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Zoo Tycoon Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Zoo Tycoon

Last Updated: by Dennis

Zoo Tycoon is a business simulation game that focuses around building and running a successful zoo. In order to do so you will need to build, expand, and/or upgrade your zoo by purchasing animals, creating suitable animal habitats, and allocating staff and resources for animal maintenance and care. Take a look at our Zoo Tycoon cheats and tips for Zoo Tycoon on PC.

Zoo Tycoon Cheats on PC

Our cheats for Zoo Tycoon on PC include a collection of cheat codes that when input will affect your game in different ways.

Money Cheat
If you pess Shift + $ at any time during gameplay you will instantly get $10,000. This code is best used at the beginning of a game because using it later in the game can cause fences to break and animals to escape.

Exhibit Name Cheat Codes
Enter the following names as your exhibit to get the corresponding effect.

- Copralite Corner:
Dinosaur poo turns into rocks.

- Super Croc:
Deinosuchuse appears in the Animal Adoption window.

- Microsoft:
Double exhibit donations.

- Blue Fang:
Guests pay 2x original amount for attractions.

- Wonderland:
More people come to see the exhibit.

- Cretaceous Corra:
Triceratops appears in the Animal Adoption window.

- Xanadu:
Unicorn is in the Animal Adoption window.

Rename Guest Cheats
Click herehere to find out how you can rename guests to create certain affects at your zoo.

Hidden Coins
Coins are hidden on the exhibits, when you find them you must take a photo. Click here to see the locations of all the hidden coins in Zoo Tycoon.

Zoo Tycoon PC Gameplay

Zoo Tycoon Tips on PC

We have several tips which you will find useful in ensuring the smoothly running of your zoo and to make it more attractive to guests.

How to get a Mermaid
Click here to find out how you can get an exhibit wih a mermaid in Zoo Tycoon.

How to get the Yeti
Click here to find out how you can get the Yeti in your zoo

Hiring Workers Early
Find out what type of workers you should be considering hiring early in Zoo Tycoon by clicking here.

Change Your Zoo Shape
Find out by clicking
herehere how you can make the shape of your zoo resemble a country.

Dig through our collection of Questions and Answers to get additional help in Zoo Tycoon for PC. These include how to feed animals and how to get bigger exhibits.

More Zoo Tycoon Cheats and Tips

We have 25 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Zoo Tycoon please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Nintendo DS : Xbox One : Xbox 360

You can also ask your question on our Zoo Tycoon Questions & Answers page.

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Zoo Tycoon Cheats

For Special Effects give a guest the following name
Akiyama - Unlocks all of the scenarios
Bill Gates - Get higher donations
Charlie Petterson - All the foliage unlocked
Hank Howie - Researches All Zoo Staff Research

John Wheeler - All Animal Shelters Available

Lou Catanzaro - All animal toys
Adam Levesque - Makes all animals care programs available
Russell C - Fences All Deteriorate 100%
Steve Serafino - Unlocks all of the endangered animals
Alfred H - White Birds Appear and Scare People
Andrew Binder - Unlocks all of the animal houses

Zeta Psi or Stinky - Make guests sick

Change Color of Guests and Buildings:
Blue guests and..


Rename one of your guests to one of the following names to create the listed effects.
Animals Breed More:
Dr Dolittle

Birds Scare Guests:
Alfred H

Donates a Lot of Money:
Bill Gates
Get ALL Animal Shelters:
Adam Levesque
Hamburger Demand Goes Up:
Bill Clinton
Fences Deteriorate:
Some Guests are Sick:
Zeta Psi
Unlock ALL Foliage:
Charlie Peterson
Unlock ALL Animal Toys:
Lou Catanzaro
ALL Scenarios Completed:
Unlock Endangered Animals:
Steve Serafino
ALL Animal Shelters Available:
John Wheeler
Unlock ALL Animal Houses and Types:
Andrew Binder


Exhibit Codes
Name one of your exhibits any of the following names for the corresponding effect. If you name a brand new exhibit using this cheat it will crash the game.
SUPERCROC - Unlock giant Crocodile in the Dinosaurs menu
Microsoft - Double Exhibit Donations
Blue Fang - Guests pay 2x original amount for attractions

Wonderland - More people come

Xanadu - Unlock the Unicorn

Guest Name Codes
Rename a guest to any of the following names for the corresponding effect.
John Wheeler - ALL Animal Shelters Available
Adam Levesque - Get ALL Animal Shelters

Akiyama - All Scenarios Completed

Dr Dolittle - Animals breed more
Alfred H - Birds frighten guests..

