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Buy items at mart game shark code for Pokemon LeafGreen


Buy items at mart

Replace xxxx with the following

0001 = Master Ball
0002 = Ultra Ball
0003 = Great Ball
0004 = Poke Ball
0005 = Safari Ball
0006 = Net Ball
0007 = Dive Ball
0008 = Nest Ball
0009 = Repeat Ball
000A = Timer Ball
000B = Luxury Ball
000C = Premier Ball
000D = Potion
000E = Antidote
000F = Burn Heal
0010 = Ice Heal
0011 = Awakening
0012 = Parlyz Heal
0013 = Full Restore
0014 = Max Potion
0015 = Hyper Potion
0016 = Super Potion
0017 = Full Heal
0018 = Revive
0019 = Max Revive
001A = Fresh Water
001B = Soda Pop
001C = Lemonade
001D = MooMoo Milk
001E = Energy Powder
001F = Energy Root
0020 = Heal Powder
0021 = Revival Herb
0022 = Ether
0023 = Max Ether
0024 = Elixer
0025 = Max Elixer
0026 = Lava Cookie
0027 = Blue Flute
0028 = Yellow Flute
0029 = Red Flute
002A = Black Flute
002B = White Flute
002C = Berry Juice
002D = Sacred Ash
002E = Shoal Salt
002F = Shoal Shell
0030 = Red Shard
0031 = Blue Shard
0032 = Yellow Shard
0033 = Green Shard
003F = HP Up
0040 = Protein
0041 = Iron
0042 = Carbos
0043 = Calcium
0044 = Rare Candy
0045 = PP Up
0046 = Zinc
0047 = PP Max
0049 = Guard Spec
004A = Dire Hit
004B = X Attack
004C = X Defend
004D = X Speed
004E = X Accuracy
004F = X Special
0050 = Poke Doll
0051 = Fluffy Tail
0053 = Super Repel
0054 = Max Repel
0055 = Escape Rope
0056 = Repel
005D = Sun Stone
005E = Moon Stone
005F = Fire Stone
0060 = Thunder Stone
0061 = Water Stone
0062 = Leaf Stone
0067 = Tiny Mushroom
0068 = Big Mushroom
006A = Pearl
006B = Big Pearl
006C = Stardust
006D = Star Piece
006E = Nugget
006F = Heart Scale
0079 = Orange Mail
007A = Harbor Mail
007B = Glitter Mail
007C = Mech Mail
007D = Wood Mail
007E = Wave Mail
007F = Bead Mail
0080 = Shadow Mail
0081 = Tropic Mail
0082 = Dream Mail
0083 = Fab Mail
0084 = Retro Mail
0085 = Cheri Berry
0086 = Chesto Berry
0087 = Pecha Berry
0088 = Rawst Berry
0089 = Aspear Berry
008A = Leppa Berry
008B = Oran Berry
008C = Persim Berry
008D = Lum Berry
008E = Sitrus Berry
008F = Figy Berry
0090 = Wiki Berry
0091 = Mago Berry
0092 = Aguav Berry
0093 = Iapapa Berry
0094 = Razz Berry
0095 = Bluk Berry
0096 = Nanab Berry
0097 = Wepear Berry
0098 = Pinap Berry
0099 = Pomeg Berry
009A = Kelpsy Berry
009B = Qualot Berry
009C = Hondew Berry
009D = Grepa Berry
009E = Tamato Berry
009F = Cornn Berry
00A0 = Magost Berry
00A1 = Rabuta Berry
00A2 = Nomel Berry
00A3 = Spelon Berry
00A4 = Pamtre Berry
00A5 = Watmel Berry
00A6 = Durin Berry
00A7 = Belue Berry
00A8 = Liechi Berry
00A9 = Ganlon Berry
00AA = Salac Berry
00AB = Petaya Berry
00AC = Apicot Berry
00AD = Lansat Berry
00AE = Starf Berry
00AF = Enigma Berry
00B3 = Bright Powder
00B4 = White Herb
00B5 = Macho Brace
00B6 = Exp Share
00B7 = Quick Claw
00B8 = Soothe Bell
00B9 = Mental Herb
00BA = Choice Band
00BB = King's Rock
00BC = Silver Powder
00BD = Amulet Coin
00BE = Cleanse Tag
00BF = Soul Dew
00C0 = Deep Sea Tooth
00C1 = Deep Sea Scale
00C2 = Smoke Ball
00C3 = Everstone
00C4 = Focus Band
00C5 = Lucky Egg
00C6 = Scope Lens
00C7 = Metal Coat
00C8 = Leftovers
00C9 = Dragon Scale
00CA = Light Ball
00CB = Soft Sand
00CC = Hard Stone
00CD = Miracle Seed
00CE = Black Glasses
00CF = Black Belt
00D0 = Magnet
00D1 = Mystic Water
00D2 = Sharp Beak
00D3 = Poison Barb
00D4 = Nevermelt Ice
00D5 = Spell Tag
00D6 = Twisted Spoon
00D7 = Charcoal
00D8 = Dragon Fang
00D9 = Silk Scarf
00DA = Up-Grade
00DB = Shell Bell
00DC = Sea Incense
00DD = Lax Incense
