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Guns and Weapons

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This is a rundown and overview of the guns and weapons you can find in Zombi U.

1. HandGun

.The. L9A1. .PISTOL.

- Handgun Class:

- Fire Power Base: 88 +

- Firing Speed: 0.24 MAX

- Spread: 250 MAX

- Capacity: 12 -16 MAX

Scope- NO

Silencer- NO

The head gun is always with you, except at the games intro. It will be passed on to every survivor as the starting weapon. It starts with 6 bullets everytime you die.

It has very good accuracy, for basics zombi's it takes TWO headshots to take them out on Normal mode. It is the most trusty gun in the game.

It can be upgraded to level four. This will increase accuracy reload speed, recoil, and weapon swap, when using the handgun.

It can also be upgraded with the games, various upgrade materials.

2. Cricket Bat

. The . Cricket . Bat .

- Melee Class:

- N/A

This is the melee weapon of the game. You should ALWAYS keep it in an equiped slot.

Obviously it never breaks or runs out of "ammo". It is your best friend when all else fails, and trust me it will.

This baby takes 4-5 hits to take out most normal zombies. Riot officers will play baseball with you all day. The positve is it knocks enemies back.

It is terrible when surronded by zombies. You MUST take them out one by one. This weapon is best used to clear out the solo infected like stated above.

3.Magnum Pistol

.Magnum. .Pistol.

- Magnum Class:

- Firepower: 220 MAX

- Firing Speed: 0.26 MAX

- Spread: 2.65 MAX

- Capacity: 13 MAX

Scope - NO

Silencer - NO

I love this gun. It looks slick in the silver/chrome. Black grip it is just classic, the Magnum Pistol.

It packs a punch doing as much damage as some shotguns before they are fully upgraded.

Increases skills up to level 4 making it more powerful/useful. This is my favorite gun class in the game. The reason being I feel Zombie head shots are easy to pull off. Magnum's can take out many Zombie Types with one nice headshot. This is a plus !

4. Model 870 Shotgun

.Model. .870. .Shotgun.

- Shotgun Class:

- Firepower: 270 +

- Firing Speed: 1.00 MAX

- Spread: 9.10 MAX

- Capacity: 7 MAX

Scope - NO

Silencer - NO

Now I love shotguns and I know you do to, BUT. For some reason I am not a big fan of the 870. It is a bit lacking in accuracy as well as pure fire power. Of course it has a nice spread and can still head shot Zombies easily.

I just prefer the magnum. The capcity is low, the firing speed is low and like i said the power of the Magnum is actually much higher.

Shotgun enthusiast will still like this one, although there are quite a few more shotguns in the game you may prefer more then this one.

5. M4 Tactical Shotgun

.M4. .Tactical. .Shotgun.

- Shotgun Class:

- Firepower: 300 +

- Firing Speed 0.40 MAX

- Spread 9.30 MAX

- Capacity 10 MAX

Scope- NO

Silencer- NO

Now we are talking ! The M4 packs a heck of a punch and is FAST. With a .40 firing speed holding more rounds and MORE damage then its predecessor.

Get this one during the main quest line while collecting The Letters of Dee. It is rather late game, but still worth upgrading especially for the shotty fans out there. Although still not quite my favoirte.

Can be leveled to 4, has a slick black look with some chrome/silver pieces around the guns body. Really nice weapon as are most of the games weaponry.

One problem I had was the spread/accuracy. It fires fast and has bad recoil reduction. This can be cured if you level it up, although you may just waste a ton of precious ammo in the process.

6. Model 770 Carbine

.Model. .770. .Carbine.

- Carbine Class

- Firepower: 255 MAX

- Firing Speed: 1.65 MAX

- Spread: 3.95 MAX

- Capacity 8 MAX

Scope- YES

Silencer - NO

Solid sniper rifle. Can be zoomed in 2x or 4x with the Wii U tablet.

If you do NOT want to use the tablet, you will not see the zoom. It will be no scoping or no scope. Although even with this the spread is so low and the recoil reduction is nice. So it remains HIGHLY accurate through the game, even in early stages.

Finding a nice vantage point high, or far away from horders of zombies. You can run, throw a flare then pick them off with ONE SHOT KILLS. One by one IF Your skilled with snipers and aiming.

This and the carbine can be a great weapon of choice for survival mode due to it's great range.

7. UMP45 Sub-Machine Gun

.UMP45. .Sub. .Machine. .Gun.

- Sub-Machine Gun Class:

- Firepower: 64 MAX

- Firing Speed: 0.08 MAX

- Spread: 4.50 MAX

- Capacity: 40 MAX

Scope- NO

Silencer - NO

Find this during the main story line, like the many of the others. Once you do you will have the fastest firing weapon in the game, especially once upgraded.

If you plan on going with this weapon or sub machine guns in general you better find ammo. The capacity for this one in particular can be 40 MAX. Although it's nice to have extras around of course.

Farm areas you have already been to and stock up on it, before heading out to newer parts of the story, or high infected prone areas.

Overall it's a sweet looking gun with nice sound effects. I like the fire speed, but for some reason I find it decent overall.

8. SA-80 Assault Rifle

.SA-80. .Assault. .Rifle.

- Assault Rifle Class:

- Firepower: 88 MAX

- Firing Speed: 0.09 MAX

- Spread: 4.50

- Capacity: 45

Scope - NO

Silencer- NO

This gun increased my likeness for all assualt rifle makes. It also made me attuned to modern weaponry more ! I usally enjoy fantasy/ sci-fi weapon types. Appreciation is a MUST for the beauty of modern weaponry. After all guns don't kill people, people kill people.

It is frigen awesome looking, the firing speed is great, the gun is best shot in short burst to keep from losing accuracy. Yet ! you will be popping off hordes of zombie heads with some skillful aiming.

Not to mention it holds 45 rounds at once, this gun is just awesome! Love it. You will pick this one up after beating all the infected in the Arena a well worth it prize !

Misc. Weapons


At first you may think these are pointless. In fact, that are most useful indeed.

These gurantee to attrack any zombies in the area to the flare for several seconds. This gives vital time to flee, throw a land mine a grenade or some molotov cocktails.

A creative kill would be to drop a land mine for example in the disco scene. Then the Flare. Let the zombies come and then shoot the mine with the handgun resulting in zombie bad day.

Molotov Cocktails

London King special, Molotov Cocktails !

I love these things, I love the graphical on them and the sound effects. It does burn damage over time, as well as initail explosive damage. It can take out MOST zombies if not all of them with one direct hit. Riot zombies may not apply to this rule.

As A bonus if thrown in a flamable area or at a flameable object such as a fuel tank/explosive zombie. Well for starters watch out, if you do consider the triple- quadruple zombie kill.

Bottom line, love em.


I find grenades to be rather rare in this game, but thats just me. Anyway, these are cool, nice sound effect and I enjoy the smokey explosion graphic.

Damage wise, these are packing a punch, the only problem I have with them is the rarity, + the radius of damage is a little low I feel.

Once again these are crowd control items. It would be wise to carry just one possibly two if you have big back pack. The rest I would store.

Reason for this tactic, is everytime you go to a level, there are only maybe 1-2 areas with a large amount of zombies. Throw a grenade/flare at the packs, then pick off solos with the cricket bat. Anything that comes in two's gun them down.

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Jul 8th 2015 Guest
and the double barrel shotgun, the mk1 carbine, crossbow, mp5 and ak
ID #581566
Feb 14th 2014 Guest
You left out the silenced pistol in the restrooms of palace underground
ID #355003
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