Zoo Tycoon Cheats

Rename one of your guests as one of the following to activate the correspondng cheat code: Mr.Blue (Blue shirts); Mr.Blonde (Yellow shirts); Mr.White (White shirts); Mr.Brown (Brown shirts); Mr.Orange (Orange shirts); Mr.Pink (Pink shirts); Alfred H (White birds attack); Russell C (Fences deteriorate 100%); Akiyama (All scenarios); Lou Catanzaro (All animal toys); Adam Levesque (All animal care buildings; Andrew Binder (All animal buildings); John Wheeler (All animal shelters available); Hank Howie (All research complete); Steve Serafino (All researchable endangered animals); Moneybags or Rich Uncle Pennybags(Extra money every day)

Change a guests name to:Alfred H-white birds app..

Change a guests name to:

Alfred H-white birds appear and scare people

Russel C-all fences rust 100%

Zeta Psi-Some peoples shirts turn yellow and they throw up

John Wheeler-all animal shelters available

Name an exhibit:

Microsoft-you get double the normal donations

Cretaceous Corral-unlock the triceratops

Xanadu-unlock the unicorn

While the game is NOT paused, press shift + 4 (the $ character) to recieve $10,000

Random things

To make Hobbits walk around the zoo:
Name a male maintenance worker Bilbo.
To get a Yeti:
Name a male maintenance worker kathmandu.
Special dates:
December 25th
On December 25th (in game time) you can see Father Christmas flying over your zoo on his sleigh with his reindeer's!
Also, if you check your scenery list, a snowman will be available for purchase.
September 15th
On September 15th (in game time) you can see a red plane flying overhead, this is to signify the release date of zoo tycoon!
October 31st
On October 31st (in game time) you can see a witch flying over your zoo.
If you check your scenery list, there will also be a Jack-O-Lantern available.

Ctrl + Shift + C=changes your cursor from white ..

Ctrl + Shift + C=changes your cursor from white to gold(press again to change back)

Ctrl + Shift + F=makes foliage INVISIBLE!! good for keeping an eye on your animals (press again to reappear)

Ctrl + Shift + G=Shows a grid like the one in the edit terrain tab(press again to make disappear)

Ctrl + Shift + P=takes a picture of what you're looking at, tells you which file its saved under

Name Exhibits:

Xanadu=unlocks Unicorn

Cretaceous Corral=unlocks Triceratops(BEWARE! You will never be able to make the Triceratops happy unless you have Zoo Tycoon:Dino Digs because there won't be..

~Name a scientist Dr. Scholl and scientists walk..

~Name a scientist Dr. Scholl and scientists walk faster

~Name an exhibit Super Croc and unlock the Deinosuchus

~Name a maitenence worker The Rock and all buildings turn to rubble

~Name a guest Dinoman and unlock all dinosaurs

~Name a guest Alfred H and a flock of birds will come to scare guests(HILLARIOUS!)

~Name a scientist Dr. Frankenstein and it is possable that when he visits an egg, it's contents will change

~Name a guest Eggman and dino eggs hatch more quickly

****That's all 4 now. I'm new to this site but I got lots of tricks up my sleeve!****

of love and luck, Jecca

Hiiiiiiii!!Here are some cheats for Zoo Tycoon.1..


Here are some cheats for Zoo Tycoon.

1.At the begening of the game press shift and 4/$ really,really hard and the numbers will go flying.

you HAVE to do this at the begining of the game or else your animals will escape and kill people!

2.If you have marine mania put the mermaid statue in a tank it will come to life!!!


THANK YOU, madman I'M also trying to find more cheats so come back.

A bunch of cheats

Money: press shft and 4 to get money but if you do it when you have got exhibits.
You will break the walls so do it at the start of your game you should get
10mil or more.
Yellow brick road: put a lion a bengal tiger and a black bear all in the same exhibit

To unlock the yellow brick road
Gold Cursor: press shft and c to get a gold cursor

Few working cheats

1. get alot of money hold at the same time (SHIFT and 4)
Hint: You can get 999 billion and more and the fences won't disapper they will mealt down the middle.
2. This is a funny one you click on a guest and press x or z to make them dance and make them blow pink bubbles out of their mouth!!!!
3. To change your cerser from Gold to White or back, press Control+Shift+C.
I tried all of these cheats they really work!!


