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Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel

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Plenty of cheats for you to look through and includes card codes for Air Marmot of Nefariousness, Valkyrion The Magnet Warrior amd Craneo Invocado Toon.

More Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel Cheats and Tips

We have 46 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel please send them in here.

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Master codes

Card Password:

7 Colored Fish 23771716
7 Completed 86198326
Acid Crawler 77568553
Acid Trap Hole 41356845
Air Eater 08353769
Air Marmot of Nefariousness 75889523
Akakieisu 38035986
Akihiron 36904469
Alligator's Sword 64428736
Alligator's Sword Dragon 03366982
Alpha The Magnet Warrior 99785935
Amazon of the Seas 17968114
Amoeba 95174353
Amphibious Bugroth 40173854
Ancient Brain 42431843
Ancient Elf 93221206
Ancient Jar 81492226
Ancient Lizard Warrior 43230671
Ancient One of the Deep Forest 14015067
Ancient Telescope 17092736
Ancient Tool 49587396
Ansatsu 48365709
Anthrosaurus 89904598
Anti Raigeki 42364257
Anti-Magic Fragrance 58921041..

The almighty power to turn off your game-boy

Yes....When you are called in for target week and you have to duel people which are solid then turn off the game-boy and you shoould get 2 new people to duel and also if you are losing a duel you can turn it off and you wont lose any points same applies for the ghouls if you dont want to face them turn it off.
Also to get new packs keep dueling someone easy and every 500 points you get you should get a pack ( It hasnt been confirmed that this works ) But it is my theory .........
If you havent already realised on the bottom of the actual Yu-Gi-Oh cards there is a number . Tap that into the password screen to get that card (Only works with cards which were out when the game was so no Magician's forces packs and others )

Beast of Gilfer!

To all you people that submitted passwords for the Yu-Gi-Oh games that allow passwords, you all forgot one card, the beast of Gilfer!
Here's the password: 50287060

18-19 monsters

Here are some rocking awesome monster cards that their atk are 1800 1900.
Giant red seasnake:58831685
Gemini Elf:69140098
Gearfried the Iron Knight:00423705
The Bistro Buthcher:71107816
Dunames the Dark Witch:12493482
Harpies Brother:30532390
Vorse Raider:14898066
Mechanical Chaser:07359741
La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp:97590747
7 Colored Fish:23771716
Dark Zebra:59784896
Hope you enjoy the cards..... Peace out! G-unit366

gift of the mistical elf:98299011robin' goblin:8..

gift of the mistical elf:98299011

robin' goblin:88279736

giai the fierce knight:063680068


blue-eyes white dragon:89631139

slot machine:03797883

Malevolent Nuzzler:99597615

Sword Stalker:50005633


Insect Barrier:23615409

Dark Magician:46986414



Mystic Probe:49251811

The Reliable Guardian:16430187

Remove Trap:51482758

Get the card passwords:If you collect Yu-gi-oh t..

Get the card passwords:

If you collect Yu-gi-oh trading cards look at the bottom left corner and you'll see eight numbers. Type the code you see at the card password screen and you'll recieve the card that you were looking at.


you can only use a type of password once


Here are some useful card
Harpie's Brother:30532390
Maha Vailo:93013676
7 Colored Fish:23771716
Buster Blader:78193831
Gearfried the Iron
Cyber Jar:34124316
The ShallowGrave:43434803
Axe of Despair:40619825
Skull Lair:06733059
Pot of Greed:55144522
Also I suggest that you
only attack with monsters
with an attack of 1800 or
highest.Flip effects are
great too, however i dont
recommend a 2 tribute monster unless it has an
effect.Hope this improves
your dueling tactics.

One Turn Win

You need 1 Blueeyes Ultimate Dragon the fusion card ,1 CyberStein,1 MegaMorph,and somthing like Change of Heart in your hand(exept Blue eyes).Say you have to go second and your opponent sets a moster in defence mode.You use change of heart.Then you use cyber steins effect (you get to pick one monster in your fusion deck at the cost od 5000 Life Points).Then you summon bue eyes.It askes you if you would like to use a magic or trap csrd.You say yes and you use Mega Morph.MegaMorph Doubles your mosters attack if your life poins ar lower than your opponets.So you equip it with blue eyes.
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Now attack which should wipe out your opponent

Good cards.

