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Warp codes Action Replay Code for Pokemon Emerald

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Apr 26th 2009, ID#4668 Warp codes

Here are some warp codes, I've tried a few and all I have tried have worked so don't blame me if one or two don't work - the battle frontier code works.

Region: Unspecified | Class: In-game Cheats

For the first two lines put:


(This allows you to warp when you hold the R button while walking through a door so you don't have to keep turning your AR on and off ).

For the Next two lines in the code put the are you want to visit:
6266061B C8C9D80F Player's House
6178C413 3E2FF736 Elite Four Sidney
CE4225D2 7BDD5C76 Shard Collector's house (Route 124)
303D269F 12358A21 Player's Room
41509519 56FA6E47 Flower House (Route 104)
A6DF8006 B219CFD6 Old Lady Rest Stop (Route 111)
16830A6F EEFE51C8 Ever Grande City
F0EC26B8 31EC5657 Southern Island
734D21AC ABA1D48F Petalburg City
4CF78722 99D85A9F Slateport City
B49EB935 5B46BF8B Mauville City
93DF5785 8CD8CE27 Rustboro City
B6D1DB88 5987C390 Fortree City
EF6C4684 7B994DBB Lilycove City
872D5923 BC0EB4CF Mossdeep City
1DE2E5F2 55690815 Sootopolis City
16830A6F EEFE51C8 Ever Grande City
F89BD08B ED8D449E Littleroot Town
8F7BB880 613514DE Oldale Town
26FE9036 CFBAF75B Dewford Town
05DF8009 6EB6EEA8 Lavaridge Town
7F7F34B1 DC5CFBD6 Fallarbor Town
453A42B4 BE47C4F9 Verdanturf Town
9697749C BF836364 Pacifidlog Town
7DE5E94F 91EB4C93 Route 101
0333BAF0 0661FE19 Route 102
D9E2E15D 589AC20A Route 103
A6BE8B1F 442B2029 Route 104
0ACBA427 D063137D Route 105
35B2E915 9E9D0012 Route 106
AFAE04F5 6CCDFB3E Route 107
289910FE A48BEDF5 Route 108
3845BE84 2E324169 Route 109
04E9A63A 1BC8E597 Route 110
AB0C156A D5A95250 Route 111
F94D9C59 8E44B1FD Cave of Origin 1
51F83940 1F1D4074 Cave of Origin 2
BAD22590 7BC0B633 Cave of Origin 3
E96BB1BD 6A918C74 Cave of Origin 4
C3D813F0 18BEFF1D Cave of Origin 5
6C2E2E64 CCCB6AF4 cave of Origin 6
29A1BB9F 7597347F Victory Road 1
B0643A23 AABC6584 Victory Road 2
66D5FD35 4FF24CAF Victory Road 3
5A82DDA5 3EE48807 Shoal Cave 1
3A4924C9 02AB4E27 Shoal Cave 2
F514B707 0B77849A Shoal Cave 3(no water)
228CEFAA 892BA96B Shoal Cave 4(no water)
B48F494A AB19D8C9 Shoal Cave 1(surfing)
7F9CEE84 60922F8D New Mauville 1
A436303B D4F71A29 New Mauville 2
16EBB0DB E1C1C203 Abandoned Ship 1
368E508E 6A81358E Abandoned Ship 2
023ABF68 8614F56E Abandoned Ship 3
D6CE78E5 A05C3208 Abandoned Ship 4
C90DFC23 F42D5EED Abandoned Ship 5
A937A21B BDE6F5DA Abandoned Ship 6
FB514259 C8393E27 Abandoned Ship 7
EB37D90E F0C00BFB Abandoned Ship 8
BAADAAB5 C9B7735A Abandoned Ship 9
E90852FE 498AA6A2 Abandoned Ship 10
40B0AAA8 1A838C90 Abandoned Ship 11
A64CA032 0DBB5271 Abandoned Ship 12
91102404 79845435 Abandoned Ship 13
0E2A9416 7BEA4915 Aqua Hideout
C4338331 146F9E5C Sky Pillar 1
BDBB4C0E 2E34E26E Sky Pillar 2
3A338DB4 782BE901 Sky Pillar 3
1BF011B4 44F64692 Sky Pillar 4
E51D81E5 E7942921 Sky Pillar 5
937B1FE6 8479FB19 Sky Pillar 6
3B51207B 0268D4E0 Sky Pillar 7
5734DBE6 3E9A5F62 Sky Pillar 8
37A21411 E441F3EA Top of Sky Pillar
9AA83A82 81BEF3E1 Magma Hideout 1
81A6E3F4 20B90696 Magma Hideout 2
F6A15CF3 954EDFC2 Magma Hideout 3
72E2E569 327026E0 Magma Hideout 4
A2842D2D 7AAE085F Magma Hideout 5
19EFC418 3C748823 Magma Hideout 6
71837BD2 3FA4B262 Magma Hideout 7
D9698E78 51CE0643 Magma Hideout 8
7572668C A25C844C Mirage Pillar 1
D5004355 398C8113 Mirage Pillar 2
9A6E4A93 E6670C5D Mirage Pillar 3
A24BACCD CEE66E3A Mirage Pillar 4
A74FB133 AAC2ACE1 Desert Underpass
7DC043F4 06E4B479 Artisan Cave 1
77621DAE AAF9DA26 Artisan Cave 2
F0EC26B8 31EC5657 Southern Island
4D2A5A81 4E69A107 Battle Frontier
8DEB234A 4C8DC5EC Faraway Island (Mew)
E124B2B1 A46B45AB Faraway Island 2
4A99A22B 58284D2D Birth Island (Deoxys)
842CB8A9 7F8B0149 Navel Rock (Lugia and Ho-oh)

