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Pokemon Emerald cheats for Pokemon Emerald


Pokemon Emerald cheats

National Pokedex:
Defeat the Elite 4 and Proffessor Birch will give it to you when you leave your house. Unlock the Pokemon Diploma:
Capture all 202 Pokemon in your Pokedex then talk to the Game Designer in a hotel in Lilycove City.

Unlock the National Pokedex Diploma:
Capture all 386 Pokemon in your Pokedex then talk to the Game Designer in a hotel in Lilycove City.

Trainer Card Color Upgrades
Your Trainer Card will change colours and rise in rank when you have completed certain tasks. You have to beat the Elite Four before you can complete the following tasks; Win one ribbon in all five of the Master Rank Pokemon Contests, Collect all the gold symbols in the Battle Frontier, Become Pokemon League Champion, Complete the Hoenn Pokedex.

Bronze Rank:
Complete one of the tasks mentioned above.

Copper Rank:
Complete two of the tasks mentioned above.

Silver Rank:
Complete three of the tasks mentioned above.

Gold Rank:
Complete all four of the tasks mentioned above.

Altering Cave:
Defeat the Elite Four to be able to go to Altering Cave. It is located on Route 103. Battle Frontier:
Defeat the Elite Four to be able to go to Battle Frontier

Prizes from Scott:
Talk to Scott and he will give you berries and decorations depending on your accomplishments in the Battle Frontier

Lansat Berry:
Obtain all Silver Frontier Symbols

Starf Berry:
Obtain all Gold Frontier Symbols

Silver Shield (Decoration):
Win 50 Battles

Gold Shield (Decoration):
Win 100 Battles

Berry Master's Wife Passwords
Receive the following berries by telling the Berry Master's wife certain phrases. This is limited and only one phrase will work each day

You will receive a Belue Berry

You will receive a Durin Berry

You will receive a Spelon Berry

You will receive a Watmel Berry

You will receive a Pamtre Berry

Special unlockable Pokemon
For some Pokemon certain events must be performed before they are released

Get the Mystic Ticket then go to Navel Island

Get the Aurara Ticket then go to Birth Island

Get the Old Sea Chart then go to Faraway Island

Defeat the rival team at the Weather Institute

Defeat the Elite Four then go to the Sea Lair if the man who gave you Castform tell you there has been heavy rainfall. Kyogre will be in an underwater cave that requires Dive to enter

Defeat the Elite Four then go to the Land Lair. Groudon will be in an outdoor cave

Mudkip, Treeko or Torchic:
Help Proffesor Birch escape the wild pokemon

Magma and Aqua must get Kyogre and Groudon out of the cave. Then go to Sky Pillar

Latios or Latias:
Watch the T.V. Downstairs in your house after defeating the Elite Four. Once you have watched it your Mom will ask you what colour the Pokemon is. If you say Red, you will find Latias. If you say Blue, it will be Latios. Getting the other Lati (Latios or Latias):
Mix Records with a Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire game that used the Eon Ticket. You are then able get to a hidden island via the SS Tidal where you can find the Lati you didn't choose. Beldum:
See Steven's house after defeating the Elite four. Tododile, Chikorita or Cyndaquil:
Professor Birch will call you on your Pokenav When you complete the 202 Pokemon of Hoenn. Frontier Brains
When you encounter special trainers in facilities of the Battle Frontier defeat them to earn Symbols for your Frontier Pass. The final trainer will be the Brain.

Factory Head Noland I:
Defeat Factory three times

Arena Tycoon Greta I:
Defeat Arena four times

Palace Maven Spenser I:
Defeat Palace three times

Pike Queen Lucy I:
Defeat Pike twice

Pyramid King Brandon I:
Defeat Pyramid three times

Salon Maiden Anabel I:
Defeat Tower five times

Dome Ace Tucker I:
Defeat Dome five times

Factory Head Noland II:
Defeat Factory six times

Palace Maven Spenser II:
Defeat Palace six times

Arena Tycoon Greta II:
Defeat Arena eight times

Pike Queen Lucy II:
Beat Pike ten times

Pyramid King Brandon II:
Defeat Pyramid ten times

Salon Maiden Anabel II:
Defeat Tower ten times

Dome Ace Tucker II:
Defeat Dome ten times

Lilycove Department Clearance Sale:
Defeat the Elite 4 then if you are lucky you will see an advertisement for the Lilycove Department Clearance Sale on TV. Fly to Lilycove immediatly and go to the Department Store's roof level and you will find many decoorations and items available that cannot be got anywhere else. Shiny Pokemon:
When you encounter a Pokemon you have a 1/8192 chance of the Pokemon being a shiny Pokemon

Saving Safari Zone Steps:
Pay 500 to go to the Safari Zone then go to a grass patch and stay there without walking. Press the arrow buttons softly at about a 90 degree angle and it is possible to catch a rare Pokemon without losing any of your 500 steps. Unlock Mystery Gift:
Go to a Pokemon mart and press A on the piece of paper on the counter. Then insert the words 'LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL' and press select to easily find the words. The store lady will then talk to you and tell you that mystery gift is now unlocked. Faster hatching eggs:
Put a Pokemon with the ability Flame Body or Magma Armor on your team which will cut the amount of steps needed to hatch an egg by half. Swarm's second ability:
It raises Bug-type attacks by 150% when the user is weak it makes Pokemon cry in the background more often.