After you've played for a long time, you should get something called Mermaid Statue. Make a tank and place a mermaid statue in it. It will turn into a mermaid! They prefer not to be alone, though, so put another in.
Don't worry if they get angry when you put the statue in; they will get happy again when the statue turns into another mermaid. There are no mermen, sorry.
Also, make an exhibit. Name it Xanadu. Then look in your animals. You should have a unicorn! Male is black, with red mane. Female is white, with pale yellow mane.

I am new to this buisness so I don't know very m..

I am new to this buisness so I don't know very much so this is what I know:

*when you press shift & 4 you get 10 more bucks (hold down to get millions)

*When you call a zoo keeper Private Green on the 22nd of March the army will visate your zoo.

*When you put a mermaid statue in a tank it will fizz and then crack open. Put about 1-6 in the tank. (Don't wory the red faces when you put another statue in they just don't like the statue but when it hatches they will like it.)

That's all from me now see-ya!

For $10 000 at a time hold down shift and 4. Tho..

For $10 000 at a time hold down shift and 4. Though only do this at the beginning of a scenario as if done during the game, the cheat wares away the fences and all animals can escape. Hv fun !

If your animals are unhappy with your exhibit de..

If your animals are unhappy with your exhibit delete everything in the exhibit (not the fence or animal) and start over.

This helped me on saving the great cats scenario with the snow leopard...

Only works with Marine Mania Expansion... Place ..

Only works with Marine Mania Expansion... Place the mermaid statue(found among the objects tab that has the benches, fountains ect.)

Into a compleated tank. A mermaid will break out of the statue and swim around and sing, and have needs like any animal.

Add more statues, the mermaid will send up a sad face at first, but as soon as the statue turns into a companion she will be happy again.

Mermaid statue does require some research.

Animal Unlockers:kathmandu - unlock the yetiDofl..

Animal Unlockers:
kathmandu - unlock the yeti
Doflopnok - unlock the dodo
Xanadu - unlock the unicorn
Cretaceous Corral - unlock the triceratops (this will work even if you dont have the dino digs game pack)
(TIP - let the computer name the exhibit for you first e.g exhibit 1,2,3,4,5 etc...)
Names for zoo keepers and guests:
Steve Safarino - All endagered species available(name guest)
Charlie Peterson - All foliage available(name guest)
Bilbo - Hobbits will walk round your park(name guest)
Yoda - Yoda will appear at your zoo(name guest)
John Wheeler - All animal shelters(name guest)
Adam Levesque - All animal care(name guest)
Hank Howie - All zoo staff research(name guest)
Alfred H - White birds will ocme and fri..

How to get the yeti

This is an easy way to get the yeti without risking crashing your game.
On the zoo tycoo start menu there is a title which says get new things for zoo tycoon well something like that anyway so you click on it and it come up with this box below....
The box it says check internet so click that and then the box will fill up- with things you can download scroll down and find the yeti click on it and wait about a minute to download.
Ps:you can also find lots of other things it that box like scenarios and items for your zoo. GAMER MONKEY

Magic pointer

In the game press ctrl and c at the sametime to change the pointer color

Lions and tigers and bears OH MY!

Make an exihbit and put a lion, a tiger, and a bear in it and you will get a yellow brick road.
Note: You don't have to keep the exihbit you can take it out of your zoo.
You would still have the yellow brick road sidewalk.

Unlimited amounts of money

To get a NUMEROUS amount of money, press the Shift key and the 4 button at the same time. Note: It's best to do this before you build your animal cages, otherwise the fences will deteriorate.

Terrain Benefit - No Cost

I was puttering around when I realized that when you install terrain, you don't pay for it until you close the screen.
What does that mean? That means you can add terrain to any exhibit to make a happy animal and as long as you don't navigate away from the buy terrain screen, it wont cost you.
With a profitable zoo, I am able to expand early and pay when you have money :D
- Cheating101

Change Your Park Shape

To make your park resemble a certain country, name your park after that country. For example, label your park USA and your park will resemble the USA, or label it: Australia, Canada, England, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Russia, South Africa, China, Greece, India, Japan, etc.

Hi it's Praveen here again.The person that said ..

Hi it's Praveen here again.

The person that said you can't make the Triceritops happy sooooooo wrong.

You just put savanah grass, dirt, sand and some fresh water.

Hey, if you name an exhibit Blue Fang your guest's will get charged double the amount for entering the zoo.

If you call a guest Akiyama it will unlock all the scenarios.

If you call a guest Lou Catanzaro you will get all the toys.


Unlimited Amounts of Money

For unlimited amounts of $$ click on the "4" key and the "shift" key at the same time. It's best that you do this before you build your animal cages because the fences will deteriorate.

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