Your Code Should look like this :

X=the code to the place you want to visit and get
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Doesn't work. I want to get to the Top of the Sky Pillar. :(

Added 27th Jul 2015, ID #589985


Added 9th Aug 2015, ID #595798

Its not working!!!

Added 12th Jun 2015, ID #569048

what is warp code of Ilex forest shrine?

Added 20th Mar 2015, ID #531083

Ilex forest is in pokemon G/S/C and HG/SS, not in pokemon R/S/E.

Added 5th Jul 2015, ID #580259

How do I use a code on a laptop?

Added 26th Feb 2015, ID #521496

What is the master code

Added 4th Feb 2015, ID #511401

WORKING!! thanks

Added 13th Jan 2015, ID #500934

How do u du it it not work for me

Added 30th Aug 2014, ID #442568

How to warp to the moon

Added 24th Aug 2014, ID #440094

I used warp code and sends me to same place with code on or off and can't leave how do I fix this? Using my boy

Added 18th Aug 2014, ID #437902

I tried the Navel Rock code, and it didn't work. Plz help!

Added 16th Aug 2014, ID #437575

It worked thanks.
Just FYI I am using Samsung Galaxy S3 Android V4.3 My Boy Emulator Trail Version. The free one.

Added 3rd Aug 2014, ID #429911

Basta pogi pa rin ako

Added 2nd Jun 2015, ID #564872

The shoal cave with water, it does not have anything when i try to exit nothing happens i can't get out.

Added 27th Jul 2014, ID #426035

I need a code to teleport me in front of groudon not crash it.

Added 27th Jul 2014, ID #426033

It didn't work 4 me I have my boy gba app so please help

Added 18th Jul 2014, ID #421016

On Android you don't need to hit the R button. Just turn on the code and walk through a door. Just bake sure to turn it off afterwards

Added 5th Jul 2014, ID #412444

So why can't you catch latios or Latias in southern island?

Added 8th Jun 2014, ID #396256

trying to exit a door with code on will teleport you back inside the area. turn it off to disable cheat, which disables going to be stuck.

Added 30th Mar 2014, ID #369626

for those of you who are using gba4ios or no$gba just put warp code in, not master, walk through a near door, this works on phone for sure, idk on computer though

Added 12th Mar 2014, ID #363557

This worked amazingly for entering the top of Sky Pillar (on android, because its appears to be close to impossible to get to the top without bashing your phone to pieces). Just added code to the cheat section (only the sky pillar code), ran into a pokecenter and tapped R simultaniously! Suddently at Rayaqaza!