00DE = Lucky Punch
00DF = Metal Powder
00E0 = Thick Club
00E1 = Stick
00FE = Red Scarf
00FF = Blue Scarf
0100 = Pink Scarf
0101 = Green Scarf
0102 = Yellow Scarf
0103 = Mach Bike
0104 = Coin Case
0105 = ItemFinder
0106 = Old Rod
0107 = Good Rod
0108 = Super Rod
0109 = S.S. Ticket
010A = Contest Pass
010C = Wailmer Pail
010D = Devon's Goods
010E = Soot Sack
010F = Basement Key
0110 = Acro Bike
0111 = PokeBlock Case
0112 = Letter
0113 = Eon Ticket
0114 = Red Orb
0115 = Blue Orb
0116 = Scanner
0117 = Go-Goggles
0118 = Meteorite
0119 = Rm.1 Key
011A = Rm.2 Key
011B = Rm.4 Key
011C = Rm.6 Key
011D = Storage Key
011E = Root Fossil
011F = Claw Fossil
0120 = Devon Scope
0121 = TM01 (Focus Punch)
0122 = TM02 (Dragon Claw)
0123 = TM03 (Water Pulse)
0124 = TM04 (Calm Mind)
0125 = TM05 (Roar)
0126 = TM06 (Toxic)
0127 = TM07 (Hail)
0128 = TM08 (Bulk Up)
0129 = TM09 (Bullet Seed)
012A = TM10 (Hidden Power)
012B = TM11 (Sunny Day)
012C = TM12 (Taunt)
012D = TM13 (Ice Beam)
012E = TM14 (Blizzard)
012F = TM15 (Hyper Beam)
0130 = TM16 (Light Screen)
0131 = TM17 (Protect)
0132 = TM18 (Rain Dance)
0133 = TM19 (Giga Drain)
0134 = TM20 (Safeguard)
0135 = TM21 (Frustration)
0136 = TM22 (Solar Beam)
0137 = TM23 (Iron Tail)
0138 = TM24 (Thunderbolt)
0139 = TM25 (Thunder)
013A = TM26 (Earthquake)
013B = TM27 (Return)
013C = TM28 (Dig)
013D = TM29 (Psychic)
013E = TM30 (Shadow Ball)
013F = TM31 (Brick Break)
0140 = TM32 (Double Team)
0141 = TM33 (Reflect)
0142 = TM34 (Shock Wave)
0143 = TM35 (Flamethrower)
0144 = TM36 (Sludge Bomb)
0145 = TM37 (Sandstorm)
0146 = TM38 (Fire Blast)
0147 = TM39 (Rock Tomb)
0148 = TM40 (Aerial Ace)
0149 = TM41 (Torment)
014A = TM42 (Facade)
014B = TM43 (Secret Power)
014C = TM44 (Rest)
014D = TM45 (Attract)
014E = TM46 (Thief)
014F = TM47 (Steel Wing)
0150 = TM48 (Skill Swap)
0151 = TM49 (Snatch)
0152 = TM50 (Overheat)
0153 = HM01 (Cut)
0154 = HM02 (Fly)
0155 = HM03 (Surf)
0156 = HM04 (Strength)
0157 = HM05 (Flash)
0158 = HM06 (Rock Smash)
0159 = HM07 (Waterfall)
015A = HM08 (Dive)
015D = {Oak's Parcel}
015E = {Poke Flute}
015F = {Secret Key}
0160 = {Bike Voucher}
0161 = {Gold Teeth}
0162 = {Old Amber}
0163 = {Card Key}
0164 = {Elevator Key}
0165 = {Dome Fossil}
0166 = {Helix Fossil}
0167 = {Silph Scope}
0168 = {Bicycle}
0169 = {Town Map}
016A = {Battle Searcher}
016B = {Voice Checker}
016C = {TM Case}
016D = {Berry Bag}
016E = {Help TV}
016F = {Tri-Pass}
0170 = {Rainbow Pass}
0171 = {Tea}
0172 = {Mystery Ticket}
0173 = {Aurora Ticket}
0174 = {Konaire}
0175 = {Ruby Plate}
0176 = {Sapphire Plate}
01F4 = [Jail Key]
01F5 = [Elevator Key]
01F6 = [Small Tablet]
01F7 = [F-Disk]
01F8 = [R-Disk]
01F9 = [L-Disk]
01FA = [D-Disk]
01FB = [U-Disk]
01FC = [Subway Key]
01FD = [Maingate Key]
01FE = [Card Key]
01FF = [Down St. Key]
0200 = [DNA Sample 1]
0201 = [Bayleef DNA]
0202 = [DNA Sample 2]
0203 = [Quilava DNA]
0204 = [DNA Sample 3]
0205 = [Croconaw DNA]
0206 = [DNA Sample 4]
0207 = [Sudowoodo DNA]
0208 = [DNA Sample 5]
0209 = [Misdreavus DNA]
020A = [DNA Sample 6]
020B = [Mightyena DNA]
020C = [DNA Sample 7]
020D = [Raikou DNA]
020E = [DNA Sample 8]
020F = [Entei DNA]
0210 = [DNA Sample 9]
0211 = [Suicune DNA]
0212 = [Data ROM]
0213 = [Steel Teeth]
0214 = [Gear]
0215 = [Red ID Badge]
0216 = [Green ID Badge]
0217 = [Blue ID Badge]
0218 = [Yellow ID Badge]
0219 = [Time Flute]
021A = [Ein File S]
021B = [Ein File H]
021C = [Ein File C]
021D = [Ein File P]
021E = [Cologne Case]
021F = [Joy Scent]
0220 = [Excite Scent]
0221 = [Vivid Scent]
0222 = [Powerup Part]
0223 = [Ein File F]

