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Follow the dark path or use the light


Guide to Combat

Dragon City Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Guide to Combat

Combat is an important part of Dragon City if you want to earn enough Gold and Gems to keep things moving in your city. The combat works based on a series of strengths and weaknesses that each Dragon possesses. Learn this, and you unlock the key to doing well in battle.

Having built the Stadium, you are then able to take part in combat tournaments. These involve you picking 2 or 3 dragons on your team, to fight against an opponent with the same number. You take it in turns to have an attack. As you will see below, it is important to pick a balanced set of dragons so that you have some that are strong against a variety of opposition. You can fight in one tournament every 12 hours and can also battle other players by selecting the Globe icon and choosing Combat World. You can play in Combat World three times every 6 hours, so much more regularly than the tournaments.

The basics:

Essentially, each dragon just attacks until one runs out of health. There is no way to reduce the speed at which your dragon gets damaged, by increasing defense, for example. Each type of Dragon varies in terms of its maximum health and its resistance to certain types of damage, but once the dragon has been born, you have no control over this.

If you come up against a dragon and your current one is weak against it, you can swap it out for another in your team, at the cost of a turn. It depends on just how weak the dragon is as to whether this is worth it or not.

Level your dragons up to get access to new, stronger attacks!


When attacking, you have a chance of dealing a certain multiplier on the standard attack amount. For example, a Critical hit, given by a dragon that is strong against another which is weak, will earn 2x damage. You can see the other similar effects that it is possible to get below:

Normal Damage:

Critical Damage:

Weak Damage:


As stated above, the type of dragon you are using and the type you are up against effects which of these you receive.

Picking the Right Dragon


Making sure you are sensible in your choice of dragon before going into battle will help avoid any silly losses. Each dragon has strengths and weaknesses, and you can see these in the table below:

Earth Dragons:
Strong Against: None
Weak Against: Ice, Water and Metal
Resistant To: Electric and Fire
Resisted By: Metal and Water

Water Dragons:
Strong Against: Earth, Fire and Electric
Weak Against: Fire and Dark
Resistant To: Earth, Water and Plant
Resisted By: Ice

Fire Dragons:
Strong Against: Ice, Water and Plant
Weak Against: Water and Electric
Resistant To: Ice, Metal, Plant and Fire
Resisted By: Metal, Earth and Fire

Metal Dragons:
Strong Against: Ice and Earth
Weak Against: Electric
Resistant To: Fire, Earth and Metal
Resisted By: Electric and Fire

Ice Dragons:
Strong Against: Earth
Weak Against: Fire and Metal
Resistant To: Water
Resisted By: Fire

Plant Dragons:
Strong Against: Water
Weak Against: Earth and Ice
Resistant To: Dark
Resisted By: Fire

Electric Dragons:
Strong Against: Fire and Metal
Weak Against: Water
Resistant To: Electric and Metal
Resisted By: Earth

You can find out the element for your dragon by looking at its stats screen. The element you want to pay attention to is the one that is shown first on the stats screen. This should allow you to pick your dragon sensibly.

Legendary Dragons


Legendary Dragons do not have weaknesses. They are resistant to any normal attacks (shown with a fist in game) and do not have weaknesses to any element attacks.