Added 3rd Mar 2014, ID #360595

This worked amazingly for entering the top of Sky Pillar (on android). Just added code to the cheat section (only the sky pillar code), ran into a pokecenter and tapped 3 simultaniously! Suddently at Rayaqaza!

Added 3rd Mar 2014, ID #360594

Can you warp to moon?

Added 16th Jan 2014, ID #344517

code works for pokemon emerald hack version too!

Added 17th Dec 2013, ID #330398

Don't get mad. Just take the M code off then try walking through the door. Worked for me!

Added 14th Nov 2013, ID #319446

I did put in the Navel rock code, with and without the other code ... wtf to do Guys!!!

Added 11th Nov 2013, ID #318929

i get the error: Invalid GSA code. Format is XXXXXXXXYYYYYYYY

Added 6th Nov 2013, ID #318177

after you reach it disable your cheat to not to glitch

Added 25th Aug 2013, ID #306690

after you reach it disable your cheat to not to glitch

Added 25th Aug 2013, ID #306689

I am playing it in my boy emulator for android

Added 22nd Jul 2013, ID #299539

I typed only the second line of the cheat code and then entered a house but nothin happened, then I went out and entered again pressing R, and I did this with all the buttons andnstill nothing happened. Help please

Added 22nd Jul 2013, ID #299536

i love you dude im crazy happy

Added 5th Jul 2013, ID #295069

Thanx to you I caught rayquaza. But when I go to tall grass the game stops .help

Added 30th Jun 2013, ID #293927

Look, u dont need the first set of codes the 9D88122 8CFB57D all u need to do is put in the code u want to go to then walk through A DOOR otherwise it won't work and when u r done take the code off.

Added 26th Jun 2013, ID #292922

Look, u dont need the first set of codes the 9D88122 8CFB57D all u need to do is put in the code u want to go to then walk through A DOOR otherwise it won't work and when u r done take the code off.

Added 26th Jun 2013, ID #292921

How do u do it

Added 19th Jun 2013, ID #291437

When i go to the warps, i get teleported back to the spot i warped to. Is this a glitch?

Added 15th Jun 2013, ID #290372

how i use in gpsp?

Added 6th Jun 2013, ID #288188

do you have to have full version of myboy?

Added 4th Jun 2013, ID #287808

Where do i go for regis?

Added 2nd Jun 2013, ID #287409

there `s no master code

Added 16th May 2013, ID #283029

please ia want ito

Added 3rd May 2013, ID #279662

Please help I tried using a cheat code when I reach a island then the water turned another colour and I got sent to a place which they say its birth island but I cant get out or even move

Added 2nd May 2013, ID #279406

I want jirachi do you now where place it is?

Added 11th Apr 2013, ID #272503

it did'nt work on my john gba emulator. ca you plss help me....

Added 31st Mar 2013, ID #269213

...They do work, you just need to write it right.

Added 25th Mar 2013, ID #267265

the codes work fine for me thank u

Added 14th Mar 2013, ID #263585

I used the southern island event enable and it didn't work then tried the warp code for southern island but when i go there nothing happens, am i doing something wrong?

Added 10th Mar 2013, ID #262570


Added 4th Nov 2012, ID #204991

Ok so i was route 128 swiming and i put th warp cheat for navel rock then i used fly and now i guess i glitched it because now i am stuck in the water and cant move in any directionand the game says im at navel rock but im just floating in the water. I tried using fly but it says i cant use fly. Please help.

Added 15th Sep 2012, ID #186336

If you are using gpSPhone you should have your .cht file
I just tried these codes and they work using
"PAR_v3 (Name of code)"
"Paste warp code here"
If not then use the regular
"Gameshark_v3 (Name of code)"
"Paste warp code here"

Added 4th Sep 2012, ID #183228

you dont need to use the first 2 lines, just the warp codes :-)

Added 22nd Aug 2012, ID #178769


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