Guide to Combat

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Guide to Combat

Combat is an important part of Dragon City if you want to earn enough Gold and Gems to keep things moving in your city. The combat works based on a series of strengths and weaknesses that each Dragon possesses. Learn this, and you unlock the key to doing well in battle.

Having built the Stadium, you are then able to take part in combat tournaments. These involve you picking 2 or 3 dragons on your team, to fight against an opponent with the same number. You take it in turns to have an attack. As you will see below, it is important to pick a balanced set of dragons so that you have some that are strong against a variety of opposition. You can fight in one tournament every 12 hours and can also battle other players by selecting the Globe icon and choosing Combat World. You can play in Combat World three times every 6 hours, so much more regularly than the tournaments.

The basics:

Essentially, each dragon just attacks until one runs out of health. There is no way to reduce the speed at which your dragon gets damaged, by increasing defense, for example. Each type of Dragon varies in terms of its maximum health and its resistance to certain types of damage, but once the dragon has been born, you have no control over this.

If you come up against a dragon and your current one is weak against it, you can swap it out for another in your team, at the cost of a turn. It depends on just how weak the dragon is as to whether this is worth it or not.

Level your dragons up to get access to new, stronger attacks!


When attacking, you have a chance of dealing a certain multiplier on the standard attack amount. For example, a Critical hit, given by a dragon that is strong against another which is weak, will earn 2x damage. You can see the other similar effects that it is possible to get below:

Normal Damage:

Critical Damage:

Weak Damage:


As stated above, the type of dragon you are using and the type you are up against effects which of these you receive.

Picking the Right Dragon


Making sure you are sensible in your choice of dragon before going into battle will help avoid any silly losses. Each dragon has strengths and weaknesses, and you can see these in the table below:

Earth Dragons:
Strong Against: None
Weak Against: Ice, Water and Metal
Resistant To: Electric and Fire
Resisted By: Metal and Water

Water Dragons:
Strong Against: Earth, Fire and Electric
Weak Against: Fire and Dark
Resistant To: Earth, Water and Plant
Resisted By: Ice

Fire Dragons:
Strong Against: Ice, Water and Plant
Weak Against: Water and Electric
Resistant To: Ice, Metal, Plant and Fire
Resisted By: Metal, Earth and Fire

Metal Dragons:
Strong Against: Ice and Earth
Weak Against: Electric
Resistant To: Fire, Earth and Metal
Resisted By: Electric and Fire

Ice Dragons:
Strong Against: Earth
Weak Against: Fire and Metal
Resistant To: Water
Resisted By: Fire

Plant Dragons:
Strong Against: Water
Weak Against: Earth and Ice
Resistant To: Dark
Resisted By: Fire

Electric Dragons:
Strong Against: Fire and Metal
Weak Against: Water
Resistant To: Electric and Metal
Resisted By: Earth

You can find out the element for your dragon by looking at its stats screen. The element you want to pay attention to is the one that is shown first on the stats screen. This should allow you to pick your dragon sensibly.

Legendary Dragons


Legendary Dragons do not have weaknesses. They are resistant to any normal attacks (shown with a fist in game) and do not have weaknesses to any element attacks.


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Added 18th Mar 2015, ID #530197

How do you battle in achiements where it say battle on fire battle 20 players and also we are family hatch 5 dragons of the same element in a row I have 3/5but I don't know how I did the 3 can anyone help

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I can't win combats anymore, gas the game change as to make it more difficult to win?

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how do you fight your friends on dragon city on facebook with going to the thing were u have to use combats.

Added 28th Jan 2015, ID #508449

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Added 25th Jan 2015, ID #507359

how to get gems 984

Added 13th Dec 2014, ID #484246

how to get gems

Added 13th Dec 2014, ID #484245

gummy+cool fire=mirror or wind

Added 9th Dec 2014, ID #482486

I'm on lol 34 I keep using my dark fllame pure and pirate but my opponents are on Lviv 89 and 99 2 on 99 1 on 89

Added 29th Nov 2014, ID #477887

Where are the solutions to all these comment questions?

Added 11th Nov 2014, ID #470263

Earth dragons are strong against Nature dragons !!

Added 19th Oct 2014, ID #460260

dragon city on facebook>com o[size=12][/size] asu

Added 9th Oct 2014, ID #456313

I want to use a millenium dragon, a pure dark dragon, and a legendary dragon, but i don't have it

Added 16th Sep 2014, ID #448665

How do you upgrade dragons at a quicker speed

Added 15th Sep 2014, ID #448207

Which legend dragon I should level up for fighting? Which has the most life? Please answer if u know.

