Hidden Journal: The Arid Badlands

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Hidden Journal: The Arid Badlands

Location: Arid Badlands

GIVER: Fyrestone Bounty Board

LVL: 13

$: 5454

EXP: 2699


This a pretty fun mission that has you running all over the Badlands to get 5 Journals. They are pretty fun to listen to.

First, One is in Bone Head's area in the back left against a wall.

You have one just outside that area at the gate up the ramp and in the overlook.

One is where you were blinding Nine-Toes.

One is in the wind farm. This is probably the hardest one. You need to climb up the roof of the building where you went to the Mine Key. Jump on the railing and then the side roof and then finally on the actual roof. The journal is inside the broken air conditioner box.

Final one is between a bunch of barrels in the last area.


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problem....i found second one during another mission by coincidence, then i started this mission. i followed the indication and found the first one. but after that the indicator has bring me where the second one was even if i already picked it up before i started the mission. so i'm stucked with the indicator that tells me that it's there (but it's not as i already have it) and can not go to next one. (or better can not get the indicator to move to next one). any idea how can i solve the matter? or detailed indications where i can find the others? (if can't get the indicator to move from 2nd one location then i'll find them without it to see if can end the mission anyway. thks folks...francesco

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