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Just Cause 3 Cheats for XOne

Cheats and Tips for Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 Walkthrough and Guide

We have 17 cheats and tips on XOne. If you have any cheats or tips for Just Cause 3 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 4

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Unlock Unique Weapons

Complete the following tasks to obtain the corresponding weapon.
Capstone Hydra:
Capture Cava Grenade in Prsopere at coordinates N40 45.651, E5 40.622.
CS Negotiator:
Capture Le Gelera in Sud Sirocco at coordinates N40 36.937, E5 44.278.
CS-110 Archangel:
Capture Espia Alta in Capite Est. At coordinates N40 46.800, E5 33.312.
CS-44 Peacebringer:
Find 14 parts in Insula Dracon.
Dionysus PLDS-H:
Progress through the storyline.
Fire Leech:
Capture Cava Geminos Nord in Rocca Blauda at coordinates N40 48.026, E5 33.954.
Progress through the storyline.
The Thunderbird:
Progress through the storylin..

Easy 'My Little Rocket Man' Achievement

The following video will show you how to tether a soldier to a launched gas cannister to get the 'My Little Rocket Man' Achievement. This can be done with an ally as well as an enemy soldier and it can still be done after the outpost has been liberated. The cannister respawns when you fast travel to the outpost.

Easy 'Forgive Me Father...' Achievement

The video below will show you how you take sanctury in a monastery to clear Heat Level 5 and get the 'Forgive Me Father...' Achievement. This Achievement involves unlocking priests and monasteries by completing 3 random encounters when they appear in liberated areas so that you get the 'Three Holy Hideaways' Achievement.

Unlock Noir Mode

Noir mode becomes unlocked when you have found ALL the Vintage Parts. This feature changes the graphics filter to black and white.

Vehicle Locations

The video below will show you the location of ALL 47 vehicles which you need to find to get the 'Caught 'Em All!' Achievement. To see ALL the vehicles you have found go to the Rebel Drop list or to the 'Progress' option and then 'Garage Blueprints'. To make getting this Achievement easier it is advised that you first unlock the Garage Vehicle Detector mod as this will mark vehicles that Rico has yet to bring to Rebel garages.

Fast Travel

When you have found ALL the Rebel Shrine locations in the main story Fast Travel will become unlocked. Once you reach the mission 'Friends Like These' you will be able to use fast travel to get to shrines, settlements and challenges on the map. Using fast travel requires 1 flare each time. You can unlock infinite fast travels for a certain area by discovering ALL the shrines in it.

Unlock Unique Vehicles

Complete the following tasks to obtain the corresponding vehicle.
Assault Chopper:
Complete the game.
Bavarium Tank:
Found inside a military base near a small lake in Monta on Insula Striate at coordinates N40 46.925, E5 43.347.
Bomber Jet:
Found at coordinates N40 49.621, E5 32.301 in Insula Striate.
Cart Urga 570:
Capture Cava Geminos Est. In Rocca Blauda at coordinates N40 47.538, E5 34.628.
Cavouk you-15:
Capture Cava Grande Secunda in Prospere at coordinates N40 45.245, E5 39.81.
CS Baltdjur:
Capture Cima Leon Silos in Lacos at coordinates N40 41.357, E5 43.561.
Custom Geschwind:
Comple ALL 13 Daredevil Jumps in..

Easy '...Without Bullets!' Achievement

The video below will show you how to destroy every Chaos Object in a Military Base without using any weapons, grenades, or planted explosives to get the '...Without Bullets!' Achievement. This must be done in a Military Base, the easiest one being 'Vis Electra' in the Baia Province of Insula Fonte. Only use tethers and melee attacks to destroy the ALL Chaos Objects.

ALL Daredevil Stunt Jump Locations

The following video will show you ALL 30 of the Daredevil Stunt Jump locations which you must perform to get the Consummate Daredevil Achievement. Having the 'Max Beacons' gear mod is helpful as it lets you request more vehicles from rebel drops. Liberating every province will reveal the Daredevil Stunt locations on the map.

Unlock Handheld Mortar Weapon

When you have found and activated ALL the Ancient Tomb locations you will unlock the Urga-Supka-210 handheld mortar.

Easy 'Top of the World' Achievement

The video below will show you how to stand on foot at the highest point of Medici to get the 'Top of the World' Achievement. This get this Achievement involves using a helicopter or plane to fly up to the top of a mountain in the Province 'Montana' on Insula Striate. You can request a helicopter via Rebel Drop.

