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Elite 4 and Stevens pokemon - Pokemon Sapphire

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Elite 4 and Stevens pokemon hint for Pokemon Sapphire


Elite 4 and Stevens pokemon

You may be wondering after you beat the Pokemon I want some of those Pokemon well ill tell you how to get them and might even tell you how

Sidney's pokemon:Mightyena evole a pochyena at level 20:cacturne find a caneea in the desert in route 111 and evolve it at level 32:absol:fly to fortree go to the right side of the town and go to route 120 and eventually you will find one:Sharpedo:more common in mossdeep fish with super rod in mossdeep and you will find one:Shrifty:Trade a seedot or a nuzleaf from ruby and use a leaf stone on nuzleaf

Pheobe's pokemon
:Dusclops evolve a duscull not sure what level:Banetee:only found at sky pillar:sableeye: same as before

Glacias pokemon:
Glalie:find a snourout(forgot were)and evolve it at level 42:sealo:find a spheal in the shoal cave and evolve it on level 30 or 32:Walrein: evolve a sealoat level 42

Drakes dragons
:Shellgon: find a Bagon at meteor falls and evolve it at level 36:Altaria:find a swalbu and evolve it at level 42:Flygon catch a trapinach in the desert and evolve it to a vibarva at level 32 and Flygon at 42:SALAMENCE!!!:evolve a shelgon at level 50

Stevens pokemon
:Skamory:found to the right of fallorarbor town:Aggron evole a larion at level42 I think:cradily:in the dessert inroute 111 pick the root foosill it has lilliep evolve it to cradily at level 40:Claydoll:sky pillar or evolve a baltoy at 32:armaldo:same a cradily but pick claw fossil and evolve it from a anorith to an armaldo at level 40:METAGROSS!!!:after beating the Pokemon leauge once go to stevens house in mossdeep and he will not be there a note and pokeball will read the note and it says you can have the Pokemon it has beldum evolve it to a metang at level 20 and
Evolve the metang into metagross at level 45

I hope I helped you get some good Pokemon you might have wanted!

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