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There are 10 treasures to be found in the story. These treasures appear only as shining objects. Some are cleverly hidden while the others can be found sight. You can only use these artifacts after beating the game. You can activate several treasures at once and their abilities stack with each other. Collecting all treasures will unlock the trophy “No Drake. You can't have it”

Prisoner's Oath Stone

Chapter 2 – Sewers
After climbing out of the sewers, you'll have scale the wall and climb up to the upper ledge. You'll then have to pull a lever which will release a group of enemies you passed by on the way to the lever. Kill them all then enter the alcove where they came from to find this artifact.

Prisoner's Oath Stone

Circe's Vial

Chapter 5: The Village of Kirra

After defeating the juggernauts, proceed to the right again and jump over the movable pedestal to reach the balcony of the house. Inside the room, you'll find another Phoenix Feather and another artifact (Circe's Vial).

Second Treasure and Phoenix Feather

Oracle Seeker's Offering

Chapter 9: Ice Caverns

After the long, python riding sequence, you'll be back in the tower. Climb back up the tower again and go down the ramp to find a treasure. (Oracle Seeker's Offering)

Delphi Tower Treasure

Aletheia's Charm

Chapter 11: Delphi Catacombs

Once you've reached the main hall with two large statues holding an hourglass, make your way to the hanging platform in the middle. Grapple the two statue heads then jump on the hourglass once the platform swings near it. Jump to the next ledge and pick up the glowing object to your immediate right to get a new treasure. (Aletheia's Charm)

Delphi Catacombs Treasure

Boat Captain's Idol

Chapter 15: The Grotto

Follow the underwater cavern until you reach the part where it splits to the upper and lower paths. Take the lower path and follow it until you find a glowing object on the ocean floor. Pick it up to obtain a treasure. (Boat Captain's Idol)

Grotto Underwater Treasure

Orkos' Cloak

Chapter 16: Prison of the Damned
After the scene and breaking free from the Tisiphone's illusion, head to the right to find health and magic chests. Behind the rubble is another treasure. (Orkos' Cloak)

Prison of the Damned Treasure

Stonemason's Chisel

Chapter 21: The Forearm of Apollo

Operate the crank until you can't rotate it anymore then hold L2 and press triangle to leave a copy of yourself on the crank. Jump on the lowered platform then press L2 and Triangle again to deactivate the copy and let the lift to move up. Head to the right first to find a treasure (Stonemason's Chisel) and jump on the nearby ledge to find two red chests and a white chest.

Forearm of Apollo Treasure

Archimedes' Treatise

Chapter 23: The Furnace (Part 1)

After clearing the enemies at the start of the chapter, operate the gear nearby and quickly jump on that platform. Wait for it to return to its original position then follow the path until you reach what seems to be a workshop. Head to the left and examine the shining object on the table beside the red chest to get another treasure. (Archimedes' Treatise)

Furnace Treasure

Statue Worker's Idol

Chapter 25: The Furnace (Part 2)

Once you reach the top floor, kill the remaining enemies then collect the treasure in the upper left corner.

Furnace Treasure 2

Antikythera Mechanism

Chapter 28: The Trial of Archimedes

After completing the trials, destroying the illusionary barrier using the Eye and exiting through the portal, a scene will trigger. After the scene, wait for the floor to stop then head to the right of the enclosure to find the last treasure of the game. Open the door for a scene.

Trial of Archimedes Treasure



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