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Luigi's Mansion Cheats

Gallery Mode:
To unlock everything in the Gallery you must successfully complete the game.

Extra Money and Hearts:
Clean all vases, lamps and chandelier with your vacuum as most of them contain either money or hearts.

Portrait list of Ghosts

1. Neville: The bookish father
2. Lydia: The mirror gazing mother
3. Chauncey: The spoiled baby
4. The Floating Whirlindas: The dancing couple
5. Shivers: The wandering butler
6. Melody Pianissima: The beautiful pianist
7. Madame Clairvoya: The freaky fortune teller
8. Mr. Luggs: The glutton
9. Spooky: The hungry guard dog
10. Bogmire: The cemetery shadow
11. Biff Atlas: The body builder
12. Miss Petunia: The bathing beauty
13. Nana: The scarf knitting granny
14. Slim Bankshot: The lonely pool shark
15. Henry And Orville: The twin brothers
16. Boolossus: Jumbo ghost
17. Uncle Grimmly: Hermit of the darkness
18. Clockwork Soldiers: The toy platoon
19. Sue Pea: The dozing girl
20. Jarvis: The jar collector
21. Sir Weston: The chilly climber
22. Vincent Van Gore: The starving artist
23. King Boo

Added 31 Aug 2004, ID #2495, by Sanzano and get

King Boo Down Below

Once you clear the Cellar, the key leads upstairs. If you want, go through the door into the basement hallway where there is a door at the back. Open the door. Then you walk through the curvy path and you will see King Boo's Crown and if you try to grab it, King Boo comes out and is saying something like, "how did you get out of my!!! Hey wait your Luigi!" then he blasts you back to the foyer.

Added 8 Dec 2012, ID #9504, by Il Piantissimo

Awkward sound???

I was in area 3 when a boo escaped into a hallway(it was a dark hall). Then a yellow bowling ghost appeared so I went to catch it. When I caught it some random music played that reminded me of wiggler from Super Mario Sunshine. After a couple of seconds the music stopped and the regular dark hallway music came back. Not sure what the requirements were but maybe the boo went through the wall to another room when I caught the bowling ghost.

Added 23 Jul 2012, ID #9475, by supersparky

Boos sweet escape

Right before a boo loses all of it's health press a and Luigi will call out Mario's name. While this happens if the boo reaches 0 hp he will not get vacuumed up until Luigi finishes what he is saying. If you release R before Luigi finishes but while boo has 0 hp then the boo can escape but still be captured when encountered again.

Added 23 Jul 2012, ID #9474, by supersparky

Sealed room

On the roof, there are three chimney's, one has the elevator, and one has the key..... But wait, what about the third, the other chimney has a plank and if you walk on it you fall into a sealed room. You can only leave by the mystical mirror.

Added 26 Jun 2012, ID #9464, by Guest


When the black out occurs, to find uncle grimly, E-gadd says that Grumly likes dark rooms and rooms with mirrors. That room is the Wardrobe room. Don't waste your time checking all of the other rooms. Warp from the safari room to the foyer, then go through the parlor, then anteroom, and then make your move in the ward.... Room....

Added 26 Jun 2012, ID #9463, by Guest

Quick Shortcut

Do you remember the door right outside Biff Atlas' door, the one that you aren't able to unlock? Well, there is in fact a way to open the door. If you go into Biff Atlas' room (it is not necessary to have beaten him to do this, so if he is still there it makes no difference) and run on the treadmill on the west side of the moon. After walking on it for a few seconds, a key will pop out. This is the key to the door.

Added 20 Feb 2012, ID #9432, by Guest

No falling doors

If you have fire, you can burn down falling doors.This makes it easy to preserve health if you haven't memorized which doors fall!

Anytime is bmx time!

Added 11 Aug 2011, ID #9326, by Scatman654

secret key and a secret treause room

Ok to get the secret key go into the rec room(with the 3 punching bags) run on the treedmill and after a few seconds a key will pop out and get then you should be able to open a door without going through the courtyard.

To get to the secret treause room go into the butlers room soon(easier to find in the dark)a blue mouse will appear out of know where suck it up then another blue mouse will appear. Then where the blue mouses come from look there with you GB horror then you should see a mouse hole, then press "A" then you should hear a chime and wind will come out of the mouse hole, then you should be sucked in a secret treause room with cash and mostly full of ghosts that can only be beat by a fire element.

Sorry for the long cheat, and please rate.

Added 17 Mar 2009, ID #8791, by sundalo90

hidden baby room

Ok trust me this does work once you have donr the room with the toy soldiers in the play house room go up to the big dolls house in the middle of the room at the back and examine it the doors should now open go inside and it will take you to the very place you will fight king boo and bowser later byt for now go up the chimnys and keep walking across the plank of wood untill you fall down one now depending which one you picked will decide what is in the room there might be a ghost room or there could be a treasure room if you have found the treasure room don't worry you can still get the ghost just simply do the process so far then choose the other one now when done correctly you will be in a room go to the door inside this room go through it and you should see the baby on top of the celing all you have to do is go out the room the baby is in and then you should hear a huge bang go back in and you will be on the celing with the baby not bad for a hidden ghost (sorry this tip took so long to read it is a long prossess though and please verify it and rate thanx)