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It work one time then never work again

Added 28th Jul 2014, ID #426600

It works but I want to use the rainbow pass, mystic ticket, and aurora ticket items.

Added 17th Jul 2014, ID #420490

No puedo poner el c├│digo de el caramelo raro
┬┐alguien me ayuda?

Added 13th Jul 2014, ID #417900

They all work for me

Added 7th Jul 2014, ID #413940

It no work... i only wanted a kings rocks for slowpoke

Added 4th Jul 2014, ID #412004

thanks it work

Added 25th Jun 2014, ID #406693

Its working! thanks so much! i really needed a moon stone

Added 24th Jun 2014, ID #406026

The cheats do not work for me even if I go on code [video][/video]

Added 8th Jun 2014, ID #395691

To everybody that can't apply the code, change the first 0 (zero) of the Master Code to 8 (eight) and then bam-! You can use it.

Added 6th Jun 2014, ID #394613

whats a DNA sample

Added 30th May 2014, ID #390979

Non of them are working for me. :(

Added 28th May 2014, ID #390348

Anyone still get on here

Added 27th May 2014, ID #389612

what a f
this code is not working in my vba

Added 26th May 2014, ID #388777

What's a DNA sample+

Added 25th May 2014, ID #388653

How do I get a game shark and can you use the codes without one?