Added 15th Sep 2014, ID #448009

steampunk dragon sucks

Added 5th Sep 2014, ID #444630

I wnat to know if my team is good. I use: Apocalypse Dragon lvl.20, Supersonic dragon lvl.21
and blacksmith dragon lvl.20

Added 28th Aug 2014, ID #441790

Need some help can't seem to get into the combat thing. I have picked dragons but won't let me do anything now what am I doing wrobg

Added 26th Aug 2014, ID #441114

How can I get -1victory to make my dragons stronger

Added 19th Aug 2014, ID #438327

I'm stuck in my tournament/stadium,i am using two mirror dragon level 20 and 24 and pure dark dragon level 20. The opponent is ice&fire dragon level 36, pure ice dragon level 38, and dujur dragon level 37. I almost beat them,but my dragons level is too low for my level

Added 13th Aug 2014, ID #435749

Think it so easy to as change dragons...

Added 10th Aug 2014, ID #434403

I dont know how to unselect a dragon... I am on world 2 and my dragons kinda stink, it says to cclick on your dragons but that doesnt work! Please Help me!

Added 28th Jun 2014, ID #408402

I'm on level 28 and stuck fighting someone on level 41, my dragons level 15 his 20 +need help
Added 12th Jun 2014, ID #398341

Dragons get their fourth attack at level 15

Added 23rd May 2014, ID #387238

i'm now in League 81 with Octopus Dragon(20), Shogun Dragon(22), Blue Dragon(20). Doing not bad consider my dragon level is too low for current league. Next will train up my Aztec Emperor Dragon & Nightwind dragon to replace Octopus dragon & Blue dragon

Added 22nd Apr 2014, ID #377648

To much I want I want fight level up with Xp points and breed good dragons
always train and punch if attacks not work olefins weakest 1 bail of hay and done.

Stop wish wish and do something Think I can bear 99 all day with right attack

Added 17th Apr 2014, ID #375717

Some dude in league 28 is lvl 99 with 3 lvl 25 legendarys and I have been stuck fighting him for like 2 weeks, I need help!!! I use frankinstine (20) cloud (20) & whihte knight (19) all with 3-4 trained attacks. But they keep doing rainbow attacks that take me out with 2 hits per dragon

Added 5th Apr 2014, ID #371621

What level does a dragon learn its 4th move? HELP ME!!!!

Added 17th Mar 2014, ID #365302

I ran into this one prick who had infinity life in the combat world what are you suppose to do then

Added 6th Mar 2014, ID #361586

Crital for gold dragon is electric attacks critical hits sure

Added 1st Mar 2014, ID #359922

How do I get a nirobi dragon

Added 1st Feb 2014, ID #350565

What about dark dragons?

Added 11th Jan 2014, ID #342478

I am lvl I have 3 hybrid rare dragon..I want to breed hybrid rare to get legendary..but I cant buy legendary habitats bcoz my lvl still low..need to wait until lvl 38. =.=

Added 1st Dec 2013, ID #324176

What is a good dark dragon for combat?

Added 1st Dec 2013, ID #324003

i am in level 32 and i have to fight the opponent who is in level 57 with 3 pure dragons in level 30 i cant able to beat his one dragon with all my 3 dragons how to skip him reply me dudes

Added 26th Nov 2013, ID #322263

for me the wyvern dragon is the best . i use that an win many germs

Added 14th Nov 2013, ID #319378

Gummy dragon=Laser dragon+Dandelion dragon

Added 10th Nov 2013, ID #318729

Which dragon is used best to go up against a mirror dragon?

Added 21st Aug 2013, ID #306057

You can breed Armadillo dragon by breeding Apline+Miaedeavel dragon

Added 2nd Aug 2013, ID #302027

Armadillo - use a dragon with earth&something and breed it with metal

Added 9th Jul 2013, ID #296171

Does anyone know how to breed an armadillo dragon?

Dragoncity player54
Added 16th May 2013, ID #282988

but if you use normal attacks at legendary your damage is weak thats right or not answer?____________

Added 16th Mar 2013, ID #264077

what are a pure dragons atackks? iam still in lvl 19.

Added 18th Feb 2013, ID #255960

all i can say is that the best dragon u'll ever have is a level 30 and has 3 gold rank PURE DARK DRAGON... believe me,,, lucky for me, i have got that dragon when i was like level 15 through mini games and helped a alot especially in the dragon combat and gain me alot of gems...i'm playing DC for 2 months now and im already level 50...

Added 7th Feb 2013, ID #251257

cool fire+soccer=legendary

Added 6th Feb 2013, ID #250953

dark weak with earth and plant

Added 1st Feb 2013, ID #248468

I wish the opponet didnt always get the first hit

Added 20th Jan 2013, ID #244494

thanks man

Added 15th Jan 2013, ID #242854

I have tried to battle the dark dragons in the stadium many times I need help what are they weak against I need major help

Added 13th Jan 2013, ID #242239

legendary weak ness is legendary right!!
& let me say u u forgot to add armadillo dragon if u breed COOL FIRE + ARMADILLO DRAGON you might get wind dragon or legendary dragon

Added 11th Jan 2013, ID #241392

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