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The blue (money) ghosts can be found in the following locations:
- Wardrobe Room
- Hidden Room
- Kitchen
- Dining Room
- Storage Room
- Nursery
- Study
- Rec Room
- Conservatory
- Nana's Room
- Billiards Room
- The Twin's Room
- Breaker Room
- Cellar
- Sealed Room

The golden mice can sometimes be found in the following locations:
- Study
- Tea Room
- Dining Room
- Safari Room
- Fortune-Teller's Room
- Hallway (x2)
- Sealed Room

Added 16 Jan 2007, ID #7292, by sheiny and get

Gostly help

Well evryone knows luigis mansion is mediem hard and I have beaten it heres somthing to help you with:once inside the mansion with the sucking vamcuem thing go upstairs and into the door youll see that it is very dark but with two blue candles in front of you press the L button to blow them with your vacuam.

Once you done that portraits of huanted evil ghost will talk to you B00!quikly fight them off with the techniq that old guy taught you once done a key will drop or not and go in the room in front of you on the right.

Once in there ghost or no ghost will appear if there are suck them up.

Go in the next room in the left of you when do this find all ghost that are in theyre and get the key go to the left room again and meet up with mushroom head toad (poor guy) talk to him and save or not then go back to the stairs and once youre there the old guy will talk to you he'll tell you he sense some unusaual power of ghost in there (don't panick this is not resident evil).

Go in the room and when theyre stop and go in front room of you when that is done youll find a fathery ghost (but still evil) turn around the oppisite way from him and when he yawns turn around quikly and suck him up (watch out for books that are coming at you) once you get him a key will drop.

And when getting it youll find a nother door to go through thats all I've got to tell you good ghost hunting!or if you die muahahahahahahaaa!!!!!!

Added 30 Dec 2006, ID #7209, by Prozac


When battling the second Boss, the purple ghost Bogmire, suck up all but one of the black ghosts and release them (they'll pop) then suck up the last black ghost and shoot Bogmire with it and start sucking. This way, the black ghosts won't interfere.

Added 12 Dec 2006, ID #7135, by zzooti

Extra cash

In Lydia's room and the billiards room, there's a ceiling fan; aim your vac at the fan and start sucking-the fan will start spinning faster and faster until a bunch of cash falls out.
Also, water EVERY plant in the mansion, inside & out.

Added 11 Dec 2006, ID #7127, by zzooti

Prymetyme on luigi`s mansion cheats

Welcome to Prymetyme Cheat Number 2 Now we I am talking about how to beat Bowser First when he shoot the balls at you dodge them then you suck them up and shoot them at Bowser`s Head then King Boo will come out then suck him up

That`s all Now Say it Say name Prymetyme

Added 20 Nov 2006, ID #7035, by Prymetyme

Mario's Items

This is where all of Mario's items are hidden.
Hat: In the washing machine one room north of the Butler's room.
Letter: In the bridhouse in the courtyard.
Glove: After defeating the ghost in the billard room, go into the Shilouette room through the western door. After turning on the video projector and killing the invisible ghosts, Mario's glove will be in a chest.
Shoe: After defeating the ghost twins in the Twin's Room, Mario's Shoe will appear in a chest.
Star: This one is tricky. Grab the fire element and go to the Astral Hall. Make sure you have a lot of health for this part! Light the torches and the doors will lock. Shy Guy Ghosts will then appear. After killing them all walk through the door on the western side. Look through the telescope with "A" and the west wall will open up. Meteors will fall from the sky. Draw one in with your Poltergust 3000 and shoot it at the moon in the background. After a short cut-scene, a path of lights will lead to the destroyed moon and Mario's Star will be there.

When you take the items back to Madame Clariova she will ask you to suck her up with your vacuum.

Added 12 Sep 2006, ID #6725, by SwordsMaster


Boolossus is a pain - when he's in his big form, you have to continue circling the Unicorn Statue until he hops into the Unicorn's pointy horn and splits into 15 Boos. Now use Ice on the individual Boos to freeze and destroy them - do as many as you can, they'll join as one Boo shortly and you'll have to repeat the process.
P.S. The last 5 individual Boos are the hardest (this may take a while)!

Added 6 Sep 2006, ID #6698, by sheiny

Some people get stuck here...

Once you defeat all of the Ghosts in the Storage Room - the lights come on; you need to go to the bottom wall and to the left of the door is a Switch that you need to press with the A button. This'll move the left wall, now go left into the rest of the room to find a Poster on the wall towards the top of the screen; suck it up and press A to activate that revealed Switch - BOO! After you visit E. Gadd, you'll return to the Mansion - you now need to go find 5 Boos in the Rooms that you've already been to, go do that. Once you have 5 Boos, the Washroom from the Hallway will be unlocked - go there, open the Toilet to find a Key and Save with Toad if you want. Use the Key on the door from the Hallway to get to the Fortune Teller's Room; there's a door on the right side of this room, go through it to enter the Mirror Room - beat all of the Ghosts in here to earn the Fire Element Medal. Now suck up a Flame from the Torch, use the L button to light the Candles and exit the room...

Added 11 Aug 2006, ID #6549, by sheiny

Extra Health

There is a big heart worth 50 hit points on every floor, so seek it out if you're in need of health. On the 1st Floor, it is in one of the stones in the graveyard.