Added 6 Aug 2008, ID #8565, by DANGER D

better ghost pictures

Ok here is a nifty little trick if you catch a boss ghost in one go drain it's whole heart in one with out letting go of it then you will have a better picture of the ghost plus it will drop larger pearls the futher you get it's helth down and here is anouther up on this trick not only will you get a better looking version of the ghost it will also drop a huge pearl worth an extreme amount of money so what you waiting for get catching

Added 2 Aug 2008, ID #8559, by DANGER D

Rank A "L" Mansion at end of game

to get a rank a mansion you need ALOT of $$$.so to get a gold diamond*2 worth 20,000,000 apiece!water the flower you see before bogmire.then after every area come back to water it.then at area 4 it will look like a party ball from melee water until it spits out the gold diamond.the go to the butlers room.there will be a mouse hole on the right side of the room(look 4 it with the gbhorror).scan it and it will take you to a Hidden Room beat all the ghosts that come out of some chests(some have tresure).after you beat them another chest will appear,open it and get the boo,it is the 1 that people are stuck trying to get.if it is the 50th,it will drop the last gold diamond hope this helps

Added 8 Jul 2007, ID #7751, by Johnstonepikachu22

Fake doors bye bye =)

First check to see if the door is real if it is not and you have the fire stone thing then get some fire and burn down the fake doors =)

Added 29 Jun 2007, ID #7721, by super paper luigi

Kill ghosts faster

Ok is all you have to do is is circle the control stick around and the ghosts health goes down.hint(this works with bosses too)!!!!

hope I helped.

Added 12 Feb 2007, ID #7397, by coolness64

Easy with the twins!

To easily find where the twin are, try vaccuming all the boxes. The ones that shake have the twins in them! Hope I helped.

Added 29 Dec 2006, ID #7203, by kyleteen

Money Boos

There Money Boos hidden all over the mansion. I think there`s about twenty or thrity one or the other. Don`t no don`t care

My Name Say it PrymeTyme

Added 20 Nov 2006, ID #7034, by Prymetyme

Get the tent

To get the tent you must complete the game with under 20,000g

Added 23 Oct 2006, ID #6901, by macawfan93

To get marios star, go to the observatory and shoot a falling star at the moon and blow it up. After you do that, a path appears to the star.

Added 16 May 2005, ID #3874, by armaggedon

Get out of trouble

If you are in a spot of trouble and you see a mirror go to gameboy mode and aim it at the mirror and push A this will take you to the main hallway at the start of the game.

Added 25 Jul 2004, ID #2253, by Qaukers

Another Mansion (Ura-Yashiki) Mode

Rescue Mario and finish the game once. You will get ranked according to how you did and receive a letter grade. Save your game. You now have the option to restart Luigi's two ways (in addition to going to the completed Gallery). The first option lets you go back to the regular Luigi's Mansion Mode. The second option, called Ura-Yashiki (Another Mansion) in Japanese, lets you restart the game -- and presumably some of the things in the mansion have been changed around.

Hidden Hearts

If you're running low on lifeforce, get out your vaccuum and start cleaning lamps and vases. Almost every second vase has a heart hidden inside -- and nearly every lamp or chandelier either yields money or health. Happy hunting.

Reward for 50 Boos

One of the sidequests in Luigi's Mansion is the capture of the 50 Boos that you released accidentally in the beginning of the game. Finding Boos can be a time-consuming task as you have to make your way through the whole mansion and track them with your Game Boy Horror "Boo Sensor." Boos like to hide in rooms with the lights on, so be sure to check in every nook and cranny. A blue light on your GBH means there's no Boo to be found, a yellow light means you're close, and red means you're right in front of the hiding ghost. If the light is red, switch on your vaccuum or examine the object in question with A. Watch out, though, not every red light equals a boo. Sometimes a Boo Ball will fall out (you can simply blast it at a wall or leave it where it is), or a bomb that has the potential to cause some damage -- so run! If you're having problems finding all 50 Boos, be sure to look in the "door-less" treasure rooms.

The reward for catching all 50 Boos is a large diamond.

Secret Treasure Rooms

There are two secret treasure rooms in Luigi's Mansion that you can access to load up on gems and money.

The first one is located on the first floor, in the south-west corner of the Mansion. After you have sucked in the candle-carrying butler, exmaine the room with your Game Boy Horror to find a mousehole. Press A to activate it and go inside to enter the trasure room.

The second treasure room is accessible from the roof top. Use the elevator in the toy chamber to get on the roof, the go all the way to the right and climb up on the chimney. Fall down and you will land in another treasure room.

Secret Warp Zones

Running around from one end of the mansion to the other can be a very time consuming task. Thankfully, Nintendo has implemented hidden warps that let you zoom back to the entrance hall.

Basically, any mirror in the mansion (except for the large one that reflects the invisible ghosts) can act as a warp. To warp using a mirror, switch to your Game Boy Horror's first person mode and examine the mirror with A. After a really trippy warp sequence, you will find yourself in the entrance hall of Luigi's Mansion.

Water the Plant

Ever notice the seed in the outdoors area with the dog house? It's at the right side, near the graveyard and just underneath the balcony with Toad. This seed hides a secret that you can unlock right before facing the second boss. Once you have the ability to use the Water Element, water the seed. A plant will grow. Now enter the dog house (examine it with the Game Boy Horror) and defeat the second boss. Return to this area afterwards and water the plant again. Now continue with the game, but be sure to return after you defeat boss #3. Water the plant again and it will bloom and produce a precious diamond.

Note that if you fail to return and water the plant after a boss fight, the plant will whither and die.

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