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Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel Pack Shot

Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel

Game Reviews for Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel


Quick Reviews

Added 1 Jun 2004, ID #2493
This is a great game, but there are some ups and downs about it though.

Good things:

1.The people that were easy on Eternal Duelist Soul are now better and challenging.

2.During duels you dont have to press the B button to make things go faster like you do on Eternal Duelist Soul.It does it by itself.

3.It has more than 1000 more cards than it did on Eternal Duelist Soul

Bad things:

1.While your at your trunk looking for better cards to put in your deck,they dont have it in A,B,C order and its really hard to find the cards if you have a lot of cards in your trunk.

2.This is the worst part!!!!!!!!!!! THERE ARE NO GOD CARDS!!Thats a dissapointment

Overall, I give this game a 6 out of 10
Good as game! Added 5 Mar 2004, ID #1800
I payed $100 for this game, and I reckon it is worth $500!!
When you start playing, try to find Tea, and keep beating her.

Iv'e beaten her like 50 times and lost 11, because she kept giving me cards when I won!

When your about to lose a duel, just turn the power off and restart the duel.
Want to see more of the immortal? Then look harder!!! Added 25 Jan 2004, ID #1478
Ah, Japan. I can almost taste the sushi, I can almost feel the earthquakes, but I CAN see the technology...

But Yu-gi-oh, the latest "craze" doesn't have superb visuals, so why was it such a huge seller? Strategy.

It is actually fun, and immensly rewarding if you win. The AI is good-not too hard but miles from easy. The game forces you to "duel" using monster cards, magic cards, trap cards, fusion monsters, effect monsters, ritual monsters...

It's way too much for the inexperienced gamer to memorise, let alone understand. Graphically, it is smooth. The cards look good but they're only cards, the people look exactly the way they look in the TV show, which could be good or bad.

The sound is annoying, as is every gameboy game. It is a good game, but it's too confusing to people who haven't seen the show, and too hard for the millions of ten-year-olds who have.

Graphics: 75% Smooth, colourful, boxy...
Sound: 54% You know what to expect...
Gameplay: 86% Get into it and it's brilliant
Lifespan: 67% Dedication required. And patience.
Overall: 78% A good gameboy game, but not essential to anyone who hasn't seen all 750 million episodes of the show.
I have no words Added 22 Nov 2003, ID #918
Of all the bad Yu-Gi-Oh! games I have played, this one takes the cake.

I mean seriously, the new game, "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards" is MUCH better. This game not only takes you in to Batte City but it lets you walk around and choose your own paths. I love it but I'm stuck, I will but up some cheats for it ASAP...

I give "Yu-GI-Oh:Stairway To the Destined Duel" a
5 out of 10.
I was dissapointed! Added 31 Oct 2003, ID #851
This game is a yugoioh game where you are in a city and have to duel people including:
Mai Valentine, Yugi Moto, Joey Wheeler, Bakura,Tea, Etc.

This game is set after the duelest kingdom tournament.

I played the game and i was dissapointed by the gameplay, and when you play the game you feel like you aren't going anywhere!
Out of a ratin of 10
i give this game a 6
Another Game... Added 21 Sep 2003, ID #735
This game is just like YuGiOh the Eternal Duelist Soul.

This game takes off in the battle city contest.

It offers a much wider selection of duelist and TONNS more rare and powerful card.

You get to move to different parts of domino city (AKA Battle City ) to find and challenge different duelist.

Most weeks you are given a chance to hunt down 2 duelist. If you can beat the you are rewarded a rare booster and some points.

When ever you win a duel you get points with allow new booster packs to open up.

This game is worth the money.

But it will get boring after awhile.
Overall rating: 8
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