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Scarecrow Battle
Batman: Arkham Asylum

Scarecrow Battle

Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Guide - Walkthrough

Scarecrow Battle

Yes I agree this is getting old – the first one was fun but these are really just the same recycled theme, but then again, it is the Scarecrow after all – he was not what I would call the most villainous of villains in the comics, so it is par for the course.

Okay, head straight and bridge the gap, then turn right and walk to the corner and use the Line Launcher to cross this bigger gap – and mind the swinging metal thing won't you?  On the other side you get a mini-CS – yes this is a Scarecrow Scanning Event – so try not to get spotted, right?

Timing is everything on this first stage – as soon as he starts swinging his eyes back to the right, run with A pressed down, jump the small gap and climb to the next level, where you will encounter some summoned skeletal warriors – I feel like I am playing Everquest II here :)

Once you have the skellies down, wait for him to begin sweeping right and RUN.  When you reach the compressor thing midway along the path after the turn, crouch down behind it and when he sweeps back to the left, finish your run to the next cover area.

Timing is everything here – when he sweeps to the right run and jump the gap and then crouch down and move along the front of the tableau scene here until you reach the far corner, then wait for him to sweep left and run along this towards him, turn right, jump that gap and take cover by the screens.

When he sweeps right run and climb up and take cover by the next screen and you are safe.  The next bit is more tricky – you need to use the moving metal thing as cover – so wait for it to be lined up right and run with it as it moves back to the right.  That was easier than it looked, right?

The next bit is a little tricky but you should not have much trouble – when he sweeps right run and climb, crouch behind the cover and wait for him to sweep back before running onto the lift here, which will then move down.  There is a zip point above for you to zip to – time it well though so you do not get seen.

So there is the Batlight – this is almost over!  Well, not so much really.  As you approach the light Scarecrow taunts you and the platform collapses.  You land below in a cage like area and more Skellies spawn – you defeat them, and a Skeelie Titan spawns.  That is okay, we know how to take them out, right?  Use a quick Batarang as it charges and it is toast.  Ah, but Scarecrow has some more mischief up his sleeve, and now Skellies AND a Skellie Titan spawn.

In my experience you are better off concentrating on the regular skeletal thugs first, take them all out, and then take out the Titan.  It works best that way. 

With that done, approach the light you can actually reach and you get a CS in which Scarecrow gets Batbeamed and then you get to hold him by the throat for a second before he runs off making big threats.  At this point you get a checkpoint save, and your next upgrade – I chose Armor Upgrade V3 since I am following a theme, and you can too!  Or the Twin Batarang, that would be good too.

The last thing we need to note for here is that you will have earned the Achievement: 'Resist the Fear' for (50 GP).  Wow, 50 GP, it hardly feels right...

Head up the hall and hit the door why don't you?

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