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how to get [color=red][/color] sacred ash

Added 15th Sep 2015, ID #608725

How to get many rare candy

Added 19th Aug 2015, ID #599881

I want to us dabra in battle keeps teleporting me I need one Action move that's OK u send me a cheat dus damage on this web sit

Added 23rd Jul 2015, ID #588449

Please tell me how to use the cheats of all tm i want earthquake

Added 10th Jun 2015, ID #568263

U get it when u are in the entrance of kyorge and u beat Archie ya spolliers if not been there

Added 29th Sep 2015, ID #612430

Hey guys I have a cheat for you that will turn ur pokemon hp into 999 even though it is level 1!! Remember this cheat code doen not requires a master code so guys first go to a pokemon centre and type this cheat code-68770050 678B8139 and then ur first pokemon will have 999 hp and switch pokemon to the first party pokemon and they will have 999 hp and then heal ur (your) pokemon plese rate guys.see ya!!


Added 2nd Jun 2015, ID #564610

Where do u find the hm surf

Added 31st May 2015, ID #563918

You can ring surf when you beat your dad and Stevens dad will give you surf:-)

Added 6th Sep 2015, ID #605793


Added 7th May 2015, ID #552883

U didnt mention how to hget infinite health and attacl u must not go to any place only in the nearest placd i. Ur house until u get to lvl 100
[u][quote][/q[quote][/quote] uote] [/u

Added 30th Apr 2015, ID #549822

Does anyone know the cheats for max Battle points!!???

Added 16th Apr 2015, ID #543543

Where is the cheat code of masterball it's important because rayquaza it's so hard to catch....using the rest he or she fell asleep but i throw a ball it's broke why?...

ramilo bacus jr.
Added 31st Mar 2015, ID #535671

plzz tell m how to get infinite battle points

Added 2nd Mar 2015, ID #523214

Guest 456766, You have to beat team magma at the space center in mossdeep city with Steven. After that, go to his house to obtain the move Waterfall

Added 26th Jan 2015, ID #507771

You get pikachu by going to the safari zone. Once at there, go west past the two patches of grass. The patch that I caught my pikachu is the next grass patch north of the path after the second grass patch. It is Area 2 of the safari zone I think. You have to use the thunder stone to evolve pikachu into riachu, but riachu doesn't learn any new moves, I found this out after my friend told me, so I wouldn't evolve it until you learn the moves you want. Magnetric is better if you compare its stats with pikachu or riachu's.

Added 26th Jan 2015, ID #507767

How to have raichu or pikachu

Added 22nd Jan 2015, ID #505289

D nmn pde ung nilagay na cheat code hay ( no cheat codes )

Added 20th Jan 2015, ID #504375

Guys how do i go to the mirrage island?

Added 9th Jan 2015, ID #498799


Added 27th Dec 2014, ID #491083

You can encounter more pokemon on safari if your first pokemon holds a flute i dont know what color its either black or white?

Added 23rd Dec 2014, ID #488691

where is the sky pillar pls tell!!!

Added 29th Oct 2014, ID #464840

Sktpiller is to the right and up of pacific log town

Added 29th Oct 2014, ID #464548

where is the sky pilllars please tell......

Added 21st Oct 2014, ID #461079

who to do salteport city

who to battle with team aqua

Added 19th Oct 2014, ID #460443

Where is the hm waterfall at

Added 10th Oct 2014, ID #456766

Ok good

Added 4th Oct 2014, ID #454864

I have cheats hahaha for real!

Added 22nd Sep 2014, ID #450673

Where is the sky pillar?

Added 13th Sep 2014, ID #447495

near the pasificlog

Added 17th Apr 2015, ID #543911

this sucks

Added 25th Aug 2014, ID #440597

what is a item cheats

Added 9th Aug 2014, ID #433366

dued i want cheats like a b b a or x y a a b stuff thats easy

Added 25th Jul 2014, ID #425013


Added 20th Jul 2014, ID #421916

To get the cheats click on gameshark that in the bar under the title of the game in this page.

Added 3rd Jul 2014, ID #411449

where da cheats?

Added 3rd Jul 2014, ID #411214

these are all easter eggs where is the cheats

Added 1st Jul 2014, ID #409725

I think that they should describe a bit more for cheats and try to get those stuff yourself in ur comments

Added 29th Jun 2014, ID #408723

I has one problem no cheats

Added 29th Jun 2014, ID #408711

Where do you get the hm cut at

Added 16th Jun 2014, ID #400620

OMG everyone, it said right on the main page that ese are useful tips for people without game shark. Look in the gameshark cheats topic for codes.

Added 16th Jun 2014, ID #400486


Added 9th Jun 2014, ID #396738

You get dive from steven

Added 2nd Jun 2014, ID #392632

where the cheat???????????????????????????????????????

Added 26th May 2014, ID #388731

There are no cheat codes!!!!!!!

Added 23rd May 2014, ID #387326



Added 21st Apr 2014, ID #377393

does anyone know where i can get HM-dive at?

Added 17th Apr 2014, ID #375723

What do u do after the flying gym

Added 9th Apr 2014, ID #373239

where are all the number codes not just this crap ed-vice Ive done all that stuff

Added 21st Mar 2014, ID #366603

how come many cheats won't work. help me

Added 6th Mar 2014, ID #361468

can u help me what is the cheat of far away island and southern island plz. I am freaking how to do it pls. help me

Added 28th Feb 2014, ID #359523

I just want a working cheat. like rock smash, fly, dig, cut, like those :'(

Added 24th Feb 2014, ID #358578

Y is the pokemon not apearing when I put in the gamshark code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I need the REAL master code

Added 11th Jan 2014, ID #342456

If people want to catch safari pokemon for free without paying do this. First stock up on pokeballs and also be warned the pokemon fight back and could be high leveled. Once done make sure this is on in the gameshark cheats.
(M)must be on
Then put this one in
28C0A6F2 8513BE9A warp to Safari Zone
One on walk through any door and you will appear by the door that leads out to the safari zone. Turn the cheat off and go through the door. You are in the safari zone. Enjoy

Added 6th Jan 2014, ID #340231


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