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Pump Room
Batman: Arkham Asylum

Pump Room

Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Guide - Walkthrough

Pump Room

As you enter the room, turn on Detective Mode and check the locations for the Thugs, then arm your Line Launcher and target directly ahead of you between the barrels across the gap.  When you land, pick up the Patient Interview tape – the final tape for Killer Croc!  Give that a quick listen, and then take another look around.

This fight should not be a problem for you if you know the combo system well!  Just Grapple three of the bad guys – making sure one of the three is the one armed with the SMG so you disarm him in the process – then drop down and kick some butt!  There is a Knife Thug here – save him for last – and just combo your way through them, dodging as needed and you will quickly win the day!

Now start hacking the control boxes here – and once you have them both disabled you have ruined Joker's plan to poison Gotham City!  You now get a new objective – stop Poison Ivy from destroying the Island!

As you head back through the Pressure Control Junction a box will drop with three Dancing Teeth – go ahead and kill them now – and head to the main area – where all of the doors are blocked!  Are you ready for a major boss fight??

A Titan is behind that door – and he busts his way in with one thing on his tiny steroid riddled mind – killing YOU!  To make this even harder, wave after wave of Thugs start appearing – and not a few mind you, but a LOT.  Your best strategy here is to concentrate on avoiding the thugs or taking them down when you can, and quick-Bataranging the Titan then doing the beat-down on him to stun him.  Once he is stunned, jump on his back and use him to beat on the thugs – and if you do this quickly and efficiently you will have very little trouble with the fight!

I picked up the Achievements: 'Freakshow Rodeo' (10 GP) and 'Freeflow Combo 20' (10 GP) here in rapid succession, in the normal process of doing this battle. 

You finish this with a move that would make Hulk Hogan proud, so pat yourself on the back, not bad at all.  Go into the door that the Titan broke out and look up – there is a weakened wall here, and when you pull it down and go up you will find the 12th message of the Spirit of Arkham.  Give that a listen and then look up the shaft for another weakened wall – rip that out and zip up and then look out – there is a structural weakness on the lift counterweight – so jump out and gel it, then jump back in to set off the gel, sending the lift plummeting down. 

Look up and you see yet another weakened wall – you know what to do – so zip up there and head down this corridor to the exit to Arkham West!

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Comments for Pump Room

3 comments, latest first.
ID #382004 | May 6th 2014 Guest
Titan gets to zero health and leans over like I'm supposed to get on his back again but RT+Y does nothing.
ID #120574 | Mar 4th 2012 Guest
Tried this 20 times already it's more than a bit irritating to get down to the last couple of baddies every time just to get knocked out yet again...
ID #644770 | Apr 3rd 2016 Guest
That happens to me all the time in Titan fights, but i never saw the Titan here