Red Eyes B. Dragon- 74677422
Just Desserts-24068492
Torential Tribute- 53582587
Shadow of Eyes- 58621589
Man-Eating Treasure Chest- 13723605
Black Pendent- 65169794
Gryphon Wing- 55608151
Premature Burial- 70828912
Fusion Gate- 33550694
Trust me, they work. Fusion Gate was NEVER mentioned for some reson, but I entered it, and it worked.I entered all of them!

Good deck

If you're quite far into the game and got lots of earth types and power-ups like me, I advise you to make an earth deck, they're kisk ass and I never lose to anyone ever since I made it.
Put 1-2 Black Luster Soldier's in plus the Ritual (Black Luster Ritual) also put 3 Senju of the Thousand hand's in (23401839) and 3 Sonic Bird's (57617178) Put three Gia Power's in To power up all earth monster's by 500 points. You can do the rest.
Hope this helps

Some Card Codes

Here are some useful codes:
Valkyrion The Magnet Warrior - 75347539
Alpha The Magnet Warrior - 99785935
Beta The Magnet Warrior - 39256679
Gamma The Magnet Warrior - 11549357
Vorse Raider - 14898066
Gemini Elf - 69410098
Dunames Dark Witch - 12493482
Big Shield Gardna - 65240384
Axe Of Despair - 40619825
Enchanted Javelin - 93655986
Horn Of The Unicorn - 64047146
Kunai With Chain - 37390589
Exodia The Forbidden One - 33396948
Left Arm Of The Forbidden One - 07902349
Left Leg Of The Forbidden One - 44519536
Right Arm Of The Forbidden One - 70903634
Right Leg Of The Forbidden One - 08124921
Exodia is hard to summon, but I have done it nd it is worth the wait.

Card codes

This is actually my deck, but I'm going to tell you the card codes just in case you dont have them:
Harpies Brother 30532390
Reinforcements 17814387
Dark Hole 53129443
7 Colored Fish 23771716
Princess of Tsurugi 51371017
Darkfire Soldier1 05388481
Shield and Sword 52097679
Malevolent Nuzzler 99597615
Offerings to the Doomed 19230407
Riryoku 34016756
King Tiger Wanghu 83986578
Deal of Phantom 69122763
Gravekeepers Guard 37101832
Curse of Aging 41398771
Banner of Courage 10012614
Lady Assailant of Flames 90147755
Girochin Kuwagata 84620194
Sword Hunter 51345461
Master Kyonshee 24530661
Goblin Attack Force 78658564
Red Medicine 38199696
Mystic Tomato 83011277
The Inexperi..

To summon multiple fusions in 1 turn(Fusion Gate)

If you have Fusion Gate(33550694) out, and, for example, Red Eyes(74677422) and Meteor Dragon and another Red Eyes(74677422) and a Summoned Skull(70781052), then you can activate Fusion Gate twice to summon Meteor B. Dragon & B. Skull Dragon.

Harpies' Hunting Ground

Harpies' Hunting Ground [spell]
When "harpie Lady" or "Harpie Lady Sisters" is normal Summoned or special Summoned to the field, destroy 1 spell or trap card on the field. Increase the atkand def of all face-up Winged-beast-type monsters on the field by 200 points.

Exodia ruler Deck

This deck requires the free deck limitation:
This deck is virtually unstopabble these are the cards to be put in you're deck:
Normal monsters:
Left arm/leg of the forbidden one
Right arm/leg of the forbidden one
Effect monsters:
Exodia the forbidden one (head)
Needle worm x2
Nimble momonga
Sangan x3
Skelengel x3
The fiend megacyber x3
Witch of the black forest x3
Graceful charity x3
Monster reborn x3
Nightmare's steelcage x3
Pot of greed x3
Swords of revealing light x3
Jar of greed x3
Lightforce word x2

For added fun replace five of your magic/trap cards and swap them for:
Destiny board
Spirit messege "I"

Lots of cards to get

[Please note that some of these cards may not actually work and that the cards are in no particular order]
As normal, go to the Password Screen from the Menu Bar.
Then type in the code to get the card that you want.
Valkyrion The Magnet Warrior - 75347539
Alpha The Magnet Warrior - 99785935
Beta The Magnet Warrior - 39256679
Gamma The Magnet Warrior - 11549357
Vorse Raider - 14898066
Gemini Elf - 69410098
Dunames Dark Witch - 12493482
Big Shield Gardna - 65240384
Axe Of Despair - 40619825
Enchanted Javelin - 93655986
Horn Of The Unicorn - 64047146
Kunai With Chain - 37390589
Exodia The Forbidden One - 33396948
Left Arm Of The Forbidden One - 07902349
Left Leg Of The Forbidden One - 44519536

Proof-read the cheats please...