Added 24th May 2014, ID #387681

it is don't work

Added 24th May 2014, ID #387564

guys... can i know what is code for rare candies??

Added 17th May 2014, ID #384891

It doesn't work, I have tried it so many times in V.B.A in Leaf Green.I typed it in cheat list in Game Shark, I have tried in code breaker to but it had not worked,when i tried this i was at viridian city mart. Could you please give me any suggestion?

Added 12th May 2014, ID #383583

i used the infinite rare candies to make my money. . just withdraw 999 of them from the computer and sell them at the market ;)

Added 8th May 2014, ID #382584

The infinite cash isn't working I really need the cash help plz.

Added 24th Apr 2014, ID #378433

Do u know a code for money

Added 15th Apr 2014, ID #375274

WOO it worksss!! :D:D

Added 12th Apr 2014, ID #374183

infinite money code doest work

Added 10th Apr 2014, ID #373548

za [strike][color=red][color=red][size=12][u][/u] [/size]

  • [list]
  • [list]
  • [list]
  • [list]
  • [list]
  • [list]
  • [list]
  • [list]
  • [list]
  • [list]
  • [list]
  • [list]
  • [*] [url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][center][center][center][center][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][strike][strike][strike][strike][strike][color=red][color=red][strike][color=red][size=12][size=12][size=12][size=12][size=12][size=12][size=12][size=12][size=12][size=12][size=12][/size] [/size] [/size] [/size] [/size] [/size] [/size] [/size] [/size] [/size] [/size] [/color] [/strike] [/color] [/color] [/strike] [/strike] [/strike] [/strike] [/s

    Added 29th Mar 2014, ID #369249

    509197d3 542975f4 78da95df 44018cb4 walk to walls for onl y in codebreaker

    Added 21st Mar 2014, ID #366504

    I do not kwon the master code for it

    Added 17th Mar 2014, ID #365257

    These codes are not for GameShark.
    These codes are CODEBREAKER.
    Still works for me though

    Added 12th Mar 2014, ID #363392

    Are there any one line codes for a pokemon

    Added 6th Mar 2014, ID #361672

    I was able to get the aurora and mystic ticket but I don't kno how to use them? Can anyone help or answer my question plz!

    Added 6th Mar 2014, ID #361421

    i want hm06 code for leaf greeb on emulator...plz

    Added 2nd Mar 2014, ID #360359

    Guys theres a super glitch first go to vermillion city do anything except going to the ship then battle the other gym leaders to battle lt.surge type this 82003884 0153 then go to mart and buy it then battle surge and continue but dont go on the ship then after that continue after u get surf battle koga to use it the go to virmillion and flash the ticket after that surf on right and u will see the truck

    Added 7th Feb 2014, ID #352746

    Guys, the '82003884' and 'xxxx' have to have a space between them when entering the GAMESHARK code.

    Added 10th Jan 2014, ID #342096

    On the 1st time I inserted those codes in , I got infinite cash but it puts bad eggs on my "someone's pc" . And I turned it off after then I put it back on . I can't get back the "accidental - infinte - cash . Help me !!

    Added 7th Jan 2014, ID #340604

    These don't work because the guy didn't put a master code.

    Added 27th Dec 2013, ID #334814

    What is the DNA stuff for?

    Added 27th Dec 2013, ID #334808

    i cant use the codes why?? answer me plz

    Added 27th Dec 2013, ID #334653

    Great cheats ilove it

    Added 26th Dec 2013, ID #334558

    Electrizer plz

    Added 20th Dec 2013, ID #331573

    when i write in the code and continue the item i wanna buy doesnt show up
    at the pokemart

    Added 14th Dec 2013, ID #329268

    The code for the evolution stones don't work

    Added 22nd Nov 2013, ID #320992

    hey every1 can some 1 awnser wheni put on 1 buy cheat infinit money and mastercode the screen gos black and crashes my computer
    [color=green][/color[size=12][/size] ]

