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S1 M5: Wounded Eagle
Assassin's Creed Revelations

S1 M5: Wounded Eagle

Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Sequence 01, Memory 05 -- The Wounded Eagle

To gain 100% synchronization on this memory you need to kill at least 5 of the Templar by attacking them from haystacks...  Really?  Yeah, I am afraid so... 

Deal with the three Templar here and then make your way along the path to the town, which you need to infiltrate.  Now any medicine you had is gone -- go ahead, check your inventory!  The whole point here is that you are wounded (hence the name of the memory) and so cannot risk direct confrontation with the Templar...  So work your way down and then use Eagle Vision when prompted but do not follow the ghost exactly...  You want to get to the hay pile undetected that is on the left side of the area past the wagon.  Once you are safely there you can start taking out any Templar that get close enough...

Mind the Templar that is patrolling on the other side of the wagon near the pile of hay, and sneak to it when his back is turned...  When he approaches the hay pile and you get the prompt, assassinate him, which will pull his body into the hay thus killing and hiding him at the same time.

The next part is a little tricky -- to do this you will need to not make any mistakes -- you need to stand where the two patrolling guards can see you until one starts to come towards you, then go back in the hay pile -- he will approach, and you assassinate him.  The trick here is that you want to lure them one at a time, and you want them to see you to the point that the triangle over their head is all yellow but NOT red.  All yellow means that they will follow to investigate because they are suspicious -- all red means your cover is blown and you are not going to be able to hide in the hay and assassinate them.  If you have any trouble, watch the video above!

Now just rinse and repeat for the second guard, then for the pair on the far side of the area; get all five and you have completed the requirements for 100% synchronization!  Good on ya mates!

Death by Hay Pile for Synchronization

Now we need to make our way through the town and use Eagle Vision to see where the Captain has gone.  You need to decide whether you are going to take out the Templar or slip past the ones you can -- but some of them will have medicine and other loot on them, so I opted to take them out...

Once you reach the portcullis you get a CS in which the Captain confronts you from a distance and you close the portcullis.  A trio of Templar come to do you in -- I recommenced you use counter-kills on them to make it less likely you will get killed since you are near death at the moment.  With all three dead loot their bodies to get some medicine, then heal yourself and proceed to the marker for the Captain on your radar -- you have to climb the tower while Templar Riflemen are taking pot-shots at you, but once you get to the roof you kill the Captain for a CS that should be very familiar to you if you played the previous games -- as you get to have a conversation with the man you have killed.

This pretty much ends Sequence 01!  If you managed to get 100% synchronization then good on ya mates!  You will also unlock the Achievement "Best Served Cold" (20 GS) for completing Sequence 01. 

You get a closing CS for the Sequence in which you get a little more information that we do not really understand at the moment, and then we can begin Sequence 02.

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