Okay, I've gone through three cheats for this game, and some of the codes didn't work. Granted, most of the card codes at the bottom can be used to get a freebee card, but for the love of pete! Please proof-read your cheats!
And as for my cheat, when you want to avoid battling people, you can talk to the tourists. Unfortunately, when you get the cards from the magazine that you can't read (bummer) the cards tend to be lower quality.
The more you battle, the better chances you have of getting the good cards, (but don't get mad if you get some useless one.)

To beat Kaiba...

Kaiba pretty much uses only one strategy: To use cyber-stein to get Blue-Eyes Ultimate dragon on the field. First, when you play kaiba, make sure you win the rock paper scissors game before the duel. He rotates from left to right everytime you turn on and off your game, so you'll know which card he'll choose. Also, make sure you have a change of heart, or anyother card that lets you take over a monster. When you win, select second to go. First of all, he'll probably set a single card in defense mode and a raigeki. If he plays more than 1 spell/traps or if you don't have a change of heart in your hand, turn off the game. Traps and magics will screw up the proccess. The defense pos monster is most likely a Vorse Raider. You'll want to put down a monster, most likely a weak one. Then end yo..

sweet cards

Gearfried the Iron Knight:00423705
Insect Barrier:23615409
Caneo Invocado Toon:91842653
Vorse Raider:14898066
Toon World:15259703
Valkyrion the magnet warrior:75347539
Alpha the magnet warrior:99785935
Gemini Elf:64910098
Axe of Despair:40619825
Armed Dragon LV.5:46384672
Blue Eyes W. Dragon:89631139
Fusion Gate:33550694
Sonic Bird:57617178
Dark Titan of Terror:89494469
Harpies Brother:30532390
Harpies Feather Dust:18144506
Giant Red Seasnake:58831685
Mirror Force:44045762
Red Eyes B. Metal Dragon:64335804

Belive it or belive it not but more then 2/3 of ..

Belive it or belive it not but more then 2/3 of people with worldwide edition has more magic and trap in their decks.Don't because you will have too many then the game gets hard.Use 50% monster 25% magic and 25% trap like me you will find it much easy to draw monsters and win duels.



Exodia Easy

When you start a new game pick the black pack(Yugi's Deck)and when you get on to the mapscreen(where you can pick your battles).
Hit R on your GBA and an icon should say Deck&Trunk look in there and check your main deck and if you don't have all 5 pieces of Exodia just do It until you have him.
Note: It worked for me!!!

Pegasus and packs

Do you know how to get pegasus? Here is how, all you have to do is enter the password for Toonworld. Simple huh?
There is one really good magic card I want to tell you about, it's called United We Stand. Equip it with a monster and it's attack and defense will go up 800 for every card on your side of the field.
Packs to get new packs at the end of duels you can do these things:
1- Get Barrel Dragon for the Barrel Dragon pack
2- Win three duels in a row to get Graceful Charity packs
3- Get 500+ total cards for red Millenium Eye pack(trap cards)
4- Get 1000+ total cards for another Millenium Eye pack(magic)
5- Get 5000+ points to get Millenium Puzzle pack, to know how many points you have press R and look at the bottom-center of the scr..

Balance Deck

Well In Yu-Gi-Oh W.W.E you can have 60cards in your deck. But what I can tell you all is that if you to have a powerfull deck have less cards as possible. What I recommend is 40 cards, what I have in my deck this gives you advantage MORE CARDS LESS CHANCE OF VICTORY.
Like best of all easy way to summon DARK MAGICIAN
is by using magic card called DARK MAGIC CURTAIN + If you have TIME WIZARD in your hand you can summon DARK SAGE by activating effect of TIME WIZARD

Cool cards

Enter the following cheats:
Hope you guys like the cheats!

