 gems and a dragon and i buyed a breeding tree 100 gems and upgrade hatchery that costed 50 so hwat
ID #609240 | Sep 18th 2015 Guest
cit dragon city level 99
ID #609085 | Sep 17th 2015 Guest
my hatchery will complete its hatching after 3 hours and my next couple will complete its breeding after 2 hours so will their egg will be stored or vanished??
ID #672933 | Aug 6th 2016 Guest
It will stay at the breeding area
ID #599518 | Aug 18th 2015 Guest
your the best dragon city
ID #597266 | Aug 12th 2015 Guest
Idk what to do, I keep texting "support" but nothing. My hatchery is requiring 100 Gems for the first upgrade! What do I do???
ID #618073 | Oct 19th 2015 Guest
I have the same issue !!!
ID #610022 | Sep 20th 2015 Guest
for me also the same problem
ID #610331 | Sep 21st 2015 Guest
Same problem here...

I got one of those "exclusive offers" (150 gems + a dragon for about one euro), maybe this is strangely connected to this problem? (The more gems you have = the more everything costs)???

Thought about texting support too...
Kinda destroys the fun of this game!

Friend got first update for 15 gems tho, second for 30, third for 60 etc. as it is supposed to be.
ID #593546 | Aug 4th 2015 Guest
y aaa
ID #588174 | Jul 23rd 2015 Guest
Help me get legendery dragons.
ID #583896 | Jul 13th 2015 Guest
I have 6 friends and enough gold, but it won't let me buy lava island?
ID #559992 | May 23rd 2015 Guest
i lost my hatchery
ID #559238 | May 21st 2015 Guest
I'm trying to find dragons that bread fast and the eggs hatch fast