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Gym Leaders hint for Pokemon LeafGreen


Gym Leaders

The eight gym leaders are stated below.

The first gym leader is Brock.He uses a level twelve Geodude, and a level fourteen Onyx.I suggest using water, grass, and fighting types to face him.He gives you the Boulder Badge and TM 39 which is rock tomb.

The second gym leader is Misty.She uses a level eighteen Staryu, and a level twenty-one Starmie.I suggest you use grass or electric types to face her.She gives you the Cascade Badge and TM 03 which is water pulse.The Cascade Badge is needed to make Pokemon up to level thirty obey you.

The third gym leader is Lt. Surge.He uses a level eighteen Pikachu, a level twenty-one Voltorb, and a level twenty-four Raichu.I suggest using ground types to face him.He gives you the Thunder Badge and TM 34 which is shock wave.

The fourth gym leader is Erika.She uses a level twenty-four Tangela, a level twenty-nine Victreebel, and a level twenty-nine Vileplume.I suggest using fire, flying, and psychic types to face her.She gives you the Rainbow Badge and TM 19 which is mega drain.You need the Rainbow Badge to make Pokemon up to level fifty obey you.

The fifth gym leader is Koga.He uses a level thirty-seven Koffing, another level thirty-seven Koffing, a level thirty-nine Muk, and a level forty-three Weezing.I prefer psychic to face him.He gives you the Soul Badge and TM 06 which is toxic.

The sixth gym keader is Sabrina.She uses a level thirty-seven Mr. Mime, a level thirty-seven Venomoth, a level thirty-eight Kadabra, and a level forty-three Alakazam.I suggest fire, flying, and psychic types to face her.She gives you the Marsh Badge and TM 04 which is calm mind.You need the Marsh Badge to make Pokemon up to level seventy to obey you.

The seventh gym is Blaine.He uses a level forty Pontya, a level forty-two Growlithe, a level forty-two Rapidash, and a level forty-seven Arcanine.I suggest you use water, ground, and rock types to face him.He gives you the Volcanoe Badge and TM 38 which is fire blast.

The eigth and final gym leader is Team Rocket's Leader Giovanni.He uses a level forty-two Dugtrio, a level forty-four Nidoqueen, a level forty-five Rhyhorn, a level forty-five Nidoking, and a level fifty Rhyhorn.I suggest you use water, grass and psychic types to face him.He gives you the Earth Badge and TM 26 which is earthquake.This badge makes all Pokemon of all levels obey you.

You need all these badges to face the Elite Four.

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Jul 30th 2014 Guest
I think that the first 4 gyms are easy.
When you face Koga, just use all your
pokemon to defeat him. Sabrina should
Be easy, but if your struggling, use a
grass type because that's the best for me.
Blain is easy. Catch a Gyrados with a super rod
and level it up. With the Gyrados you caught defeat Giovanni.
My pokemon are level 59, so I'm ready for the elite 4 and Gary the champ. :D

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