Win easier

Get the pack with red eyes black dragon every time you can and have multiples on every card

Copycat Power Up

Okay, I found this cheat out. It is pretty awsome! You will need three cards. One of the cards is the effect monster Copycat. The other cards is the trap card Ultimate Offering. The last cards is just any monster that you have to tribute other monster to bring it on to the field (star level 5 of higher). First your opponent needs on monster on his/her side of the field. You also need to have Ultimate Offering set on your side of the field, Copycat in your hand, and a level 5 or higher monster in your hand. When you have those cards in the correct places you will then activate Ultimate Offering and use it to summon Copycat (or summon Copycat then activate Ultimate Offering if it is your turn). Now, here is the important part. Before you choose the attack and defense of one of your opponen..

Awesome Trap Cards

Here are some kick @$$ trap cards
Trap Hole:04206964
Negate Attak:14315573
Mirror Force:44095762
Seven Tools of Bandit:03819470
Wide Spread Ruin:77754944
Enchanted Javelin:96355986
Magic Cylinder:02279055
hope you enjoy.. Peace. G-unit366

It has been a riddle since Worldwide Edition cam..

It has been a riddle since Worldwide Edition came out.It is how do you get gold packs now you will find out.

For all gold packs you must have the other two packs with the item on it.

The eye gold pack win target week puzzle kc cup there are no other(well maybe there are but I don't know them)


These Cheats Work, I Have tried them.
Infinite Cards-94163677
Toon World-15259703
Blue Eyes Toon Dragon-53183600
Time Wizard-71625222
Manga Ryu-Ran-38369349
Minor Goblin Offical-01918087
Heavy Storm-19613556
Chain Energy-79323590
Dark Magician-46986414
Snake Fang-00596051
Attack and Recevie-63689843
Blue Eyes White Dragon-89631139
Fairy Guardian-22419772
Dragon Zombie-66672569
Germ Infefection-24668830
Change of Heart-04031928
Mystical Space Typhoon-05318639
Judge Man-30113682
Curse Of Dragon-28279543
Red Eyes Black Dragon-74677422
Summoned Skull-70781052
The Feind Megacyber-66362965
Red Archery Girl-65570596
Spiked Sea..

Get more cards!

This really only applies to people who have the real cards.
The 7 digit code at the bottom of the real card is the code for the card on the game.
P.S. The code has to have a twenty card space before being entered again. Example Type in the Blue eyes white dragon code, then do twenty more different cards and enter the Blue eyes again. Every 17/20 cards should work.

Speeding up the duel

hold L1 and R1 at the rock paper scissors game til you and your oppenent have drawn this will speed up the duel.

Super Win 2#

To win a duel add Destiny Board and Exodia in your deck so just in case you are about to lose a duel add these cards to improve your deck to win.

more and more cards!

If you always keep on losing against duelists in a dule, go find Kaiba's little bro, he's week sausage and only uses monsters at 1400 atk! Keep on beating him and beating him untill you got a strong enough deck to fight better duelist.

have fun winning!!

freaking sweet magic cards

Here are some rockin awesome magic cards
Change of heart:040319218
Monster Reborn:83764718
Tribute to the doomed:79759861
Axe of Despair:40619825

Get the Gate Guardian!

To get the Gate Guardian you must first defeat the phantom pyramid. After you do there will be a tournument that only allows you to use worrior and beast-warrior monster cards first you beat that.
After you beat it the announcer will tell you the next limited tournument. After that you beat that tournument you beat the next 3 and then after all of that you klook in your trunk and the gate guardian and all of his peices are in the trunk!


Use the codes:
24094653 for polymerization
74677422 for Red-Eyes Black Dragon
05990062 for Reversal Quiz
04031928 for Change of Heart
88819587 for Baby Dragon
83258273 for Robbin' Zombie
48148828 for D.D. Crazy Beast
00102380 for Lava Golem

Here are some more codes from my cards.Monster r..

Here are some more codes from my cards.
Monster reborn:83764718
Dark magician:46986414
Magic jammer:77414722
Armed dragon lv5:46384672
Swordsman of landstar:03573512
Luster dragon:11091375
Dragon capture jar:50045299
Zombyra the dark:88472456
Armed dragon lv3:0980973
Dark necrofear:31829185
Last will:85602018
Wall of illusion:13945283
Giant rat:97017120
Dark titan of terror:89494469
Sonic bird:57617178
Raigeki break:04178474

Get raigeki

First win a duel with trusdale, and when you pick a pack always choose the relinquished one. After some time you will get 2 raigekis in one go.
Hope this helped


Get buster blader by entering 78193831

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