On the 2nd Floor, it is in the Nursery, in the drawer to the right of the door you enter through.

On the 3rd Floor, it is in a little box on a table in the Safari Room. In the basement, it is in the big set of shelves in the Cellar that is blocking your way from getting to the other side of the room.


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Added 6 Jul 2006, ID #6224, by luiginumberone

Some Places To Get Jewels

First... Goto the butlers room/janitors room then find a bucket in one of the corners it will be behind something then boom a red jewel or maybe a blue one I forgot.
Second... Water the plant outside everytime you beat a boss ( and before you go against the graveyard shadow monster ) Then it will grow bigger and bigger then it will explode and money will fly everywhere.
Third... Take a picture of the mouse hole in the butlers room / janitors room you will see wind and crap walk up to it and it will suck you into a secret room full of chests. ( Money Money Money! )
Fourth... Suck in every boo ( all 50 ) and when you suck the last boo into your vacuum you will see a jewel.
The last hint I can give you is. Befor you fight King Boo use the vacuum and suck at the lamp a blue jewel will fall out. Then hit the two lamp/fireholders they hold one gold bar and money. I know this game came out in 2001 but if you havent played it 1000 times it will still be fun

From Outlaw*nau


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Added 25 Jun 2006, ID #6146, by Outlaw*nau

Beating King Boo

- Stand far enough away from Bowser so that he throws the 3 Bombs.
- Suck up the middle Bomb and WAIT for Bowser to come to you.
- Fire the Bomb at Bowser's head when he bends over.
- When King Boo comes out suck him up the best/most that you can.
- As soon as King Boo goes back inside Bowser RUN away from him so that he throws the 3 Bombs again.

- The key is to preserve your Health so that you last longer in the battle!!!
- When Bowser's head is on backwards - he randomly runs around in any which direction, so get in a corner and stay out of his way...
- Also, if Bowser takes out a pillar, sometimes a Heart will appear - so go grab it if you need it...


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Added 27 Feb 2006, ID #5415, by sheiny

Hidden machion

The diffrence of the hidden machion from the normel machion is your vacuim is stronger.

Added 10 Feb 2006, ID #5336, by red shard

2 Ultimate tresure rooms

1You can find a tresure room you know were the butler takes you? You go in there and search for a mouse hole then you want to search it with your GameBoyHorror. Oh and there are some ghosts in there you need to beat with fire. Plus your 50th Boo is in there so make sure you have 49 boos before you go in there. Because once you get the 50 boos ( not including king boo ) You get a 20,000,000 diamond and this is true we just did it today!

2. There is a tresure room at the top floor like on the roof well when you enter there, you go up all the stairs and one will have a hole in it and then you hop in it and then the tresure room will apear and the way to get out is the mirror with your GameBoyHorror search it and you will be back at the entrance.


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Added 7 Jul 2005, ID #4185, by Pikachu Lover

Bowser's head on backwards

First knock his head off then run behind him then his head will go on backwards then he will run around like a moron bumping into things.


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Added 20 Feb 2005, ID #3300, by kristy phillips

Faster ghost catching

When you catch a ghost go towards any corner and the ghost will go the other way. This makes it easier to catch.


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Added 29 Nov 2004, ID #2850, by pokemonkid

chests galore

Hi game maniacs

On luigis mansion in the butlers room (in area 2) near the toilet paper there is a hole, look into it with your GB horror and you will see white smoke...

Get off the GB creen and you will seep in.

You will be in a secret room full of chests, open them, but most of the chests are full of ghosts that you need the fire eliment to beat.

Thanks. bye see ya

p.s , a message to my dad, stop calling celibi celery! its not a vegatable!


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Added 22 May 2004, ID #1964, by *mew_is_cute*

The twins

When you are playing hind and seek with the twins there is a easier way to find them.

You have to squirt a element (water, fire, ice) on a box that you think they are hiding in and if it shakes one of them is in that box.

Do it again to find the other one.


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Added 19 Jan 2004, ID #1410, by kirby rocks

Get New Mansion

After finishing the game, save and you will have the option unlocked

Easiest way to catch the Big book reading Ghost

When you go to the room where the books fly at you go to the fireplace and start sucking the vacuum slowly walk backwards with the vacuum still on when you get to his tail like thing he will get sucked up and just hold on!


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Ok I have tons of cheats for this game.

So listen up! To get Neville, the book guy in the study, just walk up to him, turn around, and wait for him to yawn. The turn around, nail his heart, and suck 'im up! To get past the parlor i was stuck there for twenty minutes, you suck up the candles by the first portrait. Then the portraits start making noises like blugh-huh.

To get Lydia just suck the curtain away and then she will freak about her hair and then as soon as she is saying "Oh nonononono" you can get 'er! yah.

Then she gives you the key to the nursery where you fight Chauncey the Baby. First go to the set of drawers with the lamp that looks like a wilting flower on it and open it. Then you will get a heart that restores most of your life. Then you vaccuum the rocking horse and Chauncey will start throwing teddies at you. Suck up the ball and smack the Brat with it.

Now he gets mad and takes you in the crib. Belt him with another ball and suck him up. Sluuuuck.


When you first go in the mansion.Go to the cover and suck it up you will find a mirror. Scan it and something good will happen.

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