Di Ravello Tape Locations

Search the following locations to find ALL 71 Di Ravello tapes and listen to his ascension into Dictatorship. Each tape will be unlocked in sequence, regardless of the order in which they are collected and collecting ALL 71 will earn you the 'Diary of the Madman' Achievement and the Golden Urga Mstitel attack chopper.
Insula Dracon
1. Capite Est at coordinates N40 44.25, E5 35.49
2. Capite Est at coordinates N40 44.13, E5 36.80
3. Massos at coordinates N40 43.39, E5 37.05
4. Capite Est at coordinates N40 43.60, E5 35.84
5. Capite West at coordinates N40 42.93, E5 35.18
6. Trio at coordinates N40 42.69, E5 35.07
7. Trio at coordinates N40 41.93, E5 35.03
8. Trio at coordinates N40 41..

Ancient Tomb Locations

When searching for the Ancient Tombs in the Insula Striate region the easiest way to spot them is while high in the air where they appear as large mounds covered with light blue flowers. Find the door to each of the Ancient Tombs and pay your respects to collect it. You will find a Urga-Supka-210 handheld mortar, which will become available for rebel drops once you've found and paid respects at ALL 23 Ancient Tombs.
1. Litore Torto at N40 50.48, E5 45.10
2. Grande Pastura at N40 51.54, E5 44.60
3. Grande Pastura at N40 50.67, E5 41.79
4. Grande Pastura at N40 49.94, E5 41.84
5. Grande Pastura at N40 49.65, E5 42.93
6. Val De Mar at N40 47.10, E5 41.19
7. Val De Mar at N40 46.79, E5 40.78
8. Maestrale ..

Easy 'You're Outta Here!' Achievement

The video below will show you how to plant a Booster Explosive on an enemy soldier to send them flying so you earn the 'You're Outta Here!' Achievement. To get this Achievement involves activating the 'Booster Explosives' Gear MOD which turns your GE-64 explosives into rocket engines. The Booster Explosives' Gear MOD is unlocked by completing Crash Bomb challenges.

Rebel Shrine Locations

When you have found ALL 49 Rebel Shrines and paid your respects to each of them you will unlock Fast Travelling.
Insula Dracon
1. Cauda at N40 40.95, E5 35.36
2. Trio at N40 41.96, E5 35.86
3. Trio at N40 42.78, E5 35.71
4. Capite West at N40 43.29, E5 34.87
5. Capite West at N40 43.76, E5 34.52
6. Capite Est at N40 43.62, E5 35.98
7. Massos at N40 42.86, E5 36.74
8. Masson at N40 42.75, E5 37.40
9. Petra at N40 41.83, E5 37.05
10. Petra at N40 41.52, E5 36.54

Insula Forte
1. Soros at N40 37.14, E5 39.54
2. Soros at N40 37.60, E5 40.47
3. Sirocco Sud at N40 38.61, E5 41.13
4. Lacos at N40 40.0..

Vintage Part Locations

Vintage Parts can be found at the following locations. Finding ALL 49 Vintage Parts will unlock Noir mode.
Insula Dracon
1. Capite Est at N40 44.25, E5 35.43
2. Capite West at N40 44.14, E5 35.16
3. Capite West at N40 43.40, E5 34.32
4. Trio at N40 42.37, E5 34.83
5. Trio at N40 42.35, E5 35.31
6. Trio at N40 42.20, E5 35.61
7. Cauda at N40 41.10, E5 34.96
8. Cauda at N40 40.55, E5 34.53
9. Petra at N40 41.15, E5 35.15
10. Petra at N40 40.98, E5 36.53
11. Petra at N40 41.91, E5 37.07
12. Massos at N40 42.43, E5 37.50
13. Massos at N40 43.04, E5 36.82
14. Capite Est at N40 44.24, E5 36.83

Insula Fon..

Easy 'This was Supposed to be a Western' Achievement

The following video shows you how to get this Achievement by destroying ALL the Chaos Objects in a Base without leaving your vehicle. This must be done in a Military Base, the easiest one being 'Cima Leon: Silo' in the Lacos Province of Insula Fonte. It will not work in Outposts, Towns or Villages and make sure you do it with a tank as you will get shot down in a helicopter.

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