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The Truth About Missingno. cheat for Pokemon Blue


The Truth About Missingno.

Oh no, not another Missingno. thing. This is different, this Cheat is just telling you about Missingno. and why he is actually a GOOD thing to capture.

Alright, first off, Missingno. has some pretty good Stats. His Stats actually depend on his level (as usual). For example, if Missingno. is at level 80, his Attack will be 180, which is really good. Another thing though, if he is at level 80, his Defense will only be 8, which is bad but, any Poke'mon should be dead in one hit with Stats of 180 Attack, at only level 80. If he's at level 120, his Attack would be 220 and defense will be 12, but once he level ups, his level will go down to 100, but his Stats will stay the same.

Another good thing to remember is that Missingno. can learn basically all TM's and HM's. When Missingno. is captured, he only knows three moves: Water Gun, Water Gun(Yes, two Water Guns), and Sky Attack. These are all pretty good moves.

Clearing Some Things Up:
I've personally have captured Missingno. numerous times on one file (I used to have a whole team of Missingno's); I have yet to experience any "Save Difficulties", Although, I HAVE experienced things such as your Hall of Fame being screwed up (but that's not important). Also, Missingno. tends to mess up the way some Poke'mon look, i.e. flipped and a little slashed out, but it doesn't damage gameplay. (This is probably the longest Cheat I've ever submitted )

Thats All I Have For Now

Added by: 1122andyozz33 Jul 6th 2010, ID#5198 and get
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mew glich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 30th Sep 2011, ID #77423

I also had a bad experience when I caught it. Mine wasn't a gradual thing though. Saving wasn't a problem but next time I turned my gameboy on, I got a message saying the save file has been destroyed. I don't think they were the exact words but it left me with only new game. The game worked as normal afterwards, just deleted my file. Never tried again since.

Just seeing it however, did no harm to my game apart from the hall of fame glitch thing. I guess the effects are just random.

Added 28th Aug 2011, ID #70739

i have been playin blue n red version since the day it came out!!! n i can garentee if u catch missingno... n keep it, ur game will eventually become currupt/non fixable... i kno from per sanal exp. in the middle of the elite 4 cave with no dig or escape rope wen it happen to me, im'e just lucky i fixed it in time, any longer it wuld hav been non fixable... what was happenning was, i turned my game boy on after a good nights sleep. middle of th the elite 4 cave, i took about 20 steps my game froze... i reset it, took about 15 steps then it froze... i reset it agn and kept on trying till i couldnt take any more then 2 steps without my game freezing... what i had to do to fix it> take 1 step save n reset, then do it agn ova n ova, all the way to the entrance of the cave then fly to a pokemon centre, repeat the save n step process to the poke centre pc n then release Misingno... as soon as i released misngno my game was pretty much back to normal. except 4 a few laggy sidaffects... there r also plenty of other ways ur game can currupt dealing with missingno. sumtimes u dont evn have to catch it..... b carefull and use at ur own risk..................

Added 23rd Jul 2011, ID #60377


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