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Thief Xbox One Cheats and Tips

We have 9 cheats and tips on XOne. If you have any cheats or tips for Thief please send them in here.

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If you are detected while on a mission and the guards start to close in you will have no option but to try and flee. While trying to escape keep an eye out for ropes, ladders, and climbable walls that lead to high vantages which will make your route to saftey easier to navigate.

Replay Missions

If you need to get more gold there is alway the option of replaying any mission you have already beaten. When you replay missions all of the loot items and resources will be back in the mission to be collected again. Replaying missions also gives you the opportunity to attempt any Thieving Challenges you may have missed on the first playthrough. To replay missions simply return to the missions's entry point while exploring the city.

Complete Side Jobs

Another reason to explore the city between missions is that it gives you the opportunity to do optional special side jobs for wealthy clients which can be quite profitable. These clients include Basso, Ector and Vittori, the more involved and riskier the job the greater the reward.

Explore the City

Make sure that between missions you thoroughly explore the city so you understand how the various areas connect and discover shortcuts that you will be able to take advantage of in future missions. This also gives you the opportunity to find merchants of dubious character that peddle useful resources.


It is important that you are prepared for the mission you are going to undertake. This means having items such as rope arrows to reach secret areas, water arrows to create darkness by dousing flames, blunt arrows for distracting guards and triggering remote switches, and broadhead arrows for lethal headshots to silence threats.


There is no limit to the amount of loot you can grab so be sure to pick up everything you find of value as you sneak around the city. Regardless if it is mundane goods like cups and cutlery or rare fine art and jewelry makes sure you pick it up as it will contribute towards purchasing upgrades and tools that will make you a better thief.


Use Focus to scan your surroundings when it appears that it will be impossible to avoid being seen by guards or watchmen. Look for ropes, ladders, climbable walls, and crawl spaces that you can exploit to slip through these fortified areas unseen.

Stay Silent

It is just as important not to be heard as it is to be seen as making a noise will betray your presence and raise the alarm. Remember that the faster you move the more noise you will make, especially when you have to cross surfaces like water and broken glass. If you crouch and sneak very slowly you will be able to avoid making any noise at all.

Stay in the Shadows

Always lurk in the shadows. Guards and watchmen will be quick to act once they have identified an intruder so always try to remain crouched and hidden in the dark. If you have to move through a lit area look to maneuver from cover to cover as quickly as you can.

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