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Zoo Tycoon Cheats for XOne

Cheats and Tips for Zoo Tycoon

Last Updated: by Dennis

Zoo Tycoon is a business simulation game that focuses around building and running a successful zoo. This involves building, expanding, and/or upgrading your zoo by purchasing animals, creating suitable animal habitats, and allocating staff and resources for animal maintenance and care. We have a collection of Zoo Tycoon cheats and tips for Zoo Tycoon on Xbox One.

Zoo Tycoon Cheats on Xbox One

Our cheats for Zoo Tycoon include showing you the location of all the hidden coins and how to unlock a golden lion statue.

Hidden Coins
Coins are hidden on the exhibits you must take a photo of them. Click here to see the locations of all the hidden coins in Zoo Tycoon.

Unlock Golden Lion Statue
Find out how you can unlock he golden statue of the roaring lion by clicking here.

Zoo Tycoon Xbox One Gameplay

Zoo Tycoon Tips on Xbox One

Take a look at our tips to see how you can make your zoo run more smoothly.

How to get more Guests Early
Click here to find out how you can bring in more guests to your zoo when you do not have much money early in the game.

Hiring Workers Early
Find out what type of workers you should be considering hiring early in Zoo Tycoon by clicking here.

What to Focus on First
Click here to find out what should be a high priority early in the game in order to build a successful zoo.

Take a look at our large collection of Questions and Answers to get additional help in Zoo Tycoon for Xbox One. These include how do you move things around your zoo without deleting them and how to make more money.

More Zoo Tycoon Cheats and Tips

We have 5 cheats and tips on XOne. If you have any cheats or tips for Zoo Tycoon please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Nintendo DS : Xbox 360

You can also ask your question on our Zoo Tycoon Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Mini Exhibits

When you are starting out and don't have much money consider buying mini exhibits in order to bring in more guests to your zoo. Don't have more than three mini exhibits though unless they are a requirement for Campaign mode.


High on your priority list when starting out should be facilites as they are much needed necessities when running a zoo that will enable you to not only to profit from them but also allow you to focus on areas that need more attention.


When you begin the game try and get a Level 2 worker as they are better at what they do than a Level 1 worker and they are not that much more expensive.

Hidden Coins

The video below will show you the locations of ALL the hidden coins.

00:00 Parrot - Alpine Small
00:22 Chimpanzee - Alpine Medium
00:44 Red Panda - Alpine Large
01:06 Peafowl - Alpine Large
01:23 Zoo Keeper - Alpine Large
01:43 Bear - Grasslands Small
01:58 Giraffe - Grasslands Medium
02:17 Hippopotamus - Grasslands Large
02:35 Rhinoceros - Grasslands Large
02:53 Fossa - Savannah Small
03:08 Binturong - Savannah Medium
03:26 Antelope - Savannah Large
03:43 Lion - Savannah Large
04:01 Tiger - Temperate Small
04:21 Lemur - Temperate Medium
04:42 Elephant - Temperate Large
04:58 Iguana - Temperate Large
05:22 Snake - Tropical Small
05:43 Capuchin - Tropical Medium
06:02 Flamingo - Tropical Large
06:26 Tortoise - Tropical Large
06:50 Mongoose - Tundra Small
07:11 Sloth - Tundra Medium
07:31 Komodo - Tundra Large
07:59 Meerkat - Tundra Large

Roaring Golden Lion Statue

If you press the Left Analog-stick Down during a sensory interaction with a lion you will make it roar and unlock a new golden lion statue.

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