T.K.'s Life and Limb

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T.K.'s Life and Limb

Location: Arid Badlands

GIVER: T.K. Baha

LVL: 7

$: 2210

EXP: 4320

REWARD: Shotgun

T.K. has 2 mission for us so we'll do them in order of easy to hard. So the first mission we are going to do for T.K. is to get his leg back from a giant Skag in Skag Valley.

Head back to Skag Valley and “Scar” is in the upper left side. You'll see a metal bridge but it's raised at the moment so we have to go around.  Fight your way through Skag after Skag after Skag until we get to the big daddy “Scar”. Use your Clipper fire pistol to set him on fire and side dodge his attack while firing and reloading. Once he's down, loot the Leg and all the other stuff that falls and as always check the area for creates and boxes.

Then head back to T.K. for your reward.