    Added 16th Nov 2013, ID #319847

    Buy Master Ball


    Added 7th Nov 2013, ID #318330

    place all the cheats in Code breaker but the last four digits of ALL codes need to be spaced ( that goes for ANY codebreaker cheat)

    Master Code
    00000554 000A
    101DC9B0 0007
    83005000 0000
    83005002 0000

    Infinite Cash
    82025838 104E
    8202583A E971

    Added 1st May 2013, ID #279233

    this code works but when i go to vermilion it does not give me the option to go to the secret islands... what is wrong with the code

    Added 21st Mar 2013, ID #265848

    ese idiota

    Added 13th Feb 2013, ID #253948


    Added 3rd Feb 2013, ID #249818

    What's the code for infinite money? Because most of the stuff you have to buy. :/

    Added 22nd Jan 2013, ID #245292

    This does work. Tried everything suggested and none of them helped me. Then tried something else.

    Disable all other cheats and then ONLY ACTIVATE this one. Should work perfectly.

    Added 12th Jan 2013, ID #241602

    this worked perfectly well for me. bought everything i needed with the infinite money code just the wild pokemon modifier doesn't work, it just restarts my game, which sucks

    Added 30th Dec 2012, ID #232412

    Here are some codes that all work, I recommend that you only use them with an emulator since that is the easiest way to prevent glitches.

    Step one: get the code you want and go to you're emulator and put the code in. For all emulators it automatically turns on the code so your good there

    Step 2: walk into a grassy are or cave or water doesn't matter where you are the pokemon will show up when you start the battle scene before it shows you the pokemon I assume that you know how to get to the cheats in the game but anyway before you see the pokemon you chose go into the cheats and turn of the code. Then you may continue and catch that pokemon then delete the code and choose another one, doing it this way will cause no glitches. If you don't do it this way the pokemon you chose will show up anytime you run into a wild animal and I mean every single time wether its on or in water in a cave or in grass so here are the codes there is no master code so enjoy

    Bulbasaur c80d77ec c6fc635e ad86124f 2823d8da

    Ivysaur c80d77ec c6fc635e ab84463b b2609644

    Venusaur c80d77ec c6fc635e 3542f0a7 7d2e171f

    Charmander c80d77ec c6fc635e db8c60cd 81fd6aa7

    Charmeleon c80d77ec c6fc635e 08506d61 55cbd9a8

    Charizard c80d77ec c6fc635e a56395d2 8af46857

    Squirtle c80d77ec c6fc635e bcdcb406 2f2fd763

    Wartortle c80d77ec c6fc635e 268349c8 63ff53ce

    Blastoise c80d77ec c6fc635e 5fd24abc 1fe3296a

    Caterpie c80d77ec c6fc635e 358cc2bf 9bfa3518

    Metapod c80d77ec c6fc635e dc725d4e 3a20792f

    Butterfree c80d77ec c6fc635e 33effb7c e1794f5b

    Weedle c80d77ec c6fc635e 9a86d92a 635f8dbc

    Kakuna c80d77ec c6fc635e ccec9f6e 5a2a0f12

    Beedrill c80d77ec c6fc635e f3d99280 49f4eedc

    Pidgey c80d77ec c6fc635e 139bba32 2dc356c8

    Pidgeotto c80d77ec c6fc635e 2f7b0f2f 257173ea

    Pidgeot c80d77ec c6fc635e 13659b39 95bd80e5

    Rattata c80d77ec c6fc635e e5c49e22 47b157f2

    Raticate c80d77ec c6fc635e 60c9dc15 1ad9b226

    Spearow c80d77ec c6fc635e 2f5d7856 a5f7b4ae

    Fearow c80d77ec c6fc635e 23689847 da918b8d

    Ekans c80d77ec c6fc635e a5ba4cfa ca5d771c

    Arbok c80d77ec c6fc635e b75d69f0 7c3b3103

    Pikachu c80d77ec c6fc635e 9d4a1bff 05120d39

    Raichu c80d77ec c6fc635e ce7b779b ae493550

    Sandshrew c80d77ec c6fc635e 7dfc4cbd 20bb83b6

    Sandslash c80d77ec c6fc635e cfc711b9 0585971f

    Nidoran c80d77ec c6fc635e b6450111 c65005bc

    Nidorina c80d77ec c6fc635e 0ba329e0 ceb39484

    Nidoqueen c80d77ec c6fc635e c3b010f5 6db0ed0e

    Nidoran c80d77ec c6fc635e a38262a2 825f8cf0

    Nidorino c80d77ec c6fc635e 33d5e08a 037ab9c4

    Nidoking c80d77ec c6fc635e 82e3dd4b ebfef864

    Clefairy c80d77ec c6fc635e e8eab84f 26c8ab6b

    Clefable c80d77ec c6fc635e d15755d8 af5be6f1

    Vulpix c80d77ec c6fc635e 276af592 a3a635cc

    Ninetales c80d77ec c6fc635e 27b815e0 b8ccc2da

    Jigglypuff c80d77ec c6fc635e b18ac7e0 e667a184

    Wigglytuff c80d77ec c6fc635e 7cedc4cf f95c5521

    Zubat c80d77ec c6fc635e 47596727 51bb292a

    Golbat c80d77ec c6fc635e ff3a0dd1 df54eb13

    Oddish c80d77ec c6fc635e ef723724 f31e5f64

    Gloom c80d77ec c6fc635e a386b043 9deb5064

    Vileplume c80d77ec c6fc635e 4a2748a4 f888f1c9

    Paras c80d77ec c6fc635e ead30258 3988d84f

    Parasect c80d77ec c6fc635e 74cfc9e9 82cd278e

    Venonat c80d77ec c6fc635e 0cc56d24 c9f5a33a

    Venomoth c80d77ec c6fc635e dfdfff0a 8919bb28

    Diglett c80d77ec c6fc635e ba7199ec 664f9418

    Dugtrio c80d77ec c6fc635e bcc0fb44 1a047d3c

    Meowth c80d77ec c6fc635e 5f38fd3f 5d7412a3

    Persian c80d77ec c6fc635e 0bec25d3 787468ae

    Psyduck c80d77ec c6fc635e 70cec019 12f0a7b0

    Golduck c80d77ec c6fc635e 32e8bc37 7712cf08

    Mankey c80d77ec c6fc635e daab0c35 55611812

    Primeape c80d77ec c6fc635e b82fbcb6 c954f4ed

    Growlithe c80d77ec c6fc635e cd7047ab 42d861f2

    Arcanine c80d77ec c6fc635e 3099d33c 49e66a04

    Poliwag c80d77ec c6fc635e af0908f3 650fe1bd

    Poliwhirl c80d77ec c6fc635e c29c3277 063e67e9

    Poliwrath c80d77ec c6fc635e 8dc834cf bfecca56

    Abra c80d77ec c6fc635e 5738cfe5 515c61cf

    Kadabra c80d77ec c6fc635e 67ca1286 0e3a5d83

    Alakazam c80d77ec c6fc635e c91954d9 68aad246

    Machop c80d77ec c6fc635e 8ad2c8bb eb3d7a39

    Machoke c80d77ec c6fc635e 95efd5ea dd857e98

    Machamp c80d77ec c6fc635e 3bf5b7c4 061aaa45

    Bellsprout c80d77ec c6fc635e cf2e3b09 3b30426e

    Weepinbell c80d77ec c6fc635e 0030c455 4f43bb12

    Victreebel c80d77ec c6fc635e 1df3b8ca dc70ec58

    Tentacool c80d77ec c6fc635e 65c4e9c5 24ca1894

    Tentacruel c80d77ec c6fc635e 51dde51a 00de2ce3

    Geodude c80d77ec c6fc635e 399f7170 d519951e

    Graveler c80d77ec c6fc635e ddf655e3 9bdee49c

    Golem c80d77ec c6fc635e 103f567c 2f1a9043

    Ponyta c80d77ec c6fc635e 877a6953 8f6209f2

    Rapidash c80d77ec c6fc635e 195bad3f c840ca28

    Slowpoke c80d77ec c6fc635e 4cec5478 acbc593c

    Slowbro c80d77ec c6fc635e fe7c44db 7672b1d8

    Magnemite c80d77ec c6fc635e 3c17aea9 5dc9d705

    Magneton c80d77ec c6fc635e b8bd13c5 e3e7d9b3

    Farfetch'd c80d77ec c6fc635e 9121060c 74b908e0

    Doduo c80d77ec c6fc635e 920be3c7 3e00359c

    Dodrio c80d77ec c6fc635e 02258041 19abfe29

    Seel c80d77ec c6fc635e 8ec19a12 fd47b55f

    Dewgong c80d77ec c6fc635e e18d1069 1053e30c

    Grimer c80d77ec c6fc635e eb7f9c3f db3192f5

    Muk c80d77ec c6fc635e 729160a9 f8f73577

    Shellder c80d77ec c6fc635e 92a2030e 24f19e86

    Cloyster c80d77ec c6fc635e fb078533 1a99c72a

    Gastly c80d77ec c6fc635e 99b8a848 91759eff

    Haunter c80d77ec c6fc635e 7f14537b 6c00e975

    Gengar c80d77ec c6fc635e ba9a9758 4221ebf4

    Onix c80d77ec c6fc635e 54d9a0db 68fc768f

    Drowzee c80d77ec c6fc635e c5c4bbbb 55b1b77f

    Hypno c80d77ec c6fc635e f4bb6321 8e9265db

    Krabby c80d77ec c6fc635e d83facc2 7d31e557

    Kingler c80d77ec c6fc635e ff0f431f 400ef220

    Voltorb c80d77ec c6fc635e abd2c0c0 fbc68a93

    Electrode c80d77ec c6fc635e 0c2333cd 141730a7

    Exeggcute c80d77ec c6fc635e 8d2f9e72 8719250b

    Exeggutor c80d77ec c6fc635e 744af614 12d8281b

    Cubone c80d77ec c6fc635e d9e3884f 37500e3f

    Marowak c80d77ec c6fc635e cb4a8bd1 1d028da2

    Hitmonlee c80d77ec c6fc635e 9edb950d 454533e5

    Hitmonchan c80d77ec c6fc635e 3535fa3a ebecd355

    Lickitung c80d77ec c6fc635e f582757c 16122b78

    Koffing c80d77ec c6fc635e bf93f87f bc1ab791

    Weezing c80d77ec c6fc635e d966da15 88bbb73a

    Rhyhorn c80d77ec c6fc635e 7da9c8c7 8549c3d4

    Rhydon c80d77ec c6fc635e 9071d41e 55259c19

    Chansey c80d77ec c6fc635e ad38c4db b5ebb8a7

    Tangela c80d77ec c6fc635e 100d1518 466a2d06

    Kangaskhan c80d77ec c6fc635e 8f4be409 7110788b

    Horsea c80d77ec c6fc635e 02401cff f2742052

    Seadra c80d77ec c6fc635e b0160e28 ed6b68ec

    Goldeen c80d77ec c6fc635e 29061002 69bb68ff

    Seaking c80d77ec c6fc635e 676505b9 904c9de3

    Staryu c80d77ec c6fc635e d7d9a00c 7bfb7aac

    Starmie c80d77ec c6fc635e 0e2752fa 51091446

    Mr. Mime c80d77ec c6fc635e 0922d9a2 c1e680ba

    Scyther c80d77ec c6fc635e 28befbb3 68de4569

    Jynx c80d77ec c6fc635e fb0fc84e d45216cf

    Added 21st Dec 2012, ID #225776

    Master code is
    And you put the item codes in one at a time, the name will be wrong, but when you go to buy it it will be the first item at the poke mart and they will say the correct name when you select it, you should be able to buy a bunch at a time. i used it succesfully to buy 100 toxics (its just a sick move ok?)
    [Master Code]
    820038840126 (Toxic) or 82003884XXXX (general)

    Added 6th Oct 2012, ID #192106

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