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Pokemon choice

When you first get your Pokemon (as in Bayleef, Quilava, or Crocknaw), you can have a choice. Most people already know this already though. At Phenac City, go to the left side of the city to get Bayleef, go to the right side to get Quilava, and go to the entrance to get Crocknaw. Choose wisely everybody!


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Added 22 Oct 2005, ID #4776, by cheatfreak58
Ask.com and get

Just to let you know...

You can catch Makuhita with all his lives and throw a poke ball.tada!!! You caught him EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 2 Oct 2005, ID #4688, by homer

Time Flute

The first one you get after defeating Dakim on Mt. Battle.
The second one you get after defeating Venus in the under.
The third you get after defeating the 100 trainer contest on Mt. Battle. (story mode)

Added 26 Aug 2005, ID #4481, by pimpdaddy1450

How to have infinite master balls!!

On your first pokemon's turn use the master ball, on the second one go to the ball section switch the master ball with any other ball, and your character will throw the master ball but when you look in your ball section you will still have your master ball!!

Added 30 Jul 2005, ID #4335, by blacksith67


When you start the game you have an Umbreon and Espeon, right. Well always train them and keep them in your party. If Umbreon has a dark move and Espeon has a psychic move you are pretty much invincable because there is no Pokemon that is resistant to both dark and psychic attacks.

Added 30 May 2005, ID #3991, by metroidmint

When Game Finished (All Pokemon Snagged And Beaten Realgam Tower

When the game is finished there isnt much u can do except training and trading so you might as well start a new game again but this time figure out cheats along the way...


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Added 18 Apr 2005, ID #3736, by Funkeydude

Talk Through Walls

In Pyrite Town, go into the jail to find the people that tried to kidnap your friend earlier in one of the cells. Go into the cell directly adjacent to there cell.

To do this pick up the Jail Key on the desk when you first enter the building.

You can talk to them from your cell, directly through the wall.


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Added 17 Apr 2005, ID #3728, by Colossom

HO-OH !!

To get HO-OH, catch and purify all the shadow pokemon.

Added 13 Mar 2005, ID #3502, by cheaterpants

To Get Entei easy

to get entei easier just use two bubblebeams and one bite.

I used a level 35 Mantine And a level 30 Umbreon It worked for me but it might work for you too.

Added 16 Feb 2005, ID #3273, by mommysboy

Second game

After you beat Nascour and Evice, it will show the credits, then in the place were you started.


Cipher Leader

Remember in the begining of the game at Phenac city when you go to the Mayor's office and the strange charictor comes out of the office? His name is Nascour.

In the end of the game the Constuction Lot turns into the Relgam Tower. When you beet the tower in the end you will se him again and you will have to battle countinuous trainers. When you beet the last won Nascour says "bravo try to beet me".

He has a Shadow Metagross. DO NOT use fire, it will kill it easily. But Nascour is still not the leader of Cipher. It turns out that Mayor Es Cade is the Head of Cipher. That is why Nascour was in the Mayor's office. And since the Relgam Tower was made Escade will not be there. When you battle him he looks a little different.

Guess what he has the strongest Shadow Pokemon in the game. Tyranitar. Purify it as fast as you can. When it says you beet the game you did and did not at the same time. There is also Story Mode Extras. You even get to go back to the Team Snagggem Hideout.

Added 23 Oct 2004, ID #2748, by pokemon

easy winning

I beat the game with ease heres my team:

Espeon level 65
Ampharos level 67
Quagsire level 62
Sneasel level 60
Entei level 62
Stantler level 64

If you want to beat the game easily you have to be B.O.R.I.N.G spend ages battling the same trainers over and over also deposit 5 pokemon in the PC and only carry 1 around you at a time when your training. This way when you win a battle your pokemon would get double the exp you would normally get in a double battle.

Added 7 Aug 2004, ID #2322, by moonhead

Do I have a cheat to get a makuhita a second time?

To get a makuhita a second time,beat the realgam tower then go to the sheriffs office and he will tell you the prisoners had run away...

(the villans) Then go to the mayors house and you will see the person with the makuhita and his partner there.


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Added 16 Jul 2004, ID #2212, by wassup

Helpfull stuff

Hi guys, I've got some helpful stuff that might help you.

L-DISK: Go to the deep colosseum and go to the right to see something shining grab it now go up to the under go in the ufo use the f-disk and go forward to see a man talking jiberish.....

SHUCKLE: Go to the deep colloseum and beat the tournament 4 times then the next final you'll fight someone called deep king....

BAYLEFF,CROCONAW,QUILAVA: Now if you started with bayleef you'll meet bluno(croconaw) in the team snagem hideout and quilava in the shadow pokemon lab exactly where you fought ein.

Now if you started with quilava you'll meet the bayleff trainer in the snagem hideout and croconaw where you fought ein and same thing if you chose croconaw exept quilava's in the hideout and bayleef in the lab.

BLACKGLASSES: You'll find the blackglasses somewhere in the station subway.

SMEARGLE,URSARING: Carry on with the game doing a lot of the story and finally when you go into team snagem's hideout you'll see a lot more trainers then go to the bottom floor on the very left to see 2 trainers who'll automaticly fight you.(p.s the smeargle guy has alot of smeargles the real one's on level 45)

ABSOL,TROPIUS,MILKTANK,HOUNDOOM,METAGROSS,TYRANITAR: In realgam Colosseum beat ein,dakim,venus and the disco guy(forgot his name mooro b or something?)and get their id badges to go to realgam tower then beat gonzap there to ride the elevator and fight 6 people in a row!(jomas,???,cipher peon,????,nascour and secret trainer.....)

SHADY GUY ?????: Snag all 47 shadow pokemon and go to outset stand and go to the bar to see this guy now go outside to battle him!it will truly end where it truly began!


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Added 26 Jun 2004, ID #2099, by poop

Hi, I'm Emma jhonny and craig's sister..

Actully craig did my colloseum team -whoops, there team's butt but they can't admit it.

Whenever I beat them they say I got lucky, here's my team:

I used a gameshark to teach them 1 move..
No one takes me seriously because I'm a girl sigh...

starflash/latias girl level 100 moves are psychic fly wing attack hyper beam in a luxury ball stats attack:263 defense:304 speed:341 sp.attack:275 sp.defense:267hp:312
shellsmash/kyorge other level 100 moves are ice beam body slam sheer cold flamethrower in a great ball stats attack:284 defense:347 speed:245 sp.attack 266 sp.defense:360hp:296
plucko/torchic girl level 100 moves are flamethrower slash cut fly in a pokeball stats attack:231 defense:213 speed:241 sp.attack:185 sp.defense:190 hp:220
flower/meganium girl level 100 moves razor leaf magical leaf solarbeam surf in a pokeball stats attack:334 defense:256 speed:331 sp.attack:359 sp.defense:270 hp:337
wavelight/suicne other level 100 moves aurora beam surf hydro pump earthquake in a ultra ball stats attack:300 defense:278 speed:323 sp.attack:349 sp.defense:294 hp:324
goldhat/jirachi other level 100 moves psychic psybeam meteor mash sky uppercut in a pokeball stats attack:342 defense:320 speed:311 sp.attack:378 sp.defense:356 hp:340

There it is, I saw my brothers's teams and belive me I kick but!

Added 10 Jun 2004, ID #2037, by poop

Easy Suicune

Firstly, battle Venus in the filming studio, make all of her pokemon faint (or one before the last) and she will send out a shadow Suicune, my tip is to use surf on it with any water pokemon, I suggest Feraligator if you caught him, and use psybeam/confusion on him, now use as many pokeballs/ greatballs/ ultraballs as you havegot. Keep using them until Suicune is caught, I reccomend not weakening it too much otherwise when it uses Shadow Rush it will make itself faint.

Jordan Hancock


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Added 5 Jun 2004, ID #2014, by Jayman456

Catch Tyranitar WITHOUT the Master Ball

We finally figured it out. YAY!!!

1) Weaken him with an attack so he's at yellow health. There's a number of attacks that can do this, so it's at your discretion.

Get him as far down as you can. It will only take one attack like Surf.
2) Use Raikou Quick Attack to weaken him drop by drop (it's like one health per hit.

Have lots of Hyper Potions ready). By the way, FAINT Slaking as fast as you can so he doesn't Earthquake Tyranitar to death. You want ONLY Tyranitar out.

3) Use Stantler to put him to sleep (Hypnosis attack). NOTE: Jumpluff's Sleep doesn't work on Tyranitar.

4) When he's at 1 health and asleep, throw an Ultra Ball and keep hitting the B button while it's flying toward him. Actually, we just hit the B button till he was captured.

THANK YOU to whoever posted the "B-button" hint. That was the final puzzle piece!!!

You can heal his heart without the Time Flute. Not so much by calling him when he's in Hyper Mode. He heals up a little bit every time you call him out to battle.

The next attack he "remembers" is Thunder. Awesome!

Added 14 May 2004, ID #1943, by veganmom

My Team

It isnt unbeatable like my POKEMON SAPPHIRE team cus i just got the game 4 days ago, well here it is:

Heres my progress and stuff:

Play Time: 14:13
Snagged Pokemon: 27
Purified Pokemon: 26
PokeCoupons: 3100

Here is my team:

Feraligtr Level 77, Item: Mystic Water
Hydro Pump
Dragon Claw
Surf(MY varied moves concept couldnt prevail here =[)

Misdreavus Level 71, Item: Spell Tag
Shadow Ball
Aerial Ace

Ampharos Level 81, Item: Focus Band
Brick Break
ThunderWave(to soon be replaced, i use it to snag easily)

Entei Level 74, Item: Petaya Berry
Dig(it cant learn earthquake)
Secret Power

Sneasel Level 71, Item: Ganlon Berry
Ice Beam
Beat Up
Brick Break

Hariyama Level 73, Item: White Herb
Vital Throw
Reversal(works with endure, i learned it in battle four of the tower colosseum; that heracross brought pain to latias)

You all are probably wondering why i didnt put in suicune, and raikou. It was becuase they cant learn too many varied moves. i tried thinking of what to teach suicune, it had THREE water attacks. Raikou is practically TM retarded.

Well, there it is.
I consider it good, tell me what you think about my prgress by rating it(1-10)

I haven't lost a battle in the game or to my friends who have ruby and sapphire, but some out there could probably beat my Colosseum team.

Added 5 Apr 2004, ID #1791, by bleepman

Where to find the gear Silva stole.

To find the gear Silva stole dont waste your time looking around the town.

Just go to to the construction site and youll fnd it.

Added 27 Mar 2004, ID #1754, by krazyboy2218

Well then, punk! Want some info on receiving Jirachi on your Ruby or Sapphire Versions?

The only way I know of is to mail Nintendo, regarding subscription on receiving Jirachi with some other cool things, then wait for Nintendo to return a disk to load into your GameCube.

Load it into your GameCube, connect your GameBoy (with Ruby or Sapphire loaded) to the console with a GameBoy connector, and you will get to transfer Jirachi to your Game Pak for use!

I hope this works out for you...

Added 20 Mar 2004, ID #1719, by